NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Many New Yorkers aren’t happy with Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich after a comment he made about residents of the Big Apple earlier this week while stumping in Nevada.

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The former House Speaker called Manhattanites who live in high rises “elites” because they ride the subway, somehow suggesting that New Yorkers aren’t real Americans.

“I’m not elite,” said one straphanger. “I work 70 hours a week. Always come down, take a train to Queens and work.”

Maybe the comment stems from Gingrich losing out on an endorsement by New York billionaire Donald Trump, who despite reports that he would be backing the former House Speaker, threw his support to Mitt Romney instead.

Gingrich sought Trump’s endorsement at a meeting in December at the real estate mogul’s Trump Tower office in Manhattan. There, Gingrich told reporters he had persuaded Trump to mentor promising children from some of New York’s poorest schools.

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  1. ThoseWhoServe says:

    It is interesting that a politician who avoided serving in the Armed Forces during Vietnam, has charge accounts at Tiffany & Co., and receives 7-digit contributions from the owner of the world’s largest casino operation has the gall to call people who live in high-rise buildings and ride the subways as elites.

    He will find out in his quest to be King of the Kountry that they are “voters”, not elites. He will also find out that there also millions of former New Yorkers no longer living in, or close to, the Big Apple whow are also voters, not elites.

  2. RatsinSubways says:

    CBS NEWS is part and parcel of the LIBERAL ELITE.
    New Yorkers are for the most part LIBERALS who
    will say the most vile things about other folks in this
    country. So this “news story” is pandering of the
    lowest sort by CBS NEWS.

  3. Ratt Race in debt NYKer says:

    Newt your name insults that cute little lizard.

  4. Another worker with no money says:

    Oh forgive us but we thought Newt & Mrs.Newt having a
    million dollar credit line at Tiffany & Co. as they do ,was “Elitist”.
    Newt no Elitists were killed on 9-11-01 in our city so you and
    your buddies,screw off.

  5. p.o.s. says:

    that’s all.

  6. None Of Your Business says:

    Newt Gingrich is trailer trash. Obviously, he’s the perfect candidate for the Republicans, all of whom are trailer trash whether they live in a trailer or in a super-expensive mansion. I’m also sure he’ll be the first resident in his moon colony. Mentally, he’s already living there.

  7. Jeff Green says:

    Hey Newt, when we met briefly in DC you conducted yourself as an arrogant, egotistical, self-righteous jerk. You couldn’t be bothered with using even basic courtesy within a very small limited group setting.

    Seems to me (at least on that day) you were acting mighty elitist!


  8. KPMc says:

    Did anyone notice the quote is not in the article? What kind of journalism is this? There is one word in quotes and someone else telling me what to think and how to interpret it.

    What is suggesting that NYers are not real Americans?

    Someone should be embarrassed to call this journalism!

    This is a poorly written blog that somehow gets associated with one of the formerly most prestigious news organizations in America.

    Cronkite, Paley and Murrow must be spinning!

  9. Rhiannon says:

    Dear Newt, Thank you for being such an ignoranus! Your stupid and ill-conceived comments are sure to guarantee a second Obama term. Keep it up; you are the Democrats’ best tool.
    Some of us choose not to drive. I get around just fine without a car and I cannot afford to live in some fancy high rise. I also have less stress and less headaches. (Alternate Side of the street – HELLO!).
    The “elites” as you call them have someone else do their driving, just like you. You Know-Nothing Populist.

  10. Jay Pee says:

    I am a hard core Republican and a New Yorker; I do not go near the subways .
    That’s an insult

  11. The Realist says:

    Newt has actually INSULTED the “elites” (all Republicans) by accusing them of using public transportation with the “huddled masses” (mostly Democrats). Does he really not want NY Republicans to support him?

  12. ThinkerNJ says:

    Not only is Newt irrelevant, this shows what sad sacks the Adelsons are for contributing millions to this reptile.

    1. no i am not says:

      They are buying influence so that we again can jeopardize our country, money and lives of our soldiers for another country. what tools we are indeed.

  13. The Time Machine says:

    Newt is a Morlok

  14. KP says:

    NO, NO, Newtie…Elites are driven around NY in limos…regular Joes and Janes fight the twice daily crowds to ride the subway. Spoken like a truly delusional baby man.

    this man cannot get any more irrelevant.

  15. Losernewt says:

    Newt is a hairy wrinkled fun bag of a man.
    3 wives and counting….latest one looks like someone from Stepford Wives.
    Wish we could send him to the moon.

  16. tito says:

    Obviously he hasn’t ever taken the subway

  17. F-U-Newt says:

    Newt is a LOSER.
    He can buy his wife jewelry from Tiffany for $500k.
    He probably has Swiss bank accounts himself.
    Owns multiple homes. Flies around on jets that’s paid for by his PAC groups…
    and he calls NYers elitists… THAT’S THE MOST HILARIOUS THING EVER!!!!

  18. R. Erle says:

    Sometimes I take the subway. Sometimes I drive. Were Gingrich aware of this I wonder if his confusion could cause a psychotic breakdown.

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