NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The legendary CBGB rock club on the Bowery has a new owner who plans to reopen it, according to published reports.

The daughter of founder Hilly Kristal reportedly agreed to the sale three months ago.

A spokesman for the undisclosed new owner said Lisa Kristal was more motivated by preserving the legacy of the club than by money.

The club is famous for launching iconic punk and New Wave bands such as The Ramones, Blondie and Talking Heads.

CBGB’s, which was founded in 1973, closed its doors in October 2006 after a homeless advocacy group that owns the property, the Bowery Residents Committee, would not renew the club’s lease.

Patti Smith performed the final show at the famous punk bar on Oct. 15, 2006.

Ever been to CBGB’s? Who’d you see there? Do you hope the club reopens? Let us know below…


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  1. Crimson Laurier says:

    CBGB’s has so much great history!

    Coincidentally, we made a video related to this idea last summer! : )

    We just released it:

  2. Mrphisto says:

    CBGBs was a great place.

    It was the very heart of the Punk community. Its pulse. Its lifes blood.
    What started out as Country Blue Grass and Blues. grew into a womb for music and art.
    The bar didn’t make the bands.
    The people of the day were the scene, and made the music.

    Hilly gave us CBGBs, CBGBs pizza place, CBGBs radio on AM. And the CBGB Art gallery performance space.

    If CBGB reopens it must be a furtile space, Where all art forms can experiment, and grow. Sights, sounds, tastes, and staff as real as the cold or the heat.

    Cheap Booze Great Bands and the citys best sound system.

    With a toilet in the Mens roon this time Please !!!!!

  3. NYer says:

    CB’s is gone, just let it be…it will not be the same club by any means, it won’t be respected one bit by any respectable musician….it’ll become another ‘Knitting Factory’ which is nothing like it was back in the day.

    RIP CB’s

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