Donohue: No Length Of Time Will Make Catholics 'Prostitute Their Convictions'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The White House was on the run Tuesday as the controversy over requiring Catholic institutions to provide birth control to their employees erupted on the campaign trail.

President Barack Obama’s press secretary, Jay Carney, was on the hot seat yet again over a provision of the health care bill that will force Catholic schools, hospitals and charities to pay for birth control pills, morning after pills and other forms of contraception for their employees, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

“The president is committed to making sure that all women have access to these important preventive services,” Carney said. “Let’s be clear, the rule does not require any individual or institution to provide contraception. It requires coverage for women who work there of different faiths.”

The White House is trying desperately to quiet inflamed Catholic leaders, who are threatening to use the power of their 70 million voices at the voting box, by saying that negotiations will be on-going during the next 18 months.

Hogwash say church leaders.

“What matters is whether Catholic institutions must pay for services that are contrary to Catholic teachings,” said Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League. “Similarly, it is unpersuasive to say Catholic entities have 18 months to work things out. Who gave the administration a stop watch to measure how long it takes for Catholic organizations to prostitute their convictions?”

Meanwhile, the issue is gaining traction on the campaign trail. Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney blasted the president and sided with Catholics and members of other religious groups.

“This is a violation of conscience. We must have a president who is willing to protect America’s first right: a right to worship God,” Romney said.

Romney said that if elected he will eliminate the rule on his first day in office. Both Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum also attacked the administration policy Tuesday.

Meanwhile, sources told Kramer top religious leaders have a meeting Wednesday to firm up their strategy for fighting the president.

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  1. retired military says:

    If obama thinks the Catholic Church will back down from this issue he is sadly mistaken.

    ““if Catholic hospitals
    and schools get federal tax money ,then abortion legal laws should be
    upheld.” SO ON POINT It’s about time the Catholic Church chit or get off the pot!

    The Church’s answer to this statement is simple. Close all Catholic hospitals and pull funding from any hospitals and clinics which provide abortions. If Obama wants to fight that fight than let him. The ones hurting will be the poor.

    If abortion was against the Muslim faith than you would see this issue go away in a heartbeat.

  2. Mary says:

    um, is it just me or does it seem really strange that on the cbs news they have females interviewing men about the men’s opinions on health care coverage for the pill? So far, I haven’t seen a single female interviewed about this issue…

    I keep waiting for the female interviewers to ask the men “So, this impacts you because you are taking the pill? No? Oh right, yeah you’re male. Wait this impacts you because you don’t think health insurance should cover ME, your mother, or your wife or your daughter, taking the pill, is that right? So, if your daughter or my daughter grows up and becomes a doctor or nurse and works at a religiously affiliated hospital, her employer should be able to decline coverage of MY DAUGHTER taking the pill? Is that right?”

    Seriously, can’t they ask some relevant questions?

    1. Dave says:

      Are you trying to say that men don’t use contraception or get sterilized? This isn’t just about women like you all like to portray it. It is about men as well, and it is right for men to have a say in this as well. Contraception and sterilization has nothing to do with women’s health. It is an elective that prevent pregnancy. Do you know what else prevents pregnancy? Abstinence. Women and men should think more of themselves and be able to control or limit when they are going to have sex to when they are able to accept the possible consequences of their decision to have sex.

  3. BF says:

    Lynn, “hypocracy” is spelled “h-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y”. Catholic School taught me that.

  4. MBA says:

    Conservatives just love to make sure if women get pregnant that
    they have to carry that unwished for baby to term or go the back alley
    route which murdered women in the 1960’s how soon we forget.
    If Catholics don’t wish to abort ,that’s their business if Catholic hospitals
    and schools get federal tax money ,then abortion legal laws should be
    upheld. Let’s not punish women cause they alone get pregnant ,even by “an

    1. wow says:

      “if Catholic hospitals
      and schools get federal tax money ,then abortion legal laws should be
      upheld.” SO ON POINT It’s about time the Catholic Church chit or get off the pot!

      1. Bishop Len Brennan says:

        These organizations are non-profit, the Federal tax payer money they get goes to the greater good of the public. If not for them,city hospitals would be over-run, city colleges would have to turn kids away for lack of room. Don’t act like the government and the public gets no benefit from their partnership with the Church.

        1. Tridentinum says:

          Leftists don’t care about reality, your Excellency.

          1. Voltairetoday says:

            The Bishop avoids the point” catholic hospitals and schools get tax payer money and there are ramifications to accepting those dollars. I Catholic hospitals can’t make ends meet, they can ask parishioners to donate more–and maybe sell off a few properties

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