NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Details are being released of an audit of the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey ordered by both governors.

WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman On The Story

The Port Authority is so mismanaged, says the auditor, it needs a top to bottom overhaul.

The audit says employee benefits are excessive and costs are out of control, especially those at the World Trade Center site. $4 billion has been tacked on to that bill in the last four years.

There’s no argument from the Port Authority’s new chairman, David Samson.

“The agency has clearly suffered from a lack of consistent leadership. There have been more than ten executive directors over the past ten years,” said Samson. “This is a diagnosis of a complicated set of issues that needs to be solved.”

Samson says the push to get the 9/11 Memorial site open on time was a big reason for the spike in costs there.

“To ensure we met our commitment to open the memorial on time for the tenth anniversary, that commitment played a key role in the escalation of these costs,” he said.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb With Mayor Bloomberg

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg begs to differ.

“I don’t think the cost for the memorial or the museum are higher, basically, than what was originally envisioned and, in fact, at one point we had an agreement with the Port Authority, they asked us to raise some more money and we did that and a lot more on top of that,” said Bloomberg.

But the audit points to engineering changes that had to be made to other parts of the site to beat the deadline.

But Bloomberg did add the following: “Can you imagine if America couldn’t have come up with a memorial by the tenth anniversary, I would suggest the press would have had a field day. It would have gone on and on. It would have been embarrassment around the world. New York had to deliver. The Port Authority had to deliver.”

Bloomberg also said the whole site is perhaps the most complex construction project in the history of the world.

The audit was ordered by Gov. Chris Christie and Gov. Andrew Cuomo following toll and fare hikes enacted by the agency.

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  1. NOne Of Your Business says:

    How many overpaid (at taxpayers’ expense, of course) auditors/consultants does it take to figure out what everyone already knows: government agencies are challenged and dysfunctional.

  2. Robert says:

    The Port Authority is targeting out of state license plates for extra income. On 11-28-2011 I received two tickets. One for running a cash only toll @ GWB (have cash reciept) and an expired parking meter. (have parking reciept showing the time which did not expire). Two tickets – same day – what are the chances? I think that this should be investigated. My guess is they are targeting out of state plates because who would come back to fight them? Well unfortunately 4 them I live in NY, Westchester county has well as RI – so I can fight them. Scheduled hearing for both…. well surprisingly enough they cancelled the tickets. You tell me.

    1. Rugbyball says:

      You GO BOY!

  3. RoyBoySays says:

    How many annual audits have to be done,before the two”GOVERNOR”S” take some action.There is historical mismanagement at the Authority,and every audit reveals the same problems,but never a solution is accomplished,just more of the same………….and more Political rhetoric,to go with it !

  4. joe the palmer says:

    how much did the croney auditer`s get paid? and how many audit`s will there be?. who decide`s the billion`s in private contract`s to yet more pollitically connected privitazation schemes ? sorry for more question`s than comment`s .

  5. VY says:

    The entire operations of the PA needs to be cleaned out, office by office, facility to facility, to find the waste and over compensated employees and cut staff to minimum necessary levels, cut excessive benefits, and cut all perks not paid for by private industry.
    The PA is an absolute failure.
    The Pa is the worst airport operator there has ever been.
    LGA Airport is a giant disgrace.
    It’s an absolute discusting pig of an airport.
    Rather than have EZ Pass only lanes at the parking lots at the airports, they insist on staffing all open lanes, even if all you do is hand your EZPass to the fee taker.
    Why do you need people doing the job a machine should be doing, like on the toll roads?
    Who is being paid off to keep all those people working?
    The major cost over run at the WTC sight is that the planners of the PA missed a design flaw in the plans that left out, or mis-scheduled the building of truck loading docks, requiring and expensive work-around to bypass and then fix the problem.
    The PA never built the mandated Freight Rail Tunnel between NJ and Brroklyn or Queens, as was required in their original operating charter.

  6. Steven says:

    but weren’t the toll hikes authorized by both govs? So they ordered an audit yet still went ahead with the increase?

    1. Amused but not misled says:

      AAA Is suing to roll back toll increases. They did not get immediate roll back, but suit is continuing.

      The Law says the tolls are to be used to funs that road or bridge. Not anything these clowns feels like spending it on.

      They blame the head like one person will change it all. REDICULOUS! It’s an organization wth no financial responsiblilty. Theirs incompetence quanders money on an epic scale.

      Look at how long these imbeciles took just to start the construction? A Feakin decade and millions lost in rent every singe month it’s empty.

      So PA goes back to the usual well and screws the Bridge and Tunnel people to pay for its own monumental fiascos of incompenetence.

      Lose the lot of them- not just the boss. That’s rediculous. It’s a culture of indifference and incompetence.

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