5-Story Commercial Digs Turned Into State-Of-The-Art Pot Manufacturing Palace

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — You might call it a marijuana mega mansion.

Police raided a five-floor commercial building in the Bronx Tuesday afternoon that was filled with marijuana plants from wall to wall.

The building, located on Morris Park Avenue, had nearly 600 plants, some measuring 7 feet.

Police called the operation a sophisticated pot factory that was cranking out millions of dollars worth of weed, 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reported.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones Reports

“It’s sad. I mean why didn’t the cops pick up on this before?” a neighbor asked.

Police told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis they just got the tip late last year from a neighbor. They said they checked the building’s electric bill and found it to be sky high. So after weeks of surveillance, officers moved in with a search warrant, arresting three adult males and shutting down a 50-pound a month operation that netted $250,000 every 30 days.

Facing charges are Brian Munoz, 24, Victor Reyes, 23, and Diego Reyes, 25, all of the Bronx. They each were hit with one count of criminal possession of marijuana, one count of criminal use of drug paraphernalia in the first degree and criminal use of drug paraphernalia in the second degree.

CBS 2’s John Slattery said there were no sleeping quarters inside, but the building fostered the perfect environment for growing the plants. There was an elaborate set-up of water and air filtration systems, plus heat lamps. Slattery reports that the drugs were allegedly packaged on the top floor.

Neighbors in the area said they were surprised and never suspected anything.

Police remove marijuana after a raid on a five-story building in the Bronx. (credit: Al Jones, 1010 WINS)

“It just looked like it was a mechanics every time I walked by,” said Ricardo Morales.

“That’s crazy…because I used to walk past this every single day. I live down the block on Garfield,” said Maria Candelaria. “Never even smelled nothing come out from this place.”

The confiscated bags will all go to a lab for testing and then, eventually down the line, will be destroyed.

“Good, good. I mean there’s no mistake that it is obviously marijuana,” a neighbor said.

The pungent smell is a dead giveaway, but still the question remains: who’s behind this major marijuana machine?

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  1. truther says:

    anyone who wants to smoke but can and will continue to. the war has failed so badly its funny that we have wasted over 50 BILLION dollars since the joke started. yet no one who wants a joint will go without. its funny. if the cops reported 50 lbs and 800 plants there was over 300 lbs and 1000 plants when they got there.

    1. Spleeef says:

      Can’t affod to anymore, too much taxes.

    2. Ohboy says:

      Another American business gets shut down by the government.
      3 arrests so thats 3 less people who can spend money earned money,
      from what is a victimless crime. unless they killed someone.

      I would say this was turned from a business to a tax liability to the tax payer.
      Now you will pay 3 people 80k liability each year for prison… nice job…

      1. lesstree4me:( says:

        haha, now i can’t get high tonight ;/

  2. DigitalBob says:

    I guess that’s an extra 50 lbs a month we’ll need from the Mexican cartels.

    1. Stinkystu says:

      Do you mean the same Mexican cartels that have close ties to Hamas and other extremist organizations that want to kill us all?

      1. liesmuststop says:

        Nice propaganda spreading. Hamas wants their part of Israel back. The Mexican cartels wants us to buy their drugs. Neither want us dead. No reason for logic. Back into the herd with the rest of the sheep for you.

        1. liberalsterilization says:

          Hey liesmuststop – quit drinking the kool-aid and open your eyes. How far do you think Hamas and the cartels are willing to go to further their agenda? That’s right, they’d kill anybody in their way. Sounds like somebody hasn’t read anything about the cartels nor been to the Middle East.

          1. Dog says:

            ohh no not Hamas! I am shacking in my boots.
            You know, I think there is a terrorist under my bed right now!

            Anyway, would you please stop grovelling in fear, you are making real Americans look bad.

            1. Nick says:

              Shacking in your boots?
              Is that the same as shacking in your pants?

            2. Nick says:

              I want to know how they hid the smell.

          2. Karl says:

            What the f does Hamas have to do with this?

          3. yo says:

            All the more reason not to bust domestic growers…

        2. Stinkystu says:

          Why don’t you pull your head out of your butt and do some research? It is not propaganda, it is fact that Hamas and Hezbollah are supplying weapons and military training to the Mexican drug cartels. One little google search would have kept you from making an ass out of yourself.

          1. Cat says:

            You have terrorists under your bed also?

            Better call the TSA and have them search you to keep you safe

          2. sothatswhyyourneckissoshort says:

            It’s called Hummus…

            1. Stinkystu says:

              Americans can do nothing but joke. Have fun with your joke of a government.

          3. qqqq says:

            not everything on line is the truth …. shocking isn’t it ???

            1. Stinkystu says:

              Never said it was.

        3. garylee123 says:

          Jews have been in that area for 5000 years. Hamas is a new creation and has never had any land. However, their charter does call for the elimination of Israel BY ANY MEANS. All those signs they carry when parading their bomb vest children really don’t mean “DEATH TO THE USA”.

      2. Richard Halloran says:

        If it was legal to grow your own the cartels would have no power. Just like prohibition didn’t work it just created gangs and an underground mafia. Same thing is happening with the war on drugs.

    2. dave says:

      Yeah with Latino names and in their twenties these three obviously have no ties to organized cartels from Mexico they bought the 15 million dollar building with their tips savings from the restaurant they worked at when they first arrived in the city five years ago.

      MO is RON

  3. dougcc says:

    Wow, I sure feel safer now! Anyone else? ….

    1. Robert Brooks says:

      ; )

    2. Cam Kirmser says:

      What does this have to do with safety?

      Strawman much?

  4. nifongnation says:

    Your old friend ? Isn’t Dylan rich ? The rich pay 50% of income taxes you retard.

    1. dog says:

      You think the rich pay income taxes?!?! LOL

      Wealthy people make ‘capital gains’ they don’t make ‘income’.
      Capital gains are taxed at 15%

      1. stu says:

        wow you are ignorant. 80% of the income tax revenue in this country is paid by the highest earning 20% of individuals

        1. Dog says:

          If you don’t know the difference between ‘Capital gains’ and ‘income’ then there is no point in talking to you about taxes.

          Go read a book and come back when you have a clue

          1. Kevin Pearson says:

            Real estate income (rents etc) are taxed at the marginal rate, NOT as capital gains. Same with profit from sales of real estate.

            Speaking fees, book royalties, interest income, are all taxed at the marginal rate.

            It all depends on how the assets are structured and the incomes are realized.

            Capital gains only account for gains on assets that are held for at least one year. Any day trading gains, or short term buy then sell,are taxed at the marginal rate.

      2. calabash72 says:

        I can cleary see you don’t make any money. my tax rate is 35% and i do pay my taxes.

        1. dog says:

          Romney pays 14.3%. He doesn’t make “income” he makes “capital gains”
          Your top marginal rate is 35% not your “tax rate” furthermore you make “income” so you are subject to higher rates than wealthy people.

          I guess you don’t know as much as you thought you knew. You should Google ‘capital gains’ and learn a little bit more.

          Also you should get someone else to do your taxes. You are paying to much.

          1. TallDave says:

            Again, a common misconception based on the fact that C Corps don’t send out income tax forms to their shareholders. If people understood that their mutual funds were already paying 35% income tax every year there would be a lot less confusion about why capital gains taxes are so low.

            Here’s a simple way to understand this: say you own half of a partnership. The IRS will tell you to pay personal income tax on your half of the partnerships’s income. Now say you break this partnership up into 1,000,000 shares, and sell 500,000 shares in an IPO (you still own half) making it a C Corp that pays corporate taxes. Does your income tax liability disappear? Of course not! It’s just being paid by the corporation, on your behalf, in the form of corporate taxes.

            And of course, you still have to pay capital gains ON TOP OF those taxes, and dividend taxes as well if the company actually distributes any money to you. The notion that working people pay less tax than investors is one of the most pernicious misconceptions in modern society.

          2. SumBich says:

            He already paid 35% income taxes on the money invested, and then paid 15% capital gains tax…for you liberals, that’s 50% federal tax taken out of that money, much of which went to pay for you lazy bums who refuse to work via food stamps and welfare.

      3. TallDave says:

        Actually, the 15% thing is just a very common misconception. If you have capital gains, you are already paying income taxes on the income generated by that capital, either directly as a partner, sole proprietor or LLC owner, or indirectly via “corporate taxes” if the asset is a C Corp.

        The reason so many people are confused about this is because C Corps pay that tax for them in the form of corporate taxes, but this is just so that C Corps don’t have to send a tax form to all the millions of people who own shares in them, which would make trading stocks very difficult — the income is really no different than LLC, sole proprietor, or partnership income. C Corps are just a convenient legal fiction, they aren’t people so they can’t really pay taxes any more than they can eat a cheeseburger.

        1. Dog says:

          If I buy an index fund or a bond and it goes up in value i will only have to pay 15% taxes on the gains.

          If I made the same income by working, the top rate could be as high as 35%.

          I don’t think it is fair for someone to pay half the taxes just because they are receiving passive dividends versus income they worked to create. If anything it should be reversed.

          1. TallDave says:

            But you’re NOT paying 15%, you’re paying 15% PLUS 35% on all the income of the corporations in the mutual fund.

            Here’s a simple way to understand this: say you own half of a partnership. The IRS will tell you to pay 35% on half of the partnerships’s income. Now say you break this partnership up into a 1,000 pieces, making it a C Corp, but you still own half. Does your tax liability disappear? Of course not! It’s just being paid by the corporation, on your behalf.

            1. Wayne says:

              dog is correct and honest,
              But you purposely miss the point, Romney gains is not income its capital gains and he is not in a partership with Bain anymore. If Romney makes 100 bucks on an financial investment he pays 15 bucks tax as capital gains. Look I’m futures contract day trader and with my write offs i have not payed out of my pocket in Federal taxes in over 10 years and with my kids I typically get back 8 to 9 grand from the IRS. My fed tax burden is negative!

              Pls try to be honest about Romney ppl are not as dumb as you think!

  5. nifongnation says:

    Are they illegals ?

  6. john kondrk says:

    could i help burn it??

    1. Zig Sulewski says:

      Half of it will be reported as missing and unable to be accounted for. Something like John Corzine’s global corporation’s millions.

  7. Morgan says:

    Just plain flat out should not be criminalized. This whole story is part of the vast joke of prohibition, now go get drunk and kill somebody, or take pharmaceuticals and vomit diarrhea. Legalize marijuana and cut out useless raids like this BE NOT PROUD OF THIS ACTION, NYPD

    1. nicole says:

      spoken like a poet : )

    2. Crime Watch says:

      Pot head Loser. Drug use is a sign of weakness.

      1. TomNJ says:

        Then I guess my grandmother is weak. She takes like 15 pills a day.

      2. Duh says:

        Every ingested chemical is a drug. That means if you take aspirin, drink Pepsi (caffeine) or beer (alcohol) you’re a drug user. The government says they’re only drugs if they can harm you. When was the last person killed by cannabis? -Oh that’s right, more people have died from vitamins than cannabis since no one in history has ever died from pot. How many have died from caffeine and/or alcohol? -Millions. Only a weak-minded fool would believe everything big brother tells him/her.

        1. MissE says:

          How many people have turned into pathetic, couch-potato, dopers who contribute nothing? Just as harmful…

        2. MissE says:

          Pot sucks just as much as all other illicit drugs. Stop with the medicinal crap too. I have far too much experience with that for anyone to tell me that its some wonder drug. Stop trying to play us all for fools. We’re all well-aware that getting stoned does nothing for your back pain. Smoking your bong while you veg-out in your lazy boy and order pizzas on EBT is about as good as being dead except all your entitlements have to be covered by employed people rather than perpetual students of the leftist agenda…

      3. MissE says:

        :o) Right on, Crime Watch.

  8. What a waste…..of police resources, of course.


  9. Tax the rich says:

    What a waste. I guess the law enforcement community has to justify their jobs some how. While these 50 cops were standing around watching the building there were probably 2 murders, 6 rapes and 20 robberies in progress.
    In the word of my old friend Bob Dylan “The cops don’t need you and man they expect the same”.

    1. nicole says:

      and its sad to say they would come up with something to justify their actions they always do…..

  10. Holder's Project Gun Runner says:

    Not have been giving a cut to the authorities?
    Ron Paul 2012

    1. Nick Pomegranite says:

      must be an election year

  11. Edward says:

    Cops and their friends and families will be smoking that for months. Two tiered justice system can kiss my butt. Vote for Ron Paul and get the nanny state Republicans out of our lives!

    1. Dodger says:

      Edward, you are a little confused. The Democrats are the nanny state
      leaders.Catch up on your current events.

      1. Edward says:

        Last I checked it’s Republicans that are prohibiting what I can consume and who I can love. It was Republicans that crafted the Patriot Act and Republicans that crafted Homeland Security and the current iteration of the TSA. And it was Republicans that got us into the 2 trillion dollar war in Iraq, and more trillions spent on military pork boondoggles with nothing to show for them.

        I will not call Democrats “big government” or “nanny state” for wanting to spend MILLIONS to feed our poor while Republicans spend TRILLIONS for Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex.

        Republicans are the ultimate nanny staters and the ultimate Big Government pushers.

        1. Steve Cripps says:

          Might want to review history a bit before you post. Patriot Act was crafted (as in written) by Joe Biden two years before 2001 attacks and rolled out within two weeks of same attack. It passed Congress with a near unanimous vote. Hardly a Republican action. Same goes for Dept. Of Homeland Security (actually a part of Patriot Act). Same for authorization for use of military force in Iraq. You might also want to review who it was that signed the most recent incarnation of the Patriot Act. Hint…his initials are B.O.
          As for the trillions on boondoggles with nothing to show for it…do the terms TARP, stimulus 2.0, solyndra, a few other solar firms, the Chevy Volt, ad infinitum ring any bells? How about the 800 percent increase in regulations from the executive branch of Gummint since 2009?
          I’m not saying Uncle Sam has any business in determining an adult’s choice of intoxicants. Prohibition proved the fallacy of that argument. But a myopic view of Bush bad/my team good shows that people who employ that as the foundations of their arguments really don’t know how to think. That, in my view, is the biggest problem we face as a society today.

          1. irrationalTHINKER says:

            LEFT WING… RIGHT WING…

            Two wings of the same BIRD OF PREY

          2. MissE says:

            Hear hear, Steve Cripps.

        2. bubba says:

          If you take a look, you’ll see that the current administration that has just seen to the largest transfer of public funds in history into the hands of wealthy bankers in history is, in fact, democratic. Blindness by choice can not claim ignorance.

        3. Stu says:

          this guy is a perfect example of the why this country is now headed for collapse, failure, bankruptcy, etc…America will never again be what it once was because we have people like this who have the right to vote. the scary thought is that this country was stupid enough to elect Obama in the first place. we are probably dumb enough to re-elect him. Edward, are you aware that Paul is running in the REPUBLICAN primary?

      2. Cheech & Chong says:

        The democrats would tax it to death and anything used to manufacture it as well so it would be even more expensive than it already is. Plus they would have to write laws have permits and on and on it would go,

        1. George N. Weezie says:

          But at least our prisons would no longer be chock full of non-violent offenders. The cost per prisoner was 40k many years ago, so it is likely much higher today. There has even been the creation of an entire industry of privately owned, for-profit prisons spreading throughout the country in order to house these people.

          1. MissE says:

            Maybe if we deported all the illegals in our prisons. Please, our prisons are emptied of all kinds of criminals early and everyday, and it isn’t the ounce of dope/week snowboarding college student in there. These guys were backed by someone big, and pot isn’t their only venture.

    2. Japes Macfarland says:

      Leftists are by default, about growing the government and so the ‘nanny State’. Left leaning Republicans end up doing the same. There’s a difference though, as the Left has *completely* taken over the Democratic party.

      1. MissE says:

        Hear hear, Japes.

  12. mg says:

    Gonna need a lot of munchies.

  13. squidlipz says:

    All of this marijuana prohibition happens while companies like GW Pharma is petitioning the FDA to approve it’s marijuana (THC) based mouth spray “Sativex”…

    1. bigpharma says:

      …and it probably happens *because* GW Pharma is petitioning the FDA to approve Sativex.

      Don’t look at the man behind the curtain…

      1. PabloKoh says:

        And Medicare will be right there paying $1200 per month for something patients could grow at home for $25 in electricity and $8 in miracle grow soil. Thank you George Bush for your idiotic nomination of progressive Supreme Court Justice Roberts and his ruling in Gonzales v. Raich.

  14. MilkMushMeat says:

    Guess the government wasn’t getting their cut from these guys…Everyone knows that the government ships in the drugs (or turns a blind eye), launders the drug money, and then makes money off the incarceration (slave labor) of the poor schmucks that get caught using.

    1. Kiley Anderson says:

      REALLY? Everyone knows that? Mmmmmmmm….I must be the only one who didn’t know that.

      1. nicole says:

        yeah you must be … so sad

      2. Robert Brooks says:

        Yeah, you are… Do try to keep up. Maybe if you turn your tv off for a month, you’ll get your mind back.

    2. Japes Macfarland says:

      If what you suspect is true, it seems unbelievable to me. Why? There are so many decent individuals who would have outed this by now. (Other than just accusing…I mean, people on the inside who wouldn’t stand for the corruption.) Our best resource in keeping the State at bay in a free society is each other.

      1. nikki says:

        umm does martin luther king …. good ol abe……. in one breath, need i say more the good will be killed if you think that “good” runs this world , you must be the boy in the plastic bubble

    3. Cam Kirmser says:

      “Everyone knows” it, eh?

      Then, you must be able to prove it.

      Give it a try…

    4. MissE says:

      LOL!!!!!! EVERYONE knows THAT!!! Just like everyone knows leprechauns guard pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. Slave labor??? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, you crack me UP. You mean, hanging out in cells having anal sex and watching their little TVs and getting free health care, food, housing, and fitness centers? Poor babies. It’s a bummer having to do that kind of slave labor when all you did was run drugs and contribute to innocent victims death, injury, stress…

  15. bogart says:

    I just need to figure a way out to keep the electric bill down. some sort of skylight? generators? ideas anyone?

    1. Barry Soetoro 2012 says:


      1. nifongnation says:

        Why didn’t they use solar ? Obama uses other people’s money to invest in solar, and the businesses go bust. Why ?

        1. Brian Krogman says:

          Because the solar businesses in which Obama has invested our money (or Chinese yen that we and our children will be repaying for decades) hat money has been ‘invested’ into solar businesses with no viable business model other than to try sell solar products which cannot compete for price. So, the business model plans for the company to secure periodic grants of $500 million from the US Government in order to keep the business alive and pay its officers handsomely. In turn, they float $1-2 million back into the Democratic National Committee and a host of Dem candidates and Dem Party support groups, like People for the American Way, which will pay for unaffiliated, pro-Obama ads this fall.

          1. MissE says:

            Nailed it, Brian.

    2. Tyler says:

      Clean Green American has solutions for you. get at me.

    3. VT says:

      Try cold fusion…

    4. Japes Macfarland says:

      I was thinking generators. With the kind of money they were bringing in they could have bought the best, obviously. Stupid.

    5. Maze says:

      you typically need a generator setup

  16. whatever3210 says:

    I can’t believe it’s still not legal. Let’s get over our failed war on drugs and legalize and tax it already. Less people to pay for in prison, fewer criminal records, more tax money to the states and happy mellow people. Sounds good to me. Nobody can argue that it’s even near as bad as alcohol, in fact many would argue it’s many benefits.

  17. DavidK says:

    Reyes, Reyes, and Munoz?? Sound like fine upstanding Americans that didn’t need border control or a Latino Law group. Which is it?

    1. VT says:

      It’s people making a living doing what they know how to do and maybe saving a lot of users from poisoned tainted stuff from south of the border…. Why don’t you join up with Eliot Ness…. oh sorry, they repealed that prohibition already…..

      1. Thompson says:

        Ah, the old “poisoned tainted stuff from south of the border,” trick. People that make comments such as yours suffer from blatant ignorance.

        Saving users…? Surely a quarter-million dollar per month operation such as this would not come to violence; I mean, drug dealers are usually so nice.

        1. Edward says:

          Thompson, believe it or not, but you’re the one with blood on your hands. If it wasn’t for you and the radical Christians like you, there would be a whole lot less violence in the US and South America.

          It’s your ignorant view on marijuana, and the prohibition you support, that creates a black market that fosters violence. Today we look back at the ignorant crazies that fought for alcohol prohibition and we recognize the black markets and violence that prohibition caused.

          In 20 years we’ll look back on people like you with the same disdain. Our children will ask how you could have been so evil. We won’t have an answer.

          1. VT says:

            You are so literate I’m surprised you can spell your own name…

            1. truther says:

              ummm your the idiot here because you dont know the difference between literate being able to read NOT write and being illiterate NO being able to read. neither have ANYTHING to do with spelling. dumb ass. i bet your a republican

              1. Brian says:

                lesson 1:
                Adjective: Unable to read or write.
                Noun: A person who is unable to read or write.
                Synonyms: unlettered – ignorant – uneducated – unlearned

                ok the first lesson was free but I will have to charge you for the…..ahhh who are we kidding?! seeing how you only have a tent and a sign to your name i’ll throw in the second lesson absolutely FREE!!

                Lesson 2
                your: plural of your (Adjective)
                Adjective: 1.Belonging to or associated with the person or people that the speaker is addressing: “what is your name?”.
                2.Belonging to or associated with any person in general: “the sight is enough to break your heart”.

                You’re: is an informal contracted form of you are (You’re sure, are you?). It needs to be distinguished from the identical-sounding possessive word your.

                Hope that helps!!

                1. Edward says:

                  Brian, read what VT wrote (carefully), then read what Truther wrote (carefully). You’re the one that needs the dictionary. Or some eyeglasses.

          2. MissE says:

            LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s rich. ‘Evil’, ‘Disdain’…If you don’t believe in God or Jesus, evil should not be in your vocabulary, for there is no evil there just IS if you’re a non believer. Thompson, you’re dead-on. Yea, because those guys are sitting in that building everyday thinking of Joe Schmoe’s lungs and how pure and organic their dope is. lol…
            In the future, people will be skipping through fields of daisies, playing with unicorns under rainbows too. Smoking their untainted, pretty dope.

        2. nikki says:

          umm its not them that started the war “on drugs” If it was legal they wouldn’t be drug dealers, they would be business owners. not all obviously.

        3. Maze says:

          just for your knowledge, marijuana and guns NEVER go together. yes i believe this operation was clear from any violence, they didn’t even mention confiscation of a bb-gun nor did they report any resistance for their raid… in weed, if someone rips you off with not paying for his stash, you just let him be and never sell to him again, thats the way marijuana business is, unlike cocaine, heroin and other drugs.

      2. BK says:

        I dont Elliot Ness was a racist like this guy except against the irish.

    2. CindEllle says:

      DavidKKK its the bronx?!?! latinos are caucasians whats your point they are probably puerto rican…they ARE American. Customers are whities

      1. Kiley Anderson says:

        Latinos are caucasians? Seriously?

        1. nifongnation says:

          Latino’s include the people who speak languages from the Latin or romance language. Hispanics are the illegals who free load and drive drunk and vote for Obuana..

      2. Freedom says:

        Are you proposing on white people do drugs? Because if you are, that is just too ridiculous a statement to be taken seriously.

        Try pulling that BS on someone that didn’t spend a few years living in the hood.

        You ignorant racist.

      3. White teens are the drug customers says:

        I’ve known a couple of irish people to do drugs. Especially weed.

    3. abe says:

      Their cousins in Miami actually run a personal injury law firm under that nomenclature! 😉

    4. usaidit says:

      And there was a time when this part of Morris Park was all Italian. See what happens when the garbage infests a once good neighborhood.

  18. StopWhiningAlready says:

    The only crime is that 3 enterprising guys will go to jail and some members of the NYPD will end up with a large quantity of pot that mysteriously failed to make its way to the incinerator.

  19. Trommy says:

    So now instead of people getting some good weed they will have to get cartel smuggled crap weed. This prohibition DEA crap needs to be abolished. If the government really wants the money from Cannabis just legalize it and let them pay the taxes. It’s going to happen period and the only thing these thugs do is force it to come across the border and cause peoples lives to be ended and destroyed.

  20. jaydi says:

    Allright Im sure glad the NYPD is wiping out the govts competition in the drug business. This way the PRICE can be SO much higher.

    Thanks policy enforcers make sure the govt can run the drugs and sell more guns to the mexicans to kill our competition. So what if border agents and cops are being killed.

    Enforce it more you brave steroid monsters! its really the helpless citizens you hate. Take more andro bro!

    1. picomanning says:

      Hey what’s your problem. We pay tax dollars for our government drug operation. That leadership goes to the top too. Look how Obama covers for the Attorney General to keep Issa’s investigation out of the Fast & Furious Drug running operation We paid a lot of money for those thousands of guns to arm the Cartels so they might have a chance to defend themselves against some Dudley DoRights in Mexico.. So if you don’t pay taxes,and if you’re not the government, you can’t play. It’s just the American way. If you don’t like it, leave.

  21. VT says:

    “It’s sad”

    I agree – so much good stuff to waste; So much hard work down the drain; So much more power to narco nazis.

    What a nation of idiots and children- booze: OK; pot: fiendish criminal act

    Gay marriage: OK; women walking around half naked: OK; rape shield laws: OK; transsexual equality: just fine; consensual prostitution: fiendish criminal act


    1. truther says:

      so your against gays and rape laws? what does that have anything to do with this, and your pretty much a worthless asshole if you dont think those things are ok. the real problem is that anyone in favor of the current marijuana laws is IN FAVOR of the violent mexican and south american gangs who do murder/rape/kidnap you know the ACTUAL crimes, because OUR DRUG LAWS provide an estimated 80% of the money to fund said activity’s so YOU ARE THE TERRORIST here. not me

  22. Koser Kush says:

    Blame the Obama police state, Ron Paul will get rid of the DEA, TSA, and all the Jack booted Nazis in Government.

  23. Bill Johnson says:

    Outlaw no-knock raids. Not plants.

    I don’t want to live in a police state, but that is what’s happening/coming.


    1. WildcatWolford says:

      outlaw no-know raids? what are YOU hiding, criminal!

      1. VT says:

        Where are YOU hiding your brains?

      2. Anonymous says:

        No-know? He said “no-knock” there slappy. >.>’

  24. Sunlovinj says:

    Prohibition has never worked! We have created the meanest criminals all because we are too stuffy to recognize the truth. Let’s legalize and tax! It is our job as parents to teach morals and responsibility, not that of the government. Drugs cease to be a victimless crime simply because we have made them illegal.

    1. Lane K says:

      You obviously don’t know anything. DNA tests? How will that differentiate? Fool.

      Why would anyone pay for cigarettes when they can legally grow their own tobacco? Because it is time consuming, expensive on your own, and rather difficult for the average joe. I tried it. It sucked.

      You also do not understand the black market. They step in where the government prohibits. If you cut off a criminal organization’s money, you cut off their head. And the Mexican Mafia is a tiny percentage of actual drug traffickers. Fool.

      Ooooo he might enjoy pot. Leave him alone. Ad hominem attacks are the mark of a fool. Which you’ve already proven yourself to be.

      1. nicole says:

        :] i was gonna say that lol

    2. Hunter says:

      Actually yes, people who go to sunday school, preach in church and run religious organizations smoke pot..So do many many successful people, lots of them are millionaires. Don’t believe me? I’ve caddied at some of the top country clubs here in MN, for some very very wealthy people. All you people on here opposed to pot, who think it’s just losers who smoke it, would be completely stunned if I told you who I know who smokes pot…lets just say I can name several BILLIONAIRES and a good number of MILLIONAIRES who enjoy the herb..how do I know?? I’ve smoked with them!!..Stop believing the Gov’t lies on who stoners are..they are ALL AROUND YOU!!! Never mind the last three POTUS, and probably Mr. Carter, all liked to toke..

  25. abe says:

    There the government goes again interfering in entrepreneurial ventures. 3 packers, untold distributors, who knows how many plant attendants, etc. I guess that job creation isn’t really a priority for this administration! 😉 😉

  26. DarkStarAz says:

    “Its for my own personal use officer…”

    Wonder what the electric bill is like at that address.

    1. JH says:

      Probably bypassed the meter. Anyone running this kind of an operation isn’t stupid enough to route the electricity through the meter.

  27. Not_That_Stupid_Yet says:

    If you think that drugs are a victemless crime, and no one is harmed, why don’t you ask the Mexicans.

    1. carl says:

      that’s the point.
      legalizing it would take the violent crime out of its production. legitimate farmers could grow it instead of criminal gangs

      1. Tommy says:

        Dummy…. do you think that the Mexican Mafia is going to roll over and play dead? Without massive expense of DNA tests how are you going to differentiate which “blend” has been legally taxed, and that blend which has not? Why would anyone in their right mind pay the govt a TAX for pot they can get cheaper on the street corner (Mexican Mafia) or grow your own using seeds? Do you think that giving states the right to legalize it is going to cause the notorious Mexican Mafia to roll over and play dead or do you think they are going to continue to want their cut, and expand in to the legal framework?

        Dummy…you remind me of the rest of the dummies. Get a job and get a life pot head!

        1. Doug says:

          Yes they are going to roll over and play dead, or they can just do business like the rest of the global economy. Instead of gangsta activity, it is now considered an import. It would be an accepted commodity.

          And yes, I’d much prefer to pay a tax on something I know is safe and grown in the USA than anything that comes from the street corner. Yes, you could grow your own, but you can brew your own beer, too. It would be much cheaper and no government tax, but I’m lazy, and I very much like the ability to go to the corner store and buy a six pack. I’m pretty sure I’d feel the same way about buying weed.

          The Mexican mafia can take their cut…it’s called profit. Run a business, do it well, and we will buy your goods.

    2. JohnAnderton says:

      I agree with you, but I think your argument supports legalization. Mexico suffers from organized crime, like America during the prohibition era. If marijuana were legalized and regulated, I suspect the industry would resemble the modern alcohol industry. Not without social cost, but at least the organized crime element could be suppressed.

    3. aaron says:

      Stupid argument. When alcohol was illegal a lot of people were murdered over that too. Once alcohol was legalized the mafia no longer had control and quit killing people over it. It stands to reason that the same thing would happen with pot since organized crime doesn’t tend to deal in legal things.

    4. Fed Up says:

      I just wanted to pipe in. I am not really sure that it matters that we legalize pot. The problem results in those who then drive under the influence, go to work under the influence. I just wouldn’t want to hear all the crazy excuses people seem to come up with when they are on drugs. If everybody would man up, I don’t think it would be as big of a problem. The first employer who wanted to fire an employee because he was always stoned, or somebody causes an accident because they were blitzed or something and they want to blame it on the drugs. Forget all that, you are an adult, if you want it legalized, face the consequences of your actions. You can’t have it both ways, all the benefits with no consequences… Yes… there is way too much money right now in illegal drugs. All these people who want it legalized better not end up in the line of all the people who then want there rehab paid for too. Suffer the consequences. Maybe they could make a contract that people sign that states they will not become the next welfare statistic because they chose drugs. Choose wisely. We the people are always obligated to somehow fix the poor choices of others…

      1. Les Griffin says:

        People can do that now, but they don’t. It’s a moot point. Many people drink, but not at work.

      2. Nomad says:

        How come everyone forgets about the drug alcohol, and all the problems it causes?

        1. JohnAnderton says:

          I think his point would apply to alcohol as well. Then what?

          1. Nomad says:

            Your built to close to the ground son, the fast ones go right over you….Welcome to my side of the argument.

        2. VT says:

          Booze is OK – they use it in church…

      3. Trommy says:

        Not really a good argument since it is done every day and not much comes of it. It’s just not like a bunch of booze hounds getting drunk before work and slaying children while driving drunk form their watering hole. It’s different and it doesn’t have the social consequence like alcohol. it’s not prefect or without it’s issues but too many people seem to think it’s like alcohol. I’d much rather work with a stoner than a hungover drunk.

      4. Maze says:

        hey just to correct your info, driving under the influence of marijuana is actually safer than driving without the influence, yes that is a fact, stoned people drive very slowly and carefully unlike drunkies, stoned people think they are going faster than they really are, while drunkies think they are going slower than they actually are. try driving stoned, you will find yourself driving much slower than you would sober, and you will be much more patient in crossing roads, surpassing slow drivers etc…

    5. onemad says:

      Mexican weed sucks.

  28. Bryan says:

    Why can they seize your car when you have weed but they dont when your a murderer? Both of these assets further the crime. I mean, I dont see many pedestrian serial killers save Jack the Ripper. I could be a serial rapist who used my car to pick up, abuse and leave the scene of the crime and they dont seize my car.
    The drug industry has become a lucrative business for state, federal and local governments and cannot be shut down without putting in place protocols for these agancies to keep seizing resources and to grow their own budgets through seizures and sellling of assets.

    1. lloyd roberts says:

      Totally agreed. It is too profitable for the police and prison and court industry to legalize. If it were legalized they could lose 30% of their revenue. Cops themselves know weed should be legalized, that it rarely causes the problems that a drunken bar scene causes. But they’ll never admit that in public or on the record. I got cop friends

      1. Freedom says:

        Many police and ex-police have loudly admitted that the drug war is a failure and ultimately a war against our civil liberties.

        Try checking into LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) and you will find a lot of professional police (mostly retired) speaking out against the drug war.


    2. Mark says:

      Bryan you are wrong. If your vehicle is used in the process of committing a felony it can and most likely will be seized.

  29. Bullett says:

    What a waste of good medicine………could have put a hurting on some drug company’s.

  30. Tom says:

    Gives ew meaning to the term “high rise”.

    1. Daisy says:

      I abhor drugs — but that was very funny!

      1. VT says:

        Ever TRIED some good weed? Or you just believe what you read in the papers…

      2. John Place says:

        Cannabis is not a drug, it’s a plant.

  31. Bryan says:

    I believe that if you smoke pot that you will never hold any job worth its weight nor will you ever aspire to better yourself. Mostly, you will end up eating chips in your mom’s basement and playing video games of course. Unless…. you happen to be the last 3 presidents that we’ve had. The fallacy that pot is a gateway drug is false. Look at the Dutch model. They have it right and its technically not legal yet not enforced. If you wanna do coke or heroin pot is not gonna spped it up anymore than drinking a 40 would. I think we could see better if we got off our high horse.

    1. Daisy says:

      High horse?

      Of course, marijuana is a gateway drug. As is alcohol. Ask any addict.


      1. Bryan says:

        by high horse I mean to irrational notion that we can leislate morality. Using “drugs” as a general term to say they further addiction wrong. Its basically, I tried that drug first and I am predisposed to be an addict. had I did coke first I would still be an addict and it would have no more furthered my addiction than if I tried weed first. Many people drink and dont do harder drugs so I think that argument speaks for itself. Its all up to the individual

      2. Lucy Rothschild says:

        Hi i’m that addict you wanted to ask. Nope it’s not, gateway theory is ridiculous, Maybe drinking soda pop was the gateway to alcohol?

      3. Freedom says:

        Addicts will say anything to deflect blame from their own bad choices. Enablers like you that argue an inert and/or inanimate object is to blame for a persons bad choices, give them the purchase they need to never take responsibility for their own actions.

        Science shows very clearly that sugar and caffeine is just as addictive as any of the “gateways” that you have mentioned. What addictive substance do you think children are exposed to first?

        Your anti-intellectual, ignorant, out-dated, drug war propaganda only holds up in a room full of ignorant people. You aren’t going to convince people that have bothered to become more educated then you have that they are wrong.

        And “ask an addict”? How amazingly stupid. Anyone that knows addicts personally know that they lie all day and all night to avoid taking responsibility. I bet you believe everything everyone with a sob story tells you right?

    2. Lawrence Cassidy says:

      Our last three presidents might disagree with the thesis of your comment.

      1. dope kills says:

        Notice that they all quit at some point. And according to Clinton, he smoked it once and never inhaled. So your point isn’t so good.

        1. Freedom says:

          All addicts, when confronted with questions about their addiction, always say the same thing. Go ahead, guess what it is smart guy?

          “Oh, I quite, don’t worry about me!” or “Well, I was never an addict!”

          Do you only filter out intelligent arguments while absorbing everything that blame dodging addicts say as gospel truth?

    3. Amanda G. says:

      I smoke a bowl every night after my 120K a year job.

      1. Dog says:

        I don’t make that much but I have the same story.

  32. TOPPER says:



  33. TexBork says:

    Seems like if someone was growning a small amount and not selling it, it shouldn’t be a crime. I think poison, posion oak, and stinging nettle should be outlawed.

    1. jill says:

      Marijuana is not against federal law.
      Because the Feds have no power.
      Read 10th Amendment.
      Obey the law.

      And pull their funding.
      Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

      1. Bob says:

        2005 Supreme Court Ruling: Gonzales v. Raich
        Like you said, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”
        So what is your excuse?
        Whatever people’s personal views on whether marijuana should or should not be legal, the fact is that its production, possession, and distribution are prohibited by federal law which has been upheld by the Supreme Court.
        Internet anonymity should not be a license to spew whatever nonsense you dream up or read on some idiot’s blog as if it were fact.

        1. Freedom says:

          Yeah, well the reason that prohibition needs an amendment is that the courts were clear that the constitution didn’t allow the federal government to regulate substances.

          When the Supreme court ignores almost 2 centuries of precedents to give power to the Federal Government that it never had before, we are now getting out of law and into philosophy.

          Because what it shows is that out checks and balances don’t work, and that might makes right. The government has the guns, so the government can ignore the rules all it wants. Unfortunately that has nothing to do with courts or laws or rulings, it has to do with tyranny.

          So, please reconcile in my mind why the Supreme Court can ignore dozens of rulings over 150 years and you support that as law?

          So, revoke your license to spew out a bunch of stupid stuff you may or may not have learned on the internet.

        2. Dog says:

          I don’t care what the law is and I don’t care what 600 corrupt strangers living hundreds of miles from me thinks. Congress is bought and paid for.

          As far as I’m concerned DC can stuff itself and sink into the Potomac forever carrying all the politicians to hell with it.

          The federal government has NO LEGITIMACY. They just steal your money and use it to bailout out rich people or kill millions of poor people in other countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

    2. Jay says:

      I hope they sell it as medical weed, hate to see it wasted

  34. Marty Graw says:

    when drugs are illegal they are much more expensive.

  35. Marty Graw says:

    we have a whole army in afghanistan yet 100% of the heroin comes from there. wake up to logic. we have drones, and stea;th fighters but they cant stop the drug dealers? please.

  36. Marty Graw says:

    the point is no one that wants to smoke weed cannot get it. its everywhere. this is a whole damn building of it. no one ever odosed from marijuana. it being illegal is ridiculous. there is a big money apparatus that is connected to drugs being illegal. very powerful people run the drug business on both sides, and i think its the same people.

  37. Gordon Wagner says:

    Does the NYPD not have any real crime to pursue? No victim? No crime!

    1. Kevin Stowell says:

      Who do you think elected Obama?

  38. Tristan says:

    Just remember the war and marijuana started in the 1920’s by cotton growers who wanted to dump hemp from the cloth market. Before that, smoking it was a recreational sport for those with nothing better to do with their lives. In the long run taxing drugs and making money off the poor who cannot grow their own along with tickets written for increased DUI/DWI would increase the tax base as well as not having to pay for the incarceration of drug criminals would help our government’s coffers. On the down side though we would have a generation of less productive people whose parents would have to pay for their habits until they are 26 and have to get their own medical marijuana health care plan.

    1. Lucy Rothschild says:

      Actually is was the wood pulp paper industry, mainly DuPont.

    2. Arvadadan says:

      It became illegal in the middle 30’s to give a bunch of revenue agents something to do to justify keeping them on the government payroll….

  39. Common Sense says:

    Even if you legalize marijuana there will still be people growing it in their homes. There will also still be the criminal element. The reason there will still be the seedy side is people will try to undersell the authorized retailers, as we all know it would be heavily taxed, and the black market would offer more pontent weed. Legalizing marijuana, or any drug for that matter, would not magically end the need for enforcement.

    1. David Lampach says:

      Nonsense… Cigarettes and alcohol are two of the most heavily taxed products around. There is no seedy underworld trying to undersell Phillip Morris or Anheiser Busch. Why do you assume the black market would offer more potent weed?


      Legalizing marijuana or any other drug WOULD magically end the need for enforcement. The need for enforcement exists strictly on the basis of the illegality of these products.

      1. Fred Derf says:

        sad, what bubble do you live in? there IS black market tobacco that often comes from Indian reservations and from low tax states to high tax states; happens all the time. try reading more rather than just relying on TV for your news. and there IS black market booze available, also.

        1. Nomad says:

          And if the weed offenders were reduced to the levels of the two problems you noted………MAJOR IMPROVEMENT!

        2. Dog says:

          Taxes are a form of prohibition. Sin taxes are supposed to be ‘prohibitively’ expensive so people do it less. High taxes cause the black market not plant products by their nature.

          What bubble do you live in?

          I bet you can’t find black market alcohol anywhere outside of Ohio. There is no margin on black market booze and it is hard to make money doing that. I considered it for a while till i realized I’d only be making $10 an hour under he table making hooch, then I abandoned that plan.

    2. Matt says:

      yeah, exactly, that logic explains the massive growth of Opiate Derived Prescription Drug abuse over the illegally produced opiates. Legalize it, If you actually believe in Freedom, let the people who want to puff on a joint puff on a freakin joint.

      1. Miles Monroe says:

        And there are a lot of folks here in Vegas that ship smokes they buy tax free from the Indian reservations back to New York because the taxes are so high. Don’t forget that whole trailer full of contraband smokes in Beverly Hills Cop. They didn’t think of that idea out of thin air.

        1. Richard Henkle says:

          Wait a sec, did you just cite Beverly Hills Cop as your example?

          Not saying the point is wrong, just so everyone realizes that you cited a fictional movie.

        2. JimmyB says:

          I have learned nearly all that I need to know about life and society from the Beverly Hills Cop trillogy. What I didn’t learn I can blame on Obama.

      2. Common Sense says:

        @Matt and David. Alcohol is too hard to produce a decent product, hence the lack of a lingering black market, ditto, to a lesser extent, with tobacco. There is, however, a black market for smuggled cigarettes. Drugs are, by and large, very easy to produce, the black market, although smaller, would continue.

    3. fredo says:

      anybody can grow pot as you’ve stated. Are you suggesting that it would be illegal to “undersell the authorized retailers”? It would be just another business…no?

      1. Common Sense says:

        @Fredo Even if they legalize marijuana you would still have regulated sellers. Just like tobacco, you need a license to sell it, and an even harder license to obtain that authorizes production. It wouldn’t mean anyone can grow it, that would throw the argument of pro-legalization that it would be taxed out the window.

  40. Rino Hunter says:

    Yeah and you probably know a few alcoholics that beat their kids too huh Allen? Every time I hear someone trash on marijuana I’m going to call them an alcoholic. I don’t smoke pot but I have zero problems with it being illegal.

  41. Chris Anthony Melchionno says:

    Jail is for people you fear not behavior you dont like,another reason to END this insane WAR on DRUGs

  42. Chris Anthony Melchionno says:

    all DRUGs should be legalized prohibtion doesnt work,who WINs in the WAR against DRUGs?crooked cops,crooked Politicians,CIA,FBI,Gangs the Mob ,Jail industry.Who loses in WAR on DRUGs the biggest suckers of them all the TAXPAYER

    1. jasperddbgghost says:

      You forgot to say vote Ron Paul, right pothead?

      1. RIck says:

        Jas is a bit closed minded… Let’s all vote Newt!! another washington insider… or Ramney – won Taxachusetts!! That says a LOT!

        The money spent on the drug war is many ZEROS longer than what would be needed for treatment and/or regulation… plus, you could tax it and pay for the whole thing…
        The solution is to legalize pot… fast and furious the money will come in…

        1. common sense says:

          If drugs were legal, more people would use drugs and we would have more of all of the social problems that come with them. The cost is too high to legalize them.

          1. Skip says:

            I won’t question your Common Sense, but I would like you to bring some facts to the table. I haven’t smoked pot in 40 years, but I could find a place to buy it in 30 minutes if I wanted. I doubt I would smoke it if it were legal. You have an opinion, but in my opinion it is totally unsupported by stats.

            1. common sense says:

              What facts have you brought to the table? Your own subjective opinions? Well I can match that. I don’t smoke dope becaue it is illegal but would if it were legal. Where are your supporting stats? Your comment is nonsense.. Many people don’t smoke dope because they have positions such as teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc, and they won’t risk that by breaking the law to smoke dope. If it were legal, that barrier would be removed. It is common sense, so I don’t need stats. If it were against common sense then I might need stats.

              1. Nomad says:

                You do understand alcohol and tobacco are addictive drugs that thousands die from using every year? How many addicts and deaths do we have from marijuana?

                1. dope kills says:

                  I am sure many die from activities related to marijuana every year. The fact that you stoners keep claiming nobody ever died from dope doesn’t make it true. I have smoked dope before. I couldn’t even ride my bicycle. I ran right into the curb and flipped over. Now imagine if I were driving a car. And there is no doubt that people do all sorts of crazy stuff when they are stoned that puts their life in danger as well as the lives of others. And I am 100% people die from cancer caused by smoking dope. But I know, you think smoking dope cures cancer… keep believing your fairy tales.

                  BTW – arguing that we should legalize or decrminalize dope because cigarettes and booze are legal makes no sense. Look at the social problems related to cigaretttes and booze. I think it would be more logical to outlaw cigarettes and booze.

                  1. VT says:

                    I guess we should outlaw sex too – sex kills: if nobody had sex, there wouldn’t be any people and there would be no murder and no death….

                    So when are you buying your Koran and your hand grenade?

                    1. VT is a burnout says:

                      Are you really this dumb? Sex is necessary for the survival of the human race. Dope is not. When you balance the pros and cons of smoking dope, it isn’t even a difficult choice. The costs far outweigh the benefits and whatever benefits there are could be obtained in much healthier ways. And I don’t really see any parallel between wanting to keep dope illegal and being a jihadist. You have lost all credibility, that is what dope does. It fries your mind like an egg in a skillet.

      2. nofool says:

        no argument, just namecalling

      3. patrick is racist says:

        Is there something wrong with being old and white? I surely don’t think that is comparable to being a pothead.

        1. Ken Dahl says:

          I think it’s more about calling someone names, rather than making any kind of argument whatsoever…and what about seniors who smoke pot? You don’t make any sense.

          1. responding to moron says:

            How doesn’t it make sense to call a person a racist when they call a person an “old white man” in a manner that seems derogatory. You don’t make sense. Probably a pothead. I have no idea what you are talking about when you say “what about seniors who smoke pot”. What about them?

            1. Ken Dahl says:

              So now there’s a “race” called “Old White Men”? (could you be any more stupid?) Last thought – this is a battle “your side” is already losing (not unlike the battle you are probably facing with the ability to maintain an erection). The newest generation of 18+ (as in new voters and the next generation of leadership) don’t have the “hair across” that you do against Marijuana.You are obsolete and irellevant (and you know it). Enjoy your golden years.

              1. Patrick says:

                Quit crying racism. Christ, I’m white. I was just making it obvious that jasper jumped the gun in thinking pro-legalizers of pot are all potheads who vote for Ron Paul. So, in turn, since he is against it I retorted he is an old white guy voting for Romney. May not be true, just pointing out his ignorance.

        2. Patrick says:

          Sorry, but it’s fair to say old white people screw up a good majority of this country. Nice name by the way, very creative. But sorry, I’m not racist against my own race.

          1. MissE says:

            True…Every time I see a Prius driving 10mph under the speed limit to save the planet with a BO sticker and a ‘Coexist’ sticker on it, it’s always an old, white hippie. Pretty sure they got that pious and stupid by smoking dope and talking about how enlightened they are by it.

      4. Finalturismo Dustin says:

        Big deal, some people want to smoke pot
        who cares?

        Let them do what they want with their lives and stop imposing on them.

        Ron Paul 2012

        Tell the government to GTFO

      5. Charles X says:

        I’m for legalization and would never vote for Ron Paul.

    2. using pothead logic says:

      Murder, theft, and rape should be legal because prohibition doesn’t work.

      1. David Lampach says:

        using reason

        Murder, theft, and rape are intrinsically wrong. They are crimes against other people.

        Marijuana consumption is purely an individual choice, hurts no one, and should therefore be legal.

        1. stoners are sad says:

          It hurts the wife and children when the dad is stoned and won’t work or take care of his family. It hurts soceity when someone is stoned all day long and doesn’t work or doesn’t go to school. It hurts soceity when we have to pay for medical treatment of people who have ruined their bodies with dope. It hurts society when the doper goes on to do other drugs. It hurts the other driver when you drive stoned and crash into others. Doing drugs hurts everyone. Indirect harm is harm. Now go back and smoke your doobie because you cannot deal with reality without drugs…

          1. Tim Camembert says:

            I don’t smoke pot, but think the prohibition of it should be ended. Go ahead – attack me, fool.

            1. fool says:

              Hilarious. Everybody on this board arguing for ending the prohibition or legalization of pot claims not to smoke pot. ha ha ha. You’d have to be a pothead to believe that, fool.

          2. your arguements are sad says:

            You can use that same arguement for almost anything. Here’s an example using your own words: It hurts the wife and children when the dad is on welfare and won’t work or take care of his family. It hurts society when someone is on welfare all day long and doesn’t work or doesn’t go to school. It hurts soceity when we have to pay for medical treatment of people who are on welfare.It hurts society when the welfare person goes on to get food stamps. It hurts the other driver when you drive uninsured and crash into other because you’re too lazy to get a job and pay for insurance. Being on welfare hurts everyone. Indirect harm is harm. Now go back and lay on your couch because you’d rather sponge off the rest of us then get a job.

            1. your spelling is sad says:

              You are correct. You have named a lot of things that are bad for society and that we should discourage … just like we should discourage smoking dope. Good job making my argument for me. BTW, I’m doing my taxes now and have to pay over $25k to the federal government…don’t think I am laying on the couch.

            2. Maze says:

              hah i assure you that i know hundreds of unemployed bummers, some who would beat the wife, who never touch weed, and i know hundreds of successful people who make a lot of money and smoke marijuana. they have to do the ratio of unemployed MJsmokers/unemployed i assure you it will be very close to the rate of MJsmokers/society itself.

              it is sad how people judge each others without enough knowledge

          3. Nomad says:

            one word…….ALCOHOL. Get familiar with the problems it causes, then learn something about tobacco.

            1. get a clue says:

              That is a fallacy. Your argument is we should legalize or decriminalize dope because there are other harmful substances that are legal. This makes no sense.

          4. Jim says:

            Let me get this straight… Anyone who smokes is a wife beating, child neglecting, no job having, car crashing, threat to society? There is no doubt in my mind you interacted with pot users today and had no idea! Just because the only pot users most non-users know about are people that don’t mind being open about their breaking the law, does not mean anyone that uses is a halfwit. As for the ”ruined their bodies with dope” comment; alcohol has far more adverse effects on the body than pot and it is perfectly legal. In a single tip of a bottle one could drink enough alcohol to kill themselves. The same cannot be said of pot. Now, how ‘bout you get back to doing what ever it is that makes you happy before some snarky twit comes along and tells you how evil it is.

            1. responding to the dumb says:

              Your comment is just as stupid as all of those before it. Arguing that booze is more harmful than dope is not an argument for legalization of dope or an argument showing that dope is not harmful. It is an argument for outlawing booze. I am sure I did not interact with any stoners today because I didn’t leave the house. I work from home. Also, I know about 10% of the population smokes dope regularly, so what? That doesn’t make your argument any better.

              1. responding to the name caller says:

                2 things:
                I was not using the fact that pot is far less dangerous then booze as an argument for legalization, I was pointing out that pot does not ruin your body but alcohol can.

                Second, unless while “working” from home you had no interaction with any other human being in any way then you very well may have interacted with a pot user. There is far more then 10% that use. Like I said, most users don’t admit it. Even to pollsters. You might be fine with outlawing pot and booze, but how will you feel when they want to outlaw your tea?

                1. reponding to logic impaired says:

                  Pot can ruin your body. AND ALCOHOL IS IRRELEVANT to the discussion of pot. I don’t advocate drinking too much. I believe 1-2 drinks a day is what doctors say you can safely drink. But if you don’t drink, don’t start. And no, it isn’t true that far more than 10% of people smoke dope. If you mean once in their life, true. If you mean regularly, not true. You stoners live in a fantasy world. The only people it is funner to make fun of is Ron Paul supporters. I guess there is a lot of overlap there though. Do you really think people wouldn’t tell a pollster they smoke dope? Give me a break. Go hit another bong braaaaaaa…

      2. Kevin Stowell says:

        Ha ha. There ya’ go–‘tard logic.

      3. truelogic says:

        This is such a stupid comment by “using pothead logic.” Get a clue, asstard and know the difference between a true violation and infringement upon another human being’s right to life and liberty and what someone chooses to do that brings no harm to anyone else. Also, get a clue as to what real logic is, because you most certainly don’t know what it is and should be ‘prohibited’ from using that word at all. I know this because I have a degree in philosophy so don’t f.. with me on this, dumbass. The comment is so stupid I find it amazing that whoever wrote it can even write. It absolutely astounds me that you can use the word ‘logic’ and make a completely illogical statement comparing real violent crime against another human and personal choices that have been ‘prohibited’ by regulations and laws that have nothing to do with protecting people from real violent acts that some would perpetuate on others. I know what is logical and illogical and this is crap, so don’t even mess with me on this, f-tard and go back to work as a lobbyist or at Burger King or whatever equally stupid thing you must do to fill your pathetic life.

        1. truelogic says:

          Okay, I admit, really bad on my part to compare Washington lobbyist and the political elite with fast food, my bad and a very illogical statement on my part. I apologize to Burger King and all ‘fast food’, retail, gas station and such hard working institutions and product/ service providers, that I made the illogical comparison with people in that industry with people who make a living lying to themselves and the public that they are supposed to represent. Like, comparing people who actually DO something for even a meager living to mostly those in mainstream DC politics who just make laws and ‘prohibitions’ on others to their benefit and thus the benefit of the large mega money corporate ‘personhood’ interests they represent. For example the large business lobby interests like ‘big cotton, big timber, big pharma, big ag, big beer and cig,’ that lobby against and have ‘legislation’ passed to criminalize MJ and continually support the ‘war on drugs, i.e. plants’. Like the people who even come up with the likes of so called ‘laws and legislation’ of that ilk can even be compared to hard working people who make and serve food in any restaurant, or sell groceries or clothes, or those who cut grass, i.e. people who actually DO something other than conspire to control others should even have been compared is, I admit, quite illogical. Though maybe not as illogical as comparing personal ‘drug’ (e.g. plant) use with violent crime, none the less I say my bad comparing real service and production with what goes on in DC.

          1. Nomad says:

            You wouldn’t by chance be a member of “Psychological operations, First Earth Battalion” would you? Quit talking to yourself, people will think you’re crazy.

        2. responding to burnout says:

          A degree in philosophy? ha ha ha. Too dumb to get a real degree like engineering or business? All of the things listed cause harm. Indirect harm is still harm. So use those great logic skills you gained from your philosophy degree from the community college to actually read and understand, genius. Possessing dope is like murder in many ways. One way is that they are both illegal. Another way is that it’s use harms society. Moron.

          1. Tim Jim says:

            Lets see moron. Engineering Degree – CHECK, Job with 2nd largest Pharmaceutical Company in the world – CHECK. Smoked pot all through High School and College thus making your claims – FALSE. Everyone of my pot smoking friends all have degrees some are even Dr.’s now. As someone that works for Pharma let me inform you that you are lied to and mislead for $$$ pure and simple. Weed illegal because drunks like Kennedy’s wanted it that way. If people can not smoke pot without becoming addicted than neither can people drink alcohol. Unless in your blatant hypocris you can claim your ability to moderate while no one else is capable of such a feat. What do you do for a living besides believe propaganda? Like murder really? That is the most ludicris statement. Back to the farm for you little sheep you seem to have lost your way. Oh and I just got divorced because my wife was a DRUNK. Not because of weed but because of alcohol! Anything in excess is bad for you, including government. Murder LMAO that is rich considering people can start with a seed, grow a plant and turn it into ask without ever having left their private property. That is FREEDOM! We don’t need you or YOUR morals dictated to us thanks. Unless of course you are willing to allow me into your home and tell you what you will and will not do and own that affects no one else but YOU!

      4. Skip says:

        No one is campaigning for harm to others should be acceptable. We are suggesting personal harm you inflict if YOUR responsibility,. A foolish retort.

      5. VT says:

        Using your logic, you mind should be subjected to prohibition….

        1. VT just hit the bong says:

          I’d like to prohibit you from the internet, if that is what you mean…

  43. ben says:

    These comments say it all. The land of the free? How bout the land of the subjects?

    1. stoners are sad says:

      Hey stoner, land of the free does not mean you can do anything you want. Now go back to your high-times website and leave the normal productive people alone.

      1. Nick Jordan says:

        Freedom means free to chose what’s best for you – not free to enforce those views on other people! Yeah, I’m saying that and I don’t smoke pot, but I equally would hate seeing even more money disappear down this black-hole, War-on-Sanity, campaign that’s just a media tool wrecking havoc on our families, communities, and pocketbooks at the same time.

        Save your bigoted comments for other forums and boards please.

        1. stoners are sad says:

          Now you are bigoted if you make fun of stoners? Okay, I guess you are one of the idiots that defines bigot as someone with an opinion different than yours…

          And we have never had anything close to your definition of freedom in the US. So move to Amsterdam if you want no restrictions on your freedom. Oh, and drugs don’t “wrecking havoc on our families, communities, and pocketbooks at the same time”, right?.

          Funny how all of the people arguing for legalization of dope on this board claim not to smoke dope. I don’t believe it. Now go smoke your doobie to escape reality.

          1. Nomad says:

            What about all the folks who drink alcohol to escape reality? Do you have any narrow-minded opinions for those people?

            1. responding to pothead says:

              ha ha ha. Narrow-minded. Nomad says “what, you don’t agree with me? You are a narrow-minded bigot.” Great arguments there pothead.

              1. Nomad says:

                I am not and have never been a pothead, I don’t drink or smoke cigarettes either. Would you like to comment on the different perceptions that people have about drugs based solely on whether they are regulated or illegal? You have made many comments under many different names, I am sure you are the same person based on the things you repeated each time.
                I find it really funny that you say “Now you are bigoted if you make fun of stoners? Okay, I guess you are one of the idiots that defines bigot as someone with an opinion different than yours…”
                …..Hypocrite much?
                your spelling is sad
                responding to the dumb
                responding to the name caller
                responding to pothead
                stoners are sad
                responding to burnout
                get a clue
                your arguements are sad
                for the hundreth time
                mr reality
                responding to bad logic
                responding to moron

                ALL THE SAME ASSHOLE!

                1. in corner crying says:

                  I never called anybody bigot, so how am I a hypocrite? You aren’t making sense my friend. And yes, I like to post under funny names, so what? I wasn’t trying to keep it a secret. I guess dope hasn’t totally ruined your mind. There is nothing funner than making fun of Ron Paul supporters and pro-dope advocates. Oh, and don’t hurt my feelings by making fun of my spelling, that really hurts. I have no idea what you mean about perceptions based on whether something is regulated or legal. I believe you can smoke dope periodically with very few harmful health effects just as you can drink alcohol in moderation with very few harmful health effects. What is your point? I think you should be preaching to the pro-dope people who claim it has no negative health effects and that it cures cancer, and that nobody ever died from it, etc, etc, etc. Later braaaaa….

          2. VT says:

            I’m stoner, I’m 60, I’m white, I’m not sad and I have a good job – one that you could probably never do – and I think it should be legal. You don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about. With people like you claiming to be privy to ‘reality’ it’s no wonder sometimes we need an escape.

            I suppose you’re completely bound up with ‘reality’ right? Never watch TV or sports or a movie or look at porn or entertain a sexual fantasy? Are you a saint, a vegetable or just a biggoted self-righteous bag of hot air?

            1. mr reality says:

              Well why don’t you tell me the job that you do that I couldn’t do? Why keep it a secret toughguy? Not sure what sports, tv and sexual fantasies have to do with dope. And it doesn’t surprise me that someone who is dumb enough to smoke dope regularly thinks it should be legal.

  44. Bruce Brinkmann says:

    It’s been a long long time since I smoked any weed. I think I stopped buying it when it went from $15 to $20 an ounce. Around 1970 I think it was. I have nothing against smoking the stuff, I just don’t smoke it myself. It does baffle me though, why spend so much money, time and resources on trying to control it? And then spend more money, time and resources keeping so many otherwise law abiding citizens locked up? We could save billions and make billions if this business was taken away from the illegal dealers and you could just get some. if you wanted some from Walgreens or Rite-Aid. With proper I.D. of course.

    1. Bill O says:

      I don’t know, people say weed is bad, but I, wow check out that car It’s really neat, boy I’m so hungry how about going out to get a bite, holy cow check her out she’s hot, I’ve been smoking pot since grade skool and I ain’t had no bad what’s your name by the way, I saw this bong once that was really, did you see that movie at the place where they show movies, in any event, folks lighten up about the effects of weed. Wow, what a bunch of downers.

      1. TechDel says:

        Yeah, man. I am so down with that. We should never … uh …we should … uh… What were we talk….. Oh, oh, yeah. Pot has no negative side effects, man. Look at me I’ve been smoking for years and…. uh, uh, . It should be …uh… It should… You shouldn’t go to jail for smokin, man. It don’t hurt nobody. Peace out. Ron Paul for ……..whatever.

        1. Nomad says:

          You and Bill O should visit a local bar at closing time (sober), and strike up a conversation with all those people headed to their cars to drive home.

          1. please be my friend says:

            The negative effects of drinking booze are irrelevant to whether we should legalize or decriminalize dope. This is the same old red herring that you stoners keep bringing up. And drinking while under the influence of alcohol is illegal, so what is your point? You want to decriminalize DUI too?

    2. bruce reads pothead periodicals says:

      very few people go to prison for having a small amount of marijuana. Most go for the stuff that the dope makes them do like beat their wives, steal, and resist the authorities. Keep believing those fantasies though…

      1. Cy Edwards says:

        Yeah, right – smoking pot leads to violent actions – only if you’d call loud snoring a violent act! Your argument doesn’t hold water (I’m guessing, much like your kidneys).

        1. Rick Washington says:

          This idea that pot just makes you hungry and sleepy is false.

      2. Nomad says:

        Would you like to include alcohol as a cause of crimes too? What about the 100K alcohol related deaths in the US each year? Have a beer and drift off to your fantasy land.

        1. for the hundreth time says:

          More fallacies from the potheads. Whether or not booze is harmful has nothing to do with whether we should legalize or decirminalize dope.

          1. VT says:

            Those who ignore history are destined to repeat it…

            1. crying because of nomad says:

              You are a genius.

  45. donny1rodriguez says:

    Sheesh they had some brains running the OP. Neighbors didn’t suspect a thing. They had a good op going

  46. Dave says:

    WE are in massive debt and going deeper every day, yet instead of using history as a lesson, WE continue this worthless war on drugs. (cannabis prohibition) Our law enforcement officers waste time and elaborate resources on this while murderers and child molesters are in and out of prison in some cases faster than a guy who likes to smoke weed. If someone can name one person who has ever died from a cannabis (THC) overdose, do tell. Since about 2 years ago, after lots of reading and understanding, I’ve realized how wrong I was all these years and reversed my hard core stance against cannabis and am now firmly against the people who perpetrate this farce.

    1. BJ says:

      How about crimes committed while under the influence? I’d be happy to provide information on that.

      Alcohol, Coke, Heroin, whatever. I could care less what you do in your home. If you are responsible then fry your brain – it’s not my problem. Unfortunately, that is not the case though. People that are substance abusers (including alcohol) infringe on my rights every day. They drain precious resources away to the criminal system. Not for doing drugs but for committing OTHER crimes while under the influence. Last stat I saw from the FBI was that 80% of all crimes were committed while the individual was impaired.

      So I’ll make you a deal. We legalize everything. Do whatever you want. However, my health insurance company is not required to payout for any medical condition that can in any way be linked to drug use. Additionally, all crimes committed while under the influence of ANYTHING are automatically doubled.

      If you are responsible, don’t hurt anyone, and don’t drive up my rates then enjoy your doping. But the moment your abuse infringes on my rights we get to lock you up and throw away the key. Sound fair?

      1. go go go says:

        And if you kill or seriously injure somebody while driving under the infuence – death penalty. We’d get rid of most of the dopers that way…

        1. VT says:

          And all of the boozers….

      2. PK says:

        Sounds fair. While we are at it, lets make sure that any stress related health issues that you require are not covered by us either. So when you have a heart attach going to your idiotic corporate job and bitching about how you are so much better then everyone else I don’t have to pay for your medical care. While we are at it, I don’t want to pay for any medical care of anyone that eats GMO foods, so you can take that off, and also anyone that uses a computer more then 5 hours a day, because of the increased cancer risk.

        Life is a risk, pot is one of the least risky things you could do with your time. If everyone did smoke a little weed on the weekends you will see +health benefits from stress relief, pain mitigation without chemical drugs (asprin is still pretty bad for you, much worse on a regular basis then a little pot), and less violence from drug cartels and gangs (which lead to healthcare costs!)

        Umm, when has pot ever added to peoples medical costs? unless they are a heavy smoker (which most of us are not, few and far between) Just because you grew up in a time when the government rammed bad information down your throat doesn’t mean you have any excuse for being so ignorant.

        1. responding to bad logic says:

          Working, using a comuter, and eating are all productive activites or at least they are in many instances. So your comparison is a bad one. There is very little benefit to smoking dope. I guess medical marajuana might have some benefits but very very few people actually need it. You are vastly overestimating the benefits of smoking dope and even the ones that exist could be obtained in better ways such as a little exercise.

          And smoking pot makes you dumb and lazy and causes mental health issues. Look at the research.

          1. Jim Doble says:

            I agree with you and would like to use the “research” you just mentioned to bring others to our side – please cite one specific study or published work so I can covince them our arguments are valid and not empty assertions from mindless reactionaries. Thanks!

            1. responding to bad logic says:

              Go look at the CDC’s website. That is where I read about the harmful effects of dope. But yeah, I know, the federal government is not to be believed. Stoner websites and blogs are for more credible.

          2. pk says:

            I’m not vastly overstating anything, I was trying to make the point that “health risk” involved with pot is less then you could think.

            lazy is not a health risk, nor is dumb. so that point is invalid.
            I’ve never seen anything about pot “causing mental health issues” however I have seen many that make a “correlation between marijuana use and mental illness” that say specifically “this could be that people with mental illnesses are attracted to pot to alter their consciousness.

            Go look at the research, because obviously you haven’t. The vast majority of research shows, benefits of cannabis far outweigh the risks. Not a single person has died from overdosing on weed, no one smokes a joint and then kills someone because of it.

            Before you jump on my ass you may want to look at the original comment I replied to and realize that pot is not raising your healthcare costs.

            Legalize, simple as that, not saying you need to smoke it, but it’s only causing more harm then good. If it was legalized this would not have happened, this weed would go to adults regulated and taxed. The guys growing it would make a good amount of money, but because of taxes it would be much more like a regular farmers wages. Now these guys go to prison, someone else fills the place that these guys did for pot demand. Prices on the street go up leading to gangs getting more money, power, and guns.

            And once again to reiterate…How is pot making health care costs rise?:

            1. responding to the closed minded says:

              You are wrong. Go to the CDC website and they tell you the negative health effects of smoking dope. And if people are lazy and cannot or will not learn because they are stoned then those are very negative consequences for the individual, their family and society. My friends in HS were mostly stoners and they all dropped out of school by the end of sophomore year. They’d rather sit around stoned than learn. Where are the today? Nowhere good, I am sure. Whatever beneficial effects there are to smoking dope are very minor in the big picture and most could be obtained in ways that don’t involve dope. Free you mind to believe the truth. If you deny that smoking dope causes health issues, you are in la la land. You know you can drink 1-2 drinks a day and have no harmful health effects for decades. I am sure the same is true of dope…you can smoke a joint on the weekend and not have bad health effects. But if you smoke it a lot, there will be negative health effects. Get a clue…

              1. pk says:

                Not only are you an idiot, you can’t read. I spelled out quite specifically those that smoke lots of weed will have health problems. I know probably 200 people that smoke pot, maybe 5 out of those smoke more then once or twice a week…. Where is the huge swath of data about people smoking pot until they can’t move. That’s like saying everyone that has a drink is getting wasted.

                I can’t wait until your generation is dead and gone. You’ve screwed up the eco-system, killed the middle class, and still can’t realize that your way was WRONG.

                The CDC is full of crap, they list on their website “possible” effects if you read the page, I did. Most of the things listed in that site have been debunked a hundred times over.

                Pot is illegal because they don’t want hemp. Hemp is to reneewable and would take away from corporate profits. The cotten and Forest industry would never let pot because of money, not because it’s “killing america’s youth”

                I just want one single person to give me a proven scientific reason that I shouldn’t smoke pot to relax, not one of you have. This is because you can’t.

          3. Nomad says:

            And apparently, not ever smoking marijuana makes you ignorant and opinionated….

            1. responding to bad logic says:

              Your comment makes no sense. I have smoked dope. Also, everybody is ignorant of something. I will admit I am opininated as is everybody who commented here. Conclusion – you comment makes no sense and reading and responding to it was a complete waste of my time. Thanks loser.

              1. 99th percentile IQ. says:

                The fact that you claim to have smoked “dope” means it was done in the 70’s if ever, so I’m sure you are very informed. Unfortunately everyone seems to be missing the real issue here, which is individual liberty. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The basis of our government. Ever heard of John Locke. Government has far exceeded its boundaries when it decides to regulate the HARMLESS actions of its populace.

      3. sal says:

        we could say the same about obese people , who put a heavy , no pun intended , burden on health care .. also is it fair that obese people pay the same as healthy people on planes ? They should have a scale right before you get on the plane and charge passengers accordingly …

      4. Jim says:

        When I hear this same old tired argument I can never tell whether the person using it is trying to be slick or they are just dumb. Either way let me point out that just because 80% of people that commit crimes are impaired does not mean that ALL people that get impaired are criminals.

      5. C says:

        Under the influence of anything? Doubled? That is definitely excessive. And “throw away the key”? I like to call that ‘baloney.’ People, especially minors, who get drugged up and do something stupid should definitely not have their lives ruined for making a stupid mistake.

        For example, if someone decided to drink and drive for WHATEVER reason, would it be right to put that person in jail for years upon years where he might be getting butt raped, stabbed, and whatever other horrors go on in prison? It would be stupid, incredibly stupid to do something like that. But it also be stupid to ruin someones life completely for doing illicit activities under the influence.

  47. Ben Adams says:

    Sad story. Three obviously intelligent and enterprising young lives are about to be ruined.

    If not for prohibition this would be a human interest story about how three entrepreneurs were coping with the recession. Wonder how many people were voluntarily satisfied and employed by this operation… as opposed to the compulsory tax-feeders who put an end to it.

    1. BJ says:

      They broke the law. What is sad about that?

      If I think that stealing is OK are you down with me looting stores and then reselling the goods? Lots of people would LOVE to buy my stolen goods at a discounted price. I could employ tons of people as well.

      If you don’t like the law fight to change it. I don’t feel sorry for anyone who knowingly breaks the law, profits of it, and gets caught.

      1. Ben Adams says:

        There’s a big difference between stealing and voluntary trade.

        If you don’t see the difference there is no point in arguing with you,

    2. bob says:

      Yes enterprising and intelligent. Damn shame! I don’t partake, but look at the tax revenue this operation could create, and these guys would get entrepreneur of the year awards.

  48. john corn says:

    there the only one’s who can afford New York Taxes.There goes the tax base

    1. darf says:

      lol sales of junk food will plummet….

  49. Sad Panda says:

    Why are we wasting resources locking up non-violent drug offenders? So the Puritans feel better about their lives?

    1. stephanie says:

      Non violent druge offenders? People who grow mj in these suburban neighborhoods guard their multi million dollar inventory with machine guns and booby traps. They dump toxic chemicals into the ground and rerun the electrical to by pass the meters and in such a manner that can kill a power line worker. I know because we had a grow house next door in a big beautiful house. The house was completely wrecked inside after they busted the ring of growers. Why don’t you post your address and let these non violent offenders set up shop in your neighborhood next time.

      1. nofool says:

        nice propaganda, steph. you work for the DEA or the prison system or maybe you’re a dealer yourself? you seem to have a vested interest.

        1. stephanie says:

          How is that propaganda at all? I said they busted a house next door to ours. That is what in fact happened jack. When the law enforcement came to bust them, they found everything I stated. My point was to those people who are sympathetic to these “non violent” business people, let them setup shop in their neighborhood. That will keep them out of mine.
          Please do everyone a favor and read a post before you reply to a post.

          1. Patrick says:

            If it were legal oh wise Stephanie, then these guys wouldn’t have set up a grow operation in their house. In your case, and in this story’s case.

            1. John Smith says:

              Patrick, even if it is legal there will still be black market people growing it in their house, doing everything that Stephanie has described above.

              1. Erik says:

                Good point John; grow-houses would still exist even if we leagalized pot, exactly like the secretive tobacco bunkers and basil basements that you hear about in the news so often… and it’s really a shame when people gun each-other down over eggplant-selling turf. In fact, we’d better just make everything illegal, since, as you wisely note, the legal status of a farm product doesn’t at all affect how it is grown or traded. I’ve got a nice contact if you need any turnips, by the way…

                  1. Patrick says:

                    Oh OK, didn’t realize we were being absolutely literal here. Yes they will exist, but NOT NEARLY as many as before. It’s fair to say that growhouses with more than three plants will drop by at least 80%.

            2. JJ says:

              Yes dear Patrick, I’m sure that if they legalized it tomorrow, all of these fine upstanding citizens would run right down to the BBB and register their businesses. I’ll bet they will all line up down at the IRS to pay their taxes on their legalized earnings.

              Even if we did make it legal, do you really think that giving the government control of all of this/regulating it will somehow magically make it all better? Wake up. They HAVE legalized drugs, and you and everyone you know pop pills every day. Americans are so hooked on drugs, the pharmacy industry pulls in billions and billions. So while my neighbor might not be mixing up viagra to sell because it’s already legal and you might think life is good because you can now get it up for your girlfriend, there are even more powerful thugs pushing drugs down our throats who now have a lot of influence on our government.

              Besides I don’t want to have to fight blue cross blue shield over a generic vs brand name prescription of pot when they legalize it. I want to be able to get whatever flavor I want and not have to pay a $50 copay for the crap they’re going to try to sell me.

              1. Sam says:

                Yeah, no kidding. Are you sad? Here’s a drug for that.
                Have a headache? Here’s a drug for that.
                Is your hair a little too thin? Here’s a drug for that.
                Do you have a sniffle? Here’s a drug for that.
                Did you stub your toe? Here’s a drug for that.

                Dayum people, try living your life not in a drug induced state for one day. If you can’t handle the stress of life, maybe it’s time to change your life. Do stuff that makes you happy, unless being drugged out makes you happy, then never mind 🙂

            3. Stephanie says:

              Well kitten, it isn’t legal. So until this great government comes to its senses and does legalize it, I don’t want these “non violent” boy scouts in my neighborhood. It sounds like you’re on board to let them set up shop next to your family though. And when they do, don’t dare tell anyone that they put you or your family in danger or you’ll get some idiots jumping down your throat with their “legalize marijuana” picket signs.

              1. Patrick says:

                It’s a plant chill the hell out. Prescription drugs have dangerous side effects and are far more addicting. Marijuana being legalized in some states for medical use is a life saver for many people. And “kitten”, it’s none of my business what my neighbors do, what they do on their own property doesn’t effect me.

    2. allen Miller says:

      Sad Panda
      Why are we wasting resources locking up non-violent drug offenders? So the Puritans feel better about their lives?

      Because non violent drug offenders create very violent drug offenders. who do you think smokes those drugs, people going to sunday school?

      1. nofool says:

        nice propaganda, allen. let me guess you and steph share the same govt. IP address?

      2. Matt says:

        Ah, the lack of logic in Alan Miller and Stephanie’s replies. The only reason there is even a slight threat of violence surrounding marijuana growing is BECAUSE it’s illegal. If it were legal, they wouldn’t need to, “guard their multi million dollar inventory with machine guns and booby traps.” They would be regulated, like other businesses, and would not be able to, “dump toxic chemicals into the ground and rerun the electrical to by pass the meters and in such a manner that can kill a power line worker.” And Allen, how many “marijuana addicts” do you know? If that number is greater than zero, then you should know that marijuana does not “create very violent drug offenders.” Keep watching the 1936 movie “Reefer Madness” you two…

        1. stephanie says:

          No, Matt. You’re drawing conclusions that aren’t there. I never said they shouldn’t legalize marajuana. I simply replied to a post that pointed out that these people were non-violent. I’m all for legalizing it as I think the laws are ludicrious.

          But again, I don’t want them growing in my neighborhood. Pretty simple.

          1. Blasterific says:

            Steph, don’t wear those skimpy bikinis and you will be fine.

      3. common sense says:

        “who do you think smokes those drugs, people going to sunday school?”

        You would be surprised.

      4. vt says:

        I’m old and white and not at all violent, I hold a good hi tech responsible job – and I love to get stoned. You don’t know what the f-ck you’re talking about – what are your sources? Back it up with facts, not idiotic bluster – like Matt said – the scope of your knowledge is ‘Reefer Madness’….

      5. Hunter says:

        Actually yes, people who go to sunday school, preach in church and run religious organizations smoke pot..So do many many successful people, lots of them are millionaires. Don’t believe me? I’ve caddied at some of the top country clubs here in MN, for some very very wealthy people. All you people on here opposed to pot, who think it’s just losers who smoke it, would be completely stunned if I told you who I know who smokes pot…lets just say I can name several BILLIONAIRES and a good number of MILLIONAIRES who enjoy the herb..how do I know?? I’ve smoked with them!!..Stop believing the Gov’t lies on who stoners are..they are ALL AROUND YOU!!! Never mind the last three POTUS, and probably Mr. Carter, all liked to toke..

    3. carl says:

      no, so that liberals can ENLARGE the size and scope of government power.
      the drug war is an attack on personal freedoms and private property rights.
      obama HATES both of these concepts.

      1. common sense says:

        ever heard of ronald reagan? try reading sometime, you might learn something.

  50. jerseyjoey says:

    Not shocked at all, demand is high and money is there, after all what do you expect, people to work for monkey wages and no benifits for wealthy business owners whom have no morals or compassion for no one but thier own greedy lives. Hell people, you can make 700k a year on 800 lbs easy and buy good benifits and have a damn good retirement acct, huh so its worth the risk and not only that lots of rich kids are becoming involved if you noticed, this aint no inner city problem of the lower classes. Stick that in yo pipe n smoke it homes.

    1. somedude says:

      Couldn’t have said it better. Just leave the non-life threatening and non-addicting drugs alone and go bust a meth lab.

      1. dave says:

        Amen to that Dude! wasting tax payers money. I am always reading about pot houses get busted but never meth!

        1. mendocino says:

          thats because the meth labs dont have anything the police can confiscate 😉

        2. Steven Mebebes says:

          Meth labs are bust all the time in the workers paridise of kalifornia

        3. rick says:

          Oohhh, its an illegal plant…People might DIE!
          oops, sorry, I’ve been smoke’n LOL

          Guaranty you nobody is getting hurt in my home tonight 🙂

      2. Allen Miller says:

        Ya, that really makes sense all right. lets leave the dope smokers alone and just go after the dope shooters. Somebody sucking in a joint while driving down the road is no threat! right!

        1. Patrick says:

          10 times less dangerous than someone drunk off their ass driving. That’s why when pot is legal it will be against the law to drive under the influence of it.

        2. Nomad says:

          Right, nobody drinks and drives /sarcasm. Maybe you should look up the difference between “Legalization” and “Regulation”. Alcohol is regulated and marijuana would be too.

    2. BJ says:

      What a load of nonsense.

      1. I expect people to get a legal job. That is what our society is based upon.
      2. You obviously are NOT an ethical person if you engage in a business activity that is illegal.
      3. Plenty of business people are ethical and generous.
      4. It may be worth the risk. Just like robbing a bank or being a hitman for hire. So long as your moral code allows it AND YOU DON’T GET CAUGHT of course it will be worth it. The problem is that you will get caught, lose your money and assets, become someone’s wife, and really, really regret your decisions. When you are being beat down I’m guessing that you will wish that you studied a little harder, went to college and got a real job.
      5. Drug manufacturing IS primarily an inner city problem. The example here is atypical. In most cases the drugs are manufactured outside the states. The drugs are then imported and distributed where there is a market. Drug use in the inner-city is significantly higher than it is in the suburbs or rural communities.

      Those are the facts chief.

      1. TWR says:

        Trololol, BJ, nice one! But here’s the only fact regarding this ongoing prohibition of a plant:

        You cannot legislate morality. the government can bark, bite and bark some more about a plant being illegal, but that does not make its consumption wrong, so people are going to keep doing it.

        Does anyone find it odd that those looking for almost any job outside of the food industry are required to take a drug test to be eligible for employment, while welfare check recipients are not required to do any such thing? (at least, from what I’ve heard, but perhaps there are some areas which require drug tests in order to receive unemployment benefits or similar benefits)

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