NEW YORK (WFAN) — The prayers of Gisele Bundchen and her entourage went unanswered on Super Bowl Sunday.

Tom Brady’s supermodel wife watched helplessly as Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker dropped a wide-open chance to possibly seal the deal on another Lombardi Trophy for New England.

Instead, Eli Manning and the Giants stormed back to win Super Bowl XLVI, 21-17.

Gisele’s frustration was on full display Sunday night after Brady’s desperate Hail Mary pass fell short in Indianapolis.

“Eli rules!” exclaimed a fan after the game as Bundchen left her luxury suite at Lucas Oil Stadium. “Eli owns your husband!”

“You (have) to catch the ball when you’re supposed to catch the ball,” Gisele snapped. “My husband cannot (bleeping) throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.”

MUST-SEE VIDEO: Gisele rips receivers after loss

The exchange was caught on video and obtained by

The supermodel, who reportedly emailed friends and family last week to pray for her “Tommy,” wouldn’t get any divine mojo from Madonna’s halftime rendition of “Like a Prayer.”

Gisele later consoled Brady with a postgame embrace — in full view of reporters and photographers.

It may have been a super night for the power couple, if not for key fourth-quarter drops by Welker and tight end Aaron Hernandez.

“It comes to the biggest moment of my life, and (I) don’t come up with it,” said Welker. “Most critical situation, and I let the team down.”

Was Gisele right to rip the Pats’ receivers? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. jddue says:

    The Giants forced Green Bay to drop even more balls!

    Give credit to the Giants! They made Rogers and Brady have a very bad Day!

    1. VA says:

      How many times does Manning have to beat the Patriots for Brady to fully realize that he’s a second rate quatrerback? He’s a pampered rich boy who’s too used to getting his own way. I’m so glad it was the Giants that got to stick it to him yet again. If the roles were reversed, Eli would have made that Hail Mary pass.

      1. V.C says:

        Brady is a spoiled brat. The whole league kisses his butt. Glad he lost.

      2. Scott Mac Millan says:

        Va, you are a joke to even think Eli is half as good as Brady. If the receivers caught what should have been caught Manning would still be trying to cilmb out of the toilet of mediocrity. We also didn’t have a healthy Gronk, close game and the Giants were extremely lucky throughout the match.

        1. Jaf says:

          Another Pats fan in denial who can’t believe they lost in the SB, again, to the mediocre Giants…Your comment about Gronk is laughable…you can’t go back in time and change a single factor while assuming everything else would remain the same….Real players make their own luck…the Giants outplayed the Pats and deserved to win, period. Was it luck that the Pats receivers dropped 4 passes in their last drive?

        2. J Deezy says:

          Pats fans are like any other teams’ fans…loyal, as it should be. But don’t walk around w/blinders on…Eli is NOT a mediocre QB (mediocre QBs don’t orchestrate game-winning drives in the 4thQ, not like Eli has); in fact, his calm under pressure actually brings back memories of Tom Brady in his earlier years. Lets face it, at 34, having played the game at a consistently high level, he might just be feeling the wheel of time slowly grinding on, letting him know that for him, it is starting to run short.

      3. SB says:

        Eli Manning didn’t show us anything… very haughty person… did not even know how to say thank you for the gift of a corvette for winning the game.

    2. stephen says:

      models should be seen and not heard

    3. Topher10 says:

      What game were you watching, Brady didn’t have a bad day with his performance, he played pretty good. The Patriots and the Giants both played a good game. The Giants just caught the right bounces & breaks. Three forced fumbles and two bounce right back to the Giants players and the third, recovered by the Patriots for a drive ending, touchdown saving, play near the end zone, just to have it handed back to the Giants with a first down to boot, on a STUPID uncharacteristic penalty. That stupid penalty on the Patriots part gave the Giants those points. Then you have to mention a very, very uncharacteristic drop by Wes that pretty much would have sealed the game for the Patriots, had he caught that not to mention some of the other drops in the end?? Brady though, he played a pretty decent game as well as the Patriots as a whole. I was also very impressed with Brady’s protection and with the Patriots pass rush. Who would have guessed, two sacks against Eli in their first offensive possession. Hopefully, Patriots will be back next year???

    4. maybe, maybe not says:

      One could also say that if Billy Cundiff had made his field goal 2 weeks ago, there was a chance the Patriots wouldn’t even have been in the Super Bowl. There are probabilities of success for everything in football including every play called. If you could predict all these things with certainty, you might as well just let each coach enter his call for that play into a computer program and let math predict the outcome. You might call it “Virtual Fantasy Football.”

      1. Hoosier O's Phan says:

        Billy Cundiff? If Lee Evans hangs on to the TD pass, the Pats are watching on TV. Different outcome? Who knows, but, as the saying goes: Were ifs and buts candy and nuts, what a sweet merry Christmas t’would be.

    5. Christie: the Governor that ate NJ says:

      As someone so eloquently wrote:

      Luke my azz…

      When a “9-7” team wins their division & makes the playoffs,
      beats a 10-6 team at home,
      beats the 15-1 top seed on the road,
      beats the 13-3 2nd seed on the road,
      and then beats the 13-3 top-seeded AFC champion (who just happen to have “the best QB” and “the best coach” in the game) at a neutral site, it might be stretching it a bit to think they “got lucky”.

      1. Christie: the Governor that ate NJ says:

        Luck not Luke….

        *I have to stop replying by phone….

    6. Sherry says:

      I AGREE 100 % WITH UGLYGAL. After seeing her picture for the first time today I can’t beleive that she’s a model and second of all I can’t beleive that Tom married her as he is 100% good looking. Maybe she has something that the eye can’t see.
      Maybe Tom will do better the second go around.

    7. Joan Serrano Russo says:

      Jerry, Well said..I am a die hard Jet’s Fan but I respect what you had to say..See you next year!!!

    8. righton says:

      The press is giving her EXACTLY what she wanted, ATTENTION! The focus should be on the “winners” not the “losers.”

  2. Bee says:

    Did she thank the Ravens 2 weeks ago for the “infamous” dropped pass in the end zonr sealing the Pats ticket to the SUperbowl ??? Tables turned…

    1. James Foye says:

      What a B*****. Not surprising though. I am sure that will win over more of the players that already hate Brady. Of course, she might also add that it might have been a heck of a lot easier for Welker to catch the friggin ball if it had been thrown at him instead of behind him and over his head. He usually makes that catch, but its one difficult catch to make.

      1. Barry Newman says:

        what do you expect from a good looking lady with no class.She does not even know what a football is. When she is a few years older and not as good looking who will she blame for not being as good looking as she is now.
        Looks do not make brains and that shows thru. Does she not realize how talented you have to be to catch a football thrown at you wihen others are trying to prevent you from catching it? No one likes to loose. To yell at them just is a low class thing to do. Grow up. Marry a plumber who can give you a 20mm house. You make a lot on your own. That will only go on for so long.

        1. jdmcg says:

          Please stop with the no class and saying that she does not know anything about football. How do yo know what she knows? And until you do, please stop.

          1. Robert Cuillo says:

            Thats all shes good for

          2. Ed says:

            Yeah she showed at lot of class didn’t she. A real show of a good loser

        2. donna says:

          I think Gisele said that remark in a fit of frustration. She was defending Tom when people were blaming him. After every game, Tom takes the podium and takes responsibility for any mistakes. I have never seen or heard any reports that Gisele has ever made any comments about players or bad games so give the girl a break. She is a lucky girl, married to a super hot guy, and makes loads of money….people are just jealous that they are not in that situation.

          1. Marianne says:

            Correct! She was defending her husband from humiliating things being yelled at a most difficult time. She loves him and know how hard he works. He doesn’t ask of anyone anything he isn’t willing to do himself. I don’t think she was really angry at the receivers, but just trying to shut up the haters!

            1. donna says:

              You said it Marianne!!

            2. John says:

              I 100% agree. Bunch of low class hecklers yapping at her, and she’s the bad one? I don’t think so. I hope the hecklers get their just dues. Like a door slammed in their face. Something to shut their low class mouths. Hecklers are right up their with bullies. No need for it.

              1. Ryan says:

                Standing up for your husband doesn’t mean putting down his fellow teammates.

            3. Joseph Fornabaio says:

              Brady doesnt need a women to stand up for him regardless of who she is . He took care of business at the pres conference and taking the blame away from certain players. she needs to show some class in that type of situation. Tom needed to remind her you win as team you lose as a team nough said.

            4. Robert Cuillo says:

              That is no excuse for her to trash the receivers…Brady threw an interception and through the ball away causing intentional grounding…This was a TEAM LOSS…She is a jerk for what she said…No class but shes hot…I’m sure Brady is tired of the her by now anyway…He will be moving on to the BBP soon…

              1. Robert Cuillo says:


              2. donna says:

                Gisele didn’t critisize anyone in particular.. She just defended her husband by
                stating he can’t win the game by himself. He can only throw the ball and then it is out of his control what happens

        3. Gary Keyes says:

          You got it. She has no class. This “woman” wouldn’t even be at a football game if Brady wasn’t Brady but some ordinary guy.

          1. thatssomehonker says:

            she’d be working some futbol game and lving in the favella in Rio.

    2. Derbydoll says:

      Too bad the Pats couldn’t videotape opponenets’ practices anymore. That got them three superbowl wins. They don’t call him Belicheat for nothing.

      1. darth says:

        The only Superbowl wins they got was as a result of the cheating. Funny how they haven’t won one since.

        They cheated in the afc championship two weeks ago as well- Coach belicheat should have an asterisk next to his bust in the hall of fame- cheatingest coach in NFL history.

        1. Irving Small says:


          1. marykc4 says:

            can you mass holes ever lose with class
            bunch of sore losers

        2. donna says:

          What world do you live in???He’s one of the most winning coaches in history because he knows talent, makes the guys work hard and doesn’t put up with
          anyones boloney.

          1. massextinction says:

            enough from the rolly-polly trailer trash talk.

      2. SPYGATE says:

        Belicheat and the Cheatriots.

        Waaaaa Waaaa

        Now they all cry

        1. T says:

          Ah Paul, c’mon you sore loser. Why don’t you call Wes “Can’t catch the ball when it counts” Welker a as you say it a —-ing moron.

        2. Ryan T. says:

          This is why NY teams are hated throughout the US — the fans can’t be happy winning, they can only celebrate by getting in the losing teams’ fans faces and acting like clowns.
          No class at all. Did you see Green Bay fans flaming others last year? NOPE. Because they had CLASS. Something NYers will never EVER experience.
          Hate-on NYers, you’re all pathetic.

          1. OFACE says:

            Irving Small- If the location was illegal then it’s cheating. Don’t be a moron. If you are breaking rules like Bill the Cheater well then thats cheating isnt it? So all I have to say is Cry Baby Cry into he 150 million dollar purse. Sissy

          2. steve says:

            NY fans suck.

            1. Scott Mac Millan says:

              And How !!!!!

              1. JIM KOEHNE says:

                yo u are an ASSHOLE!! you know you what that is ?

          3. XLVINYG says:

            Its same thing anyone else would’ve said you act like were packers or niners fans beating people its a taunt at the ooo so great tom Brady if he was so good he would’ve made a easier pass to Wes he wasn’t under pressure got Sport center to assure u of that an Wes was wide open so what ifs Toms fault that pass fell incomplete ask any analist that pass was for Rob.G throw just for his height so watch what you know about Class

        3. Scott Mac Millan says:

          Who’s crying ? The Pats had a good run this year, the Gians did too. Brady had a good year, and his team is mostly young, there is a lot to look forward to, his wife was only standing by her man, not to mention what she said was true. Those are the breaks.

      3. trm48 says:

        Derbydoll, you’re just showing your ignorance with comments like that. You are a moron.

    3. Larry says:

      She needs to stay out of his business and keep her mouth shut. Neither he nor the Pats need a mouthy wife butting in where she doesn’t belong and creating dissention – just ask Kris Benson.

      1. Indy Anna says:

        Amen, Larry. This is his job not hers. Does he tell her how to walk down the runway? Athletes wives should remain loyal and quiet no matter what.

      2. mirted says:

        The article seem to report that a Giants fan taunted her, provoking the response.
        If that is the case, the fans, and those who would do the same thing, are classless trogs and she had every right to respond. If not, yes spouses should stay out of and above the fray. Fans comments are pretty much meaningless anyway and just an expression of spirit or frustration.

        1. Scott Mac Millan says:


    4. Estero says:

      Of course not, the lttle smurf Kraft, was high fiving everyone, but at the end he was desconsolate and crying…too sad..wait till next year

  3. Bryan Kuhns says:

    “Tom Brady’s supermodel wife watched helplessly as Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker dropped a wide-open chance to seal the deal on another Lombardi Trophy for New England.”
    Seal the deal??? Who writes this nonsense, if that catch was made it would not have sealed any deal. Welker drops a difficult pass to catch and they still can’t convert in the next 2 plays and this is the play that lost the game?? Bull%#@!

    1. twilliam says:

      The fans should not have taunted Giselle. Giselle should have kept her mouth shut. The defense should not have given up that long time consuming drive and Brady should not have grounded the ball on his first possession giving the Giants 2 points right out of the gate and on and on and on…its a sixty minute game and almost all of them count.

    2. Kevin Pearson says:

      Did you not watch the game? Dropping that ball stopped the clock and would have eaten another 40 seconds off the clock and would have given the Patriots a first down and a new set of down to run even more time off the clock.

  4. Mark says:

    Hey Andy, I’m a New Yorker that didn’t and won’t vote for Obama. We don’t all “suck”. Stop being a sore loser. The better team won yesterday. It was a good game, not great. Who knows what happens next time they meet.

  5. Stephen Green says:

    Never mind whether or not ‘girls’ know anything about football. The Pats just ‘sucked’ big time once again… Their time is past. And I think that a lot of changes
    are long overdue in Patriots country. As a fan I’m hoping that these ‘changes’ will improve the teams performance in the playoffs

  6. eRtwngr (@eRtwngr) says:

    I’m a Pats fan but her husband committed a 9 point brain fart to open the game and then missed a wide open Wes Welker on the game clincher. It could have been caught but there was no need for a circus catch when the guy was that open.

  7. KW-37 says:

    I am glad that NY won only because it shut up the two announcers. All night long they praised Brady like he had already won the game. I started watching the game without caring who won or lost. But after 3 hours of listening to the announcers, I was firmly rooting for NY. Just announce the game you hacks!

    1. don says:

      ^^ This ^^. Thank goodness we won’t be subjected to Brady ballwashing all year .

    2. Estero says:

      I listened to the radio, more objectively narration

      1. EileenCG says:

        Consistently, radio commentary is far superior to any TV for any sporting event. I keep the TV on, shut off the sound, turn up the radio and listen to accurate, interesting and informed comments. Unbelievably refreshing!

  8. shrugged says:

    Gisele’s comments have about as much value as any of these . . .

    1. www user says:

      Stop making sense, you’re on te internet

    2. willford says:

      You and her need to S.T.F.U.

  9. BadPenny says:

    She was just defending her husband in the heat of the moment, you people really need to get a life. Stop being so jealous!

    1. don says:

      So, she defends her husband by whining and throwing his receivers under the bus. HAHA! Love it!

  10. rlroll2 says:

    Gisele Bundchen is absolutely right. I’m a college football fan and had no dog in this fight. Haven’t watched a Super Bowl in 20 years, but I tuned in for the last half of this one. Patriot receivers dropped at least six balls that hit them on the hands, ON THE HANDS. All of these came in critical situations. I thought both teams were well coached and played excellent football; both quarterbacks were exceptional and extremely accurate passers. But to suggest that the Patriot receivers are not to blame for the loss is absurd. With out Brady, at least based on the half I watched, its hard to image the Patriots being more than a .500 football team.

    1. Kevin Pearson says:

      Right. There were two drops that were painful to watch. But the play calling at that stage of the game was moronic.
      However, I thought the game was poorly executed. It looked like Brady could have picked up 6 yards running when he scrambled to the right but he threw to Gronkowski and it was intercepted. With 4 minutes to go and the ball, a running play or two or a short pass would have allowed the Pats to run the clock out.
      Belichek shot his team in the foot calling that challenge.

    2. Cheebaba says:

      The receivers did drop a lot of balls that could have been caught and should have been caught by players of their calibre. Stuff happens.

  11. notluf says:

    The receivers are PAID to CATCH footballs. It’s their job. They didn’t do their job.

  12. DomainDiva says:

    Gisele should call her husband either Tom or Thomas not the childish ‘Tommy’. That being said…..girlfriend needs to stay on the sidelines and refrain from commenting until she can perform as a wide receiver.

    1. John P. Squibob says:

      Maybe she already has performed as one, IYKWIMAITTYD.

      1. DomainDiva says:

        Such a rascal you are John P. 🙂

  13. Bob T. says:

    He shouldn’t have dumped Bridget Moynahan.

    1. BadPenny says:

      Bridget is a drunken hoe who thought she could trap Brady.

      1. Indy Anna says:

        BadPenny you are horrible. What a nasty and uncalled for comment. Must you sink to this low lever?

      2. Indy Anna says:

        BadPenny you are horrible. What a nasty and uncalled for comment. Must you sink to this low level?

    2. Michael says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Bridget’s a class act all the way. Gisele is just an obnoxious, self centered pig.

      1. BadPenny says:

        Bridget is a drunk, why do you think he dumped her. He was tired of showing up at function with her embarrassing him from being a lush! And she is so classy, when she knew the relationship was ending she got pregnant. That’s class. NOT!

        1. RB says:

          I love how she’s able to trap his sperm without him even knowing! It takes two to get pregnant in case you forgot. If the relationship is ending was he just throwing in a shot for the road?

          1. Indy Anna says:

            Boys! This is a football game we’re talking about not a personal attack on Bridget. Let’s just talk about the game and Giselle, who inserted herself into this game. This is no place to diss someone and make horrendous comments.

            1. Jessica says:

              I agree. Why attack Bridget at all? But I have to agree with Giselle. They didn’t do their damn job. And no I am not a football player, but as long as I purchase game tickets, sports memorabilia, or whatever item that sales in support of that organization, I can say what I want. I also feel as long as the media feels they have a right to comment on anything pertaining to Giselle from her hairstyle to the shoes on her feet, she can say what she wants.

      2. Donna says:

        do you know either of these ladies???? You can’t judge a book by its cover.
        Just because Gisele makes so much money….doesn’t make her obnoxious.
        I think your jealousy is showing. Nothing wrong with Bridgett either….Tom apparently didn’t love her enough

  14. jasonsargonauts says:

    morons. Brady’s pass was perfect, even though it needed a good catch. If he would have thrown it in stride or to the numbers the safety was sliding in for an easy interception. Yes, good throw, 999 times of a thousand Welker catches it. It was a good game. Giants made more plays. let it go there!

    1. Tomas says:

      No it wasn’t, what game were you watching?

      1. Kevin Pearson says:

        Agreed. The play calling sucked in the fourth quarter. That challenge cost the Patriots a time out. Brady didn’t lose them the game. Belichek did.

  15. ng says:

    Lose the 1970’s porn mustache. This is not the “biggest moment of your life” anyway. If it is, you may need to get out more often. Just view it as a bad day at work. Come back next year and finish the job. Kudos to Indy for a great time. We came from Jersey and loved the city.

  16. don says:

    She can just STFU. If it weren’t for a dropped pass, the Ravens would have been playing instead of the Cheatriots. Dropped passes as well as interceptions are a huge part of the game. Sheesh.

    1. ryan T. says:

      The Ravens player was STRIPPED — he didn’t drop it. And Giselle has every right to protect herself from obnoxious, classless NYers. Kudos to her for standing up to those morons.
      BTW, 2007 called, they want you to stop using the well-worn “Cheatriots” non-joke. Fool.

      1. don says:

        Oh, go cry someplace else. The Patriots got caught cheating and were even fined for it. Too bad they didn’t get their Championships “stripped” away. Cheaters shouldn’t be rewarded.

  17. Who is John Galt says:

    HA HA

    1. Garr Obo says:

      Too bad baby, you can’t have it all. You’ll have to just make it with a skinny ass and a famous quarterback.

  18. Florida Jim says:

    Receivers drop passes and receivers catch tough passes Quarterbacks put the ball in excellent catching positions and poor catching positions success or failure is very close on each play. Brady is great Welker is great but they did not connect on that critical play and both are destitute, for a while.

    1. BadPenny says:

      Great post! Not every game can be their game to shine. Both teams made mistakes, Giants made fewer mistakes this game and won. All in all it was a great game and I was glad it ended when it did because I’m not sure my heart could have taken much more.

      1. Jessica says:

        So glad it’s over! LOL!

  19. JamesD says:

    That was very rude of the fan to address her like that and ought to be ashamed.

    1. Geez says:

      The fan was probably drunk from Jersey, cheering for New York, dissing Boston while puking in Indianapolis.

  20. HTuttle says:

    Said the woman who poses for a living.

    1. Hugh says:

      Says the woman who became famous because of her genetics, something none of us had control over. She conveniently forgets to mention the OBVIOUS pass interference non call that got the Patriots the ball back to begin with.

      1. BadPenny says:

        What about the facemask call Giants werent called on? Stop whining about the refs, all and all they made good calls, far better then previous games leading up to this game.

        1. darth says:

          or the patriots face mask that they weren’t called on- get over it. Or how about the Patriots holding on every pass play? get over it. I wasn’t rooting for either team but was rooting against the cheatriots.

  21. Ted Gasmen says:

    Just goes to show you all the money in the world can’t buy you CLASS. Btw, that “catch” wasn’t exactly routine. Also don’t forget the ‘too many men’ penalty early in the game which if the Pats weren’t guilty of this rare penalty would have resulted in a fumble recovery. Instead, the Giants scored a TD and went up 9-0. That was HUGE !!

  22. her fault they lost says:

    that leaked email about brady needing prayers for more confidence. that’s what did it. that’s why they lost. she should take full responsibility for the team losing. IT WAS COMPLETELY HER FAULT.
    signed, tommy.

    1. donna says:

      Tommy, I don’t know if you really believe that or are just trying to get a rise but if you really think that her email or her faith was responsible for the game loss you need HELP!!

  23. brady lost says:

    Both of the drops were awful throws. The throw to welker was to the outside instead of in stride and he had to turn backwards across his body. Should he have caught it…maybe, but if it had been an accurate throw, definitely. The 2nd drop on the last drive was way behind the receiver. He had to slide and turn backwards to even make an effort at it. The infamous Brady!! Sometimes you have to be accurate and not blame your recievers.

  24. was it me? says:

    …you would have thought that tommy boy was walkin’ on water the way the two announcers were talkin’ about him all during the game. i swear, i had to turn the sound off and listen to the radio commentator. it was disgusting. like two homers rootin’ for their boy.

    1. donna says:

      That’s the media’s fault not Tom Brady. The hype that this game had for the last two weeks was tooooo much. What they say is THEIR opinion. I’m sure New York media is the same about Eli. People put athletes on a pedestal and forget they are just human beings who are capable of having good games and everyone loves them and then they make a blunder and curse them. How boring it would be if they were all perfect?

  25. Tom Genin says:

    Welker could’ve caught the ball, but Giselle, if Eli threw it, it would have been totally behind him making him twist like a cork to even get a hand on it.

    Your hubby’s accuracy wasn’t all that.

    1. Aaron Coleman says:

      On Hernandez it was but I blame Brady not welker. He had to fly in the air, ball was over thrown

  26. DAVID RIBARIC says:


  27. Anna says:

    Maybe she forgets that Welker and Hernandez were instrumental in getting those 17 points on the board in the first place.

    1. darth says:

      maybe she forgets that if it weren’t for Eelker and Hernandez the pats probably wouldn’t have even been in the playoffs let alone the super bowl.

  28. matinva says:

    Someone needs to tell her it’s a GAME!! A game at which her husband excels and gets paid MILLIONS!! Any criticism should be leveled at her hair dresser, not Pats receivers.

    1. Marilyn Dimaggio says:

      Its a game that helps put food on her table. They are in no danger of starving true, but its his income. The receivers deserved this they sucked. This was not a super bowl team, pats did what they do best, choke.

      1. zombieguy2003 says:

        as much as Tom makes, she actuallly makes more than him….

        1. Ryan T. says:

          Giselle B. is a BILLIONAIRE, idiot.

  29. Rob says:

    She’s honestly not really wrong here. There were way too many drops at crucial points.

  30. st.kevin says:

    That receiver was too small to make that catch. Had he been a few inches taller, NE would have won.

  31. Jerrypfree says:

    Who to heck would be dumb enough to heckle her after a tough loss like that?

  32. NVRAT says:

    The only thing I can say here is ..Until the spectators are in the shoes of the players and have to perform under extreme pressure they cannot complain. This day was the NY Giants day and, Eli and his team just done it better under pressure than the Patriots plain and simple.

    1. Marilyn Dimaggio says:

      Exactly! Well said.

    2. VA says:

      Boo Hoo for Brady. He’ll just have to go home to his mansion with his supermodel wife, roll around in all his money and sulk.

    3. cogniopak says:

      This is the new version of “THE BRADY BUNCH”.

    4. COGNIPAK says:

      In the 4th quarter, I turned off the TV and listened to the radio broadcast and
      learned that the radio had the plays on just before the snap of the ball. The call was
      done before the NBC showed the plays. Does NBC have a 3 second delay of the

      1. zombieguy2003 says:

        there is usually some delay between radio and tv and even between HD and standard definition tv there is a delay, its not NBC. The signal takes time to go through everywhere it does before it gets to your tv.

    5. THC says:

      hahahaha Stay Classy Gisele

      if Tom would of thrown the ball like Eli had last night, possibly Welker would of caught it.

    6. Phillyfreeze69 says:

      Wes Welker dropped pass was a crucial play but did’nt cost the Patriots the game. You win as a team and you lose as a team.

    7. Donna says:


    8. billy says:

      ass holes should have left her alone… their team won the game …wasnt that enough ? they had to rip into giselle ? douchbags…and with 4 minutes to go and the pats were winning 17 to 15 with 4 minutes to go …the giants were in NO WAY dominating the game…even though pats defense wasnt ranked as high as giants..pats defense kept giants from scoring ! by the way i love the pats but this time the pats beat the pats with dropped passes,12 men on the field,grounding,etc….if it wasnt for those MISTAKES pats would have won the game…giants didnt beat the pats ….pats beat the pats….hopefully next year a better season for my patriots !

    9. Dan says:

      maybe Brady’s wife should look at the first play her hubby had. A 45 yard safety is what lost the game not wes or the the rest of the team. Brady cant get it the Giants out of his head and that why they lost. Time to replace Tom Brady.

    10. donna says:

      Thats very true….the game could have gone either way. I’m a Pats fan but cudos to Eli and we will be back!!!

    11. Gary Keyes says:

      You said it!

    12. judy says:

      The NY teams have some of the rudest players and fans so I can understand Gisele was hurt and frustrated at the comments that she heard after the game, but if she’s gong to be married to one of football’s great quarterbacks, she’s going to have to learn to roll with the punches and zip her lip in public. Now, not only did her huband and his team lose the Super Bowl, but she has embarrassed him by her actions. Tom’s a decent guy and in no way blames his teammates for anything, as he said in his press conference. You win and lose as a team.

    13. Ted G says:

      I think she was wrong snapping like that but so were the jackass New York fans Tom Brady has been nothing but class and to test the frustration level of his wife shows how little class they have. When you win, Win like Champions and when you lose, lose like Champions. New York fans have very little class but what would you expect. Tom was right the entire team could have done something more to win I just hope the fan or fans that shouted out those comments enjoyed themselves because they attacked someone not even playing the game way to go New York…

  33. frikitiki says:

    Who cares if she’s a billionaire? She should probably just keep her mouth shut and count the numerous blessings that she already has. These people who live these charmed lives need to be knocked down a few pegs on a regular basis. There should be balance in the universe. Hubby and her will get over it and perhaps they will build some character to boot.

    1. BadPenny says:

      Jealous much? Because you sure do sound like it in your little rant.

    2. dwalk says:

      Class envy on your part. What did she say that wasn’t true?

    3. zombieguy2003 says:

      Why do you say she has a charmed life? Why does everyone think that people with money got plucked out of thin air and did absolutely nothing to earn it? Well. except for the Kardashians. I’m not saying she has the toughest job in the world but it is work to maintain your looks and when your image sells magazines, and clothes, and perfume that generates billions, then yes you are going to get paid. Same with Tom, his playing fills stadiums, sells merchandise and generates hundreds of millions and being a footbal player is a lot of work and dedication. Don’t knock people because they get paid and paid well.

  34. ricardo maxwell says:

    SO Brady and Gisele and not class acts. Brady is so full of himself and Gisele is too. Glad Giants won. Of course Tebow has more class than either of the Bradys will ever have. And Eli showed that he is worthy of the name Manning!

  35. Nick says:

    Let’s be real. She didn’t seek this guy out. Someone was talking trash and she responded. Wouldn’t you want your spouse to do the same?

    1. ricardo maxwell says:


    2. Anthony Cavalea IV says:

      Yes. I agree 100%

    3. DB says:

      A classy person would have shrugged it off.

      1. BadPenny says:

        Jealousy is so unbecoming.

    4. sb46 says:

      No. A real man stays stoic, strong and silent and walks away while the tiny man keeps running his mouth and getting more irate due to the strong man’s silence. Don’t you ever watch James Bond movies?

    5. don says:

      Not by throwing my co-workers under the bus, no.

  36. David Carr says:

    at least I have a Super Bowl ring now…

  37. beegee1970 says:

    Curious! Tommy threw an INT late in the game. Was that the defenses fault for catching it? Who cares! Tommy Brady sucks!

  38. Dave says:

    enough said they lost again and as Donnie Walberg said last night The better team won its just that simple, And Frankly I think the players on the pats are fully aware of there mistakes they don’t need them pointed out by someone who walks a runway,But I understand her frustration as well

  39. Eli says:

    what do girls know about football???

  40. Jack says:

    This story will not be picked-up on every station as it puts negative light on the minors that dropped the ball and could spell ‘fix’. So, the NFL will issue its notorious ‘copyright’ of even mentioning anything having to do with ‘NFL’.
    All of the players jobs, btw, are controlled through ‘creative license’ which means the owners hire whom they think will work better for them and not the players with the best stats in college.
    Cant have merit hiring now can we? Sound familiar?

  41. brad says:

    she needs to run a comb through that nasty hair

  42. andy says:

    I was upset NY won. New Yorkers have to be some of the dumbest people on the planet, constantly voting for demoncrats who raise their taxes higher than the Empire State Bldg. They also voted for obama, which is worse. NY sucks. NYkers suck.

    1. Willis says:

      Because sports franchises and their players, the players who are from everywhere across the USA, they are all to blame for how the majority of their fan base votes in elections. Right.

    2. tankette says:

      And New Englander’s don’t keep putting dems into office that raise their taxes….give me a break.

      1. andy says:

        Yes, they do. The entire NE is a bunch of kooks and nutcases. Go South.

    3. proud ny'r says:


    4. Who is John Galt says:

      Hmmmm you do realize Massachusetts is the most liberal state in the Union? Ted Kennedy..Obama, Kerry, Barney Freaking Frank….get a grip….

    5. truth2power says:

      Boston is more democrat than NY. Outside of NYC, there is a lot of republican dominated areas of the state. If you eliminate the corrupt unions and handouts, then NYC would be Repuiblican like San Diego. This happens when the working poor realize that they pay so much in state taxes in order to fund public sector employees pensions, which are 48% those of the private sectors’. Soon they then ask, “Why the fu-k am I paying so much for this guy’s benefits when I don’t have enough to save for myself?” Then right-to-work legislation passes, unions die and democrats will taper off. It’s happening all over the country. Sadly, not fast enough though.

    6. Derbydoll says:

      Don’t suppose you’ve ever been in New England, where every state is blue and liberals rule.

  43. Geoff says:

    Why is some tough guy messing with the QB’s wife anyway? Should have gotten the tazer!!!

    1. A "Going Postal" Worker says:

      Geoff – no argument from me on that. Was not cool to get in her face like that.

      However, what is with Gisele’s stupid comments? Does she even understand NFL rules? While she certainly has the face of an angel, she seems to have the I.Q. of a twig.

      What is it with quarterbacks who have hot blond spouses who seem to “jinks” them (Brady, Tony Romo, etc.)?

  44. DigitalMD says:

    You are paid to make plays so make the plays or accept the blame. new England should not have been in the super bowl if the Baltimore receivers and kicker made their plays. The SM is right…………..

  45. Madonna says:

    Brutal! I don’t think football players take advice from supermodels. Especially such as Giselle.

  46. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    I’d like to see her do any better.

    1. BadPenny says:

      The way half that team played last night, I bet she could. Heck, I bet my 5 year old could.

  47. Jeff says:

    She was angry and responding to a fan who was trying to mess with her. It’s not like she called them out in a press conference or something.

    Nothing wrong, nor newsworthy, about this.

  48. sololo59 says:

    NY Giants rule. Gigi I am sorry! You have no business interfering between Tom and his co-worker

  49. karen wells says:

    Supermodels should kbe seen and not heard. Signed a Pats fan!

    1. A "Going Postal" Worker says:

      Well said.

  50. MIKE says:


    1. ally says:

      she’s also a billionaire. so i guess she’s dumb and much richer than you’ll ever be.

      1. Giselle Bundchens Poosey says:

        She is a multi-millionaire, not a billionaire. And she got that way not because she is smart but because of her looks. Like all super models she is dumb as two short planks. She is also spoilt thinking that because her “tommy” was playing the Pats should be handed the title. The Pats were lucky to even be in the Super Bowl considering the Ravens dropped the winning touchdown AND botched a tying field goal in the AFC championsip game. Finally, are you so vacuous and shallow to think that just because she is richer than Mike, she is better? She proves time and again money does not buy class, refinement or intelligence.

        1. Who Care?!? says:

          Maybe she realized how dumb she really is so made the smart decision to make money off of her looks and not her brain. So, is she dumb or is she smart?

        2. BadPenny says:

          She is a mulit-millionaire who was smart enough to invest her money and be far more successful then any model has ever been! The woman is far from stupid but then again, what else could a fat ugly person skank say when they are jealous? Get a life ya skank loser!

          1. Giselle Bundchens Poosey says:

            You post numerous comments defending some skank super model who got her money soley on her looks and her nonnyburger and you tell others to get a life???? *YOU* are the loser, balloonknot. You sound like one of those Pats fans who thought this was going to be a coronation but it turned out to be another loser effort. Now poor Tommy has to be defended by his wifey because he is so sad. She is a dope in every sense of the word. No wonder you like her-birds of a feather.

            1. Kevin Pearson says:

              If she was a dope, she would have spent all the money that she has earned because of her looks on cocaine or something else. She got her money becasue of her looks and her connections, but it takes at least some brains to not lose it all.

              1. Giselle Bundchens Poosey says:

                Actually it doesn’t. She has management which invests the money. That is probably too difficult a concept for you to understand. Even a cretin like Britaney Spears has lots of money after all her issues because of management.

            2. Kevin Pearson says:

              She is at least intelligent enough to speak more than one language, which I would bet is more than be said of you.

              1. Giselle Bundchens Poosey says:

                How would you know considering you cannot even make any cogent points in English? You are essentially an ignorant, apologist, fanBOYO who is getting beyotchslapped. Face it the Pats lost. Go back to Beantown and pray the Red Sox finish ahead of Balitimore, loser.

                1. Topher10 says:

                  Hey Bee,
                  That wasn’t a dropped pass in the end zone with the Ravens, that was a great play when he STRIPPED the ball out of his hands. Learn the difference. By the way, the Giants wouldn’t have been in this game if they hadn’t had a little luck on their part too.

                  1. Giselle Bundchens Poosey says:

                    Doesn’t matta cracka, the dude still dropped the ball-stripped or not and the Pats got lucky there. They also got lucky when the Ravens missed an easy field goal. Every team gets lucky, the good ones use it to their advantage. That’s why the GIANTS won.

    2. Hank says:

      You might want to try spelling her name correctly. She can probably spell the word cat; I suspect that might be a challenge for you.

    3. BadPenny says:

      She is actually extremely intelligent but I am guessing your wife looks like a buffoon and you are just extremely jealous!

    4. Kevin Pearson says:

      She is from Brazil, so you cannot compare her to the products of the teachers union run public education system here.

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