Matt Paxton is the star of A&E’s hit documentary series ‘Hoarders’ and he made his way into the Allstate Studio today to have some fun with Boomer & Craig and share his story.

For those of you who don’t know – in a nut shell – a hoarder is someone who  compulsively collects things in excess and then has the inability or unwillingness to discard them.

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The show ‘Hoarders’ depicts real life stories of people who struggle with the disorder, as Matt and the rest of the crew try to get them into treatment.

After seeing Craig’s office (pictured below) Paxton expressed concern and mentioned the possibility of a future episode.

Matt himself has battle plenty of demons of his own and he was very open while talking about them.  For example we heard about his two-year Vegas bender, that ended with him having his nose broken by a bookie he owed $40,000 to.

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He also of-course, offered a few examples of the worst-of-the-worst when it comes to hoarding…

(Al ‘Hughes’ Dukes Photography)

LISTEN: ‘Hoarders’ Star Matt Paxson Stops-By the Allstate Studio (01/26)

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