89-Year-Old Stanley Rosenfeld Of Hewitt Given 7 For His Service

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — World War II ended nearly seven decades ago, but on Monday Stanley Rosenfeld got a long overdue thank you.

CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff was in East Meadow with the exclusive story.

Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy presented 89-year-old Rosenfeld of Hewlett with seven medals, including three bronze service stars for active battles.

Like so many others Rosenfeld returned from World War II anxious to get on with what he had missed.

“Get a job, get married, and get on with my life,” he said.

“The medal didn’t mean anything to them at that point,” added Rep. McCarthy.

Rosenfeld had survived three serious Pacific battles. In one, his troop ship was being fired on by kamikaze pilots and he was ordered to man a two-man gun alone.

Esther Bogei, Rosenfeld’s partner, described the incident.

“He asked ‘what do I do?’ Aim and fire, aim and fire, and he did,” Bogei said.

Rosenfeldlost much of his hearing in battle, but returned with more than many others — his life.

Years later it took a magnifying glass to old yellowed discharge papers to discover that he was entitled to a host of medals, but by then his records had been destroyed in an Army fire.

Members of Congress have been vouching for veterans like Rosenfeld.

“These people did serve in the military. They are deserving of the medals,” Rep. McCarthy said.

Now, in their twilight years, World War II veterans like Rosenfeld realize that their war medals, which have no monetary worth, may just be their most valued possession.

“I’m very proud of my father. He’s been a terrific father, and a great role model,” said his daughter, Lynda Rosenfeld.

Congresswoman McCarthy said that we are quickly losing our World War II veterans.

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  1. a. baron says:

    Rosenfeld.. Congradulation on finally getting your metals.. Long overdue..
    A World War II Vet ….85 year old now.. A. Baron

  2. A. BARON says:

    Dan Carter.. I am a World War II Vet.. your comments are SICK

  3. Mark Ornelas says:

    It’s good to see Mr Rosenfeld get what was long overdue. Thanks go out to Rep. McCarthy also for recognizing that these veterans deserve these tokens for there service. I too had a Father that was in four major battles in the Pacific theater that lost his medals, once for having his ship blown out from under him. I tried in vain to get replacement medals for him before he died, but ran into all sorts of red tape with the Navy. All the people of that era are looking for as they grow older is that part of there youth that was lost. Whats so hard for the government (that they fought for) to understand that these tokens (Medals) are something that they can hold onto with pride during the twilight of there lives. Mark O – Sussex, Wi.

  4. flagmarshal says:

    My father’s records were lost in that same fire and I’d truly love to get them today. We’ve got (most of) his medals and record of the major actions he took part in, plus some mementos of Divisional history books and some of the Vmail he sent home.
    Thanks to Mr. Roselfeld and all veterans for their service.

    1. BRH says:

      My grandfather was in the Army during WWII, and was wondering how i would go about getting info on where he was and what he did. He never talked about it to any of us including my dad and his siblings.

  5. Kudos to Stanley Rosenfeld says:

    Hello There, Mr. Rosenfeld, Please accept my hearty thank you for the bravery of your actions during WWII. I am so pleased to see that you have received your long overdue medals, you should wear them with pride! It is thanks to you and all of the brave soldiers who fought that we enjoy our many freedoms today! Rich Moore, Roslyn Heights, NY

  6. great generation says:

    Thanks for the service as well, but I wouldn’t brag about the pig-part. Capiche.

  7. Capt. Bill's Daughter says:

    thank you mr rosenfeld for your service. it is never too late to appreciate what you and your family sacrificed. dad was in the navy at the end of ww2 and later 30+ yrs in nypd.. he is 12 years into alzheimer’s, and although he doesn’t recognize his children, sometimes he is back in the pacific with very vivid recollections. we are losing the heroes of america’s greatest generation at an alarming rate. thanks rep mccarthy for helping get his just awards. i am sorely tempted to find dad’s discharge papers to see if he may have been entitled to something.

    1. great generation says:

      Sorry, no disrespect to Stanley. The comment was meant for Bill.

      Thanks for the service as well, but I wouldn’t brag about the pig-part. Capiche.

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