Contraception Issue Just Won't Die Down, Much To White House's Chagrin

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There was a sharp rebuke Wednesday from Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan that put even more pressure on the president to calm a widening election year uproar. The issue at hand was the president’s insistence that Catholic institutions provide free birth control to their employees.

Dolan came to the South Bronx to bless a library, but he had no blessings — just harsh words — for President Barack Obama, who wants Catholic institutions to pay for birth control, the morning after pill and other services for people who work for them.

“The federal government should do what it’s traditionally done since July 4, 1776, namely back out of intruding into the internal life of a church,” Dolan told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

The leader of the New York Archdiocese picked up support from Speaker John Boehner, who said either Obama reverses the policy or the House will.

“The federal government has drifted dangerously beyond its constitutional boundaries. This attack by the federal government on religious freedom in our country must not stand and will not stand,” Boehner said.

The attacks left the White House foundering. It wants to find some way to calm Catholic opposition, but will not back down on the policy, itself.

“I want to be clear today that the commitment to insuring the women have access to these important health care services remains very strong,” Press Secretary Jay Carney said.

And there are many others who are falling into line behind the president, including New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg, reports CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

“The power to decide whether or not to use contraception lies with a woman, not her boss,” Sen. Gillibrand said.

“It’s time to tell those Republicans mind you’re own business,” Sen. Lautenberg said.

It has been suggested that one avenue of compromise could include granting leeway for a church-related organization not to cover birth control, but refer employees to another insurer that will provide the coverage.

Dolan would not comment on that proposal but said, “I would welcome the fact that officials of the government are saying we need to rethink that.”

The Catholic Church is still developing its strategy on how to deal with the issue. Dolan met Wednesday with members of the Catholic League and other organizations. Sources told Kramer a massive march on Washington is one of the possibilities.

The issue has also exploded on the campaign trail and in Washington. Carney made the unusual move of calling Mitt Romney by name, charging it is “ironic” for him to be against the policy, since as Massachusetts governor he presided over a similar one.

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  1. jorge lavanderia says:

    Stop referring to this as being about birth control. Obama and his ilk include early abortions under “birth control.” A critical journalist worth his salt would do some research and point this out. That’s part of his job. What a buch of hack “journalists” recycling Obama talking points.

    Birth control my eye. It’s about mainstreaming abortion by calling it birth control. They know that if they called it what it is, not only Catholics would be offended. But they call it “birth control” and everyone yawns.

    They came for the Catholics and I said nothing because I’m no stupid Catholic anti-birth control nut.

    Then they came for me and there was no one to speak up.

  2. littleleers says:

    This is an attack by Obama & Co. on our freedom of religion. I believe in contraception, but it is not a health care right and we, the people, should not have to pay for someone else’s contraception or the morning after pill. Next, it will be Jewish hospitals and facilities being forced to serve ham and bacon, or evangelicals being forced to marry same sex couples. Where does it end? It must end here and now, with Obama being backed into a corner and voted out in Nov. 2012! I am an evangelical Christian and I stand side-by-side with my Catholic brothers and sisters.

    1. Mike says:

      You don’t have to use the contraceptions. Quit your complaining and do something more meaningful with your life.

      1. Barry Grossman says:

        Sure, you don’t have to murder or rape someone, but it’s okay if someone else does it. That is, in essence, what your first sentence said due to the fact that contraception, like murder and rape, is inherently wrong. Therefore, it is the responsibility of not only the Church, but every human being on this earth, to campaign for the ending of contraception as surely as every civilization in the world has done about rape and murder.

        1. Titainiumman says:

          What a stupid remark,like most liberals you have become an Obama ball licker
          Obama is the worst president this nation has ever had, look at all the economic indicators,he’s right up there with Carter another failed president that you liberals hold up as an icon to worship

          1. Dan Macntyre says:

            Ok, I looked at economic indicators. Lowest Unemployment in 3 years, highest Wall St figures in 3 years. most private sector jobs created in 3 years, out of Iraq, no terrorist attacks, made chrysler repay the bailout bush gave them, making it illegal for health insurance companies to refuse insurance based on pre-existing conditions,

            SHALL I GO ON ? (and on, and on, and on….)

            It just doesnt matter what you lie about, where you say he was born, what church you say he belongs to, what economic system you say he believes in…

            You righties are all so full of crap youre not worth the 15 calories I burned typing this.

            1. Johannah says:

              Dan Macntyre

              Obama’s own Congressional Budget Office stated last week the unemployment rate is 10%, not the 8.2% he claims. The CBO also stated that federal taxes will be going up 30% the next two years thanks to Omama’s policies. Gasoline costs 83% more, beef and other groceries cost 24% more than when Obozo was elected.

              SHALL I GO ON? (and on and on)

            2. Tom says:

              Have you bought gas lately? Or food? Inflation is really low isn’t it? Do you know how much money “savers”- people who actually did the right thing and didn’t plunge themselves into debt- Do you know how much money they’ve lost because interest rates are being kept artificially low at pretty much 0%?

            3. Johannah says:

              “making it illegal for health insurance companies to refuse insurance based on pre-existing conditions,”

              I guess you think it’s alright to force an auto insurance company to sell you insurance and replace your auto after you’ve wrecked it.

              The same goes for your house if it burns down. Why get insurance until after disaster strikes, when the government can force a private company to take care of you after the fact?

              This clause in the healthcare bill has actually resulted in many companies refusing to insure any children, so that they don’yt have to take pre-existing conditions. Heartless? Absolutely not. To do otherwise would make the cost of insurance prohibitive for everyone else they insure.

              And in 2014 when they have to take pre- existing conditions in adults many of them will be forced out of business.

              This is a prime example of unintended consequences when the government interfers with free enteprise.

              It might be half way fair to companies and their other insured if there is a one time grace period where all uninsured must get insurance. And after that, if they don’t they are on their own. But the government never does anything right. All it does is create chaos and debt for its productive citizens.

              1. newton says:

                even if that were true, why are you railing against Obama. Its the insurance companies making those decisions. they dont have to make those decisions, they are electing too so they can continue reaping exorbitant margins

                You really think free enterprise existed in the health insurance industry? I would keep laughing if it weren’t so damn expensive to own insurance. try collusion. try industrial-age styled collusion of a small powerful lobby who controls the health of our children. free enterprise, my foot. go to dozens of countries around the world with socialized medicine and see how wonderful our free enterprise health care system is in comparison. ive been to doctors in many countries around the world, and the care is as good and usually better than the US and the cost is nothing. And my friends living in those countries like it that way.

                1. Johannah says:

                  You and your friends like it that way. Feel free to join them in their socialist utopia surroundings.
                  This country is/was not a socialist nation until the corrupt polliticians abandoned their sworn oath of office.

                  You’re right, Obama is just the puppet of the marxist/communist movement that has gained control of the federal governent.

                  Insurnce companies have a very small margin of profit, 2-3%. But don’t let facts get in the way of your warped personal opinion.

                  And the “company” with the highest rejection rate for claims is guess who? why the federal government Medicare. Who woulda thunk it?

                  ps: I have many family members living in Europe and medical car there is not the utopia you purport it to be.

                  1. Johannah says:

                    And I forgot to add their tax rates are so high they are poor compared to all but the poorest among Americans. You want the government to dictate and control every aspect of your life? Again you are free to move to any socialist/ communist/marxist country of your choice.
                    Michael Moore says Cuba has great free health care. And it’s a short 90 mile swim from the coast of Florida. Be sure to wave at all the Cubans swimming the other towards freemdom in the USA.

                    1. John says:

                      You are nuts! seek help.!

            4. Lbake says:

              @Danmcintyre…..and just how long have you been working for the snake in the WH? Damned funny now that election time is coming around the unemployment is SUPPOSEDLY coming down, you obviously are under the mass Libtard hallucination that life is good. He is a liar! He’s lied about everything that slides off his forked tongue. He will not win in 2012, unless he cheats and we non kool-aid drinkers will make damn good and sure he retires in Leavenworth.

              1. Tom says:

                to make the unemployment figure 8.3% 1.2 million people fellout of the workforce. Never before have that many people dropped out in one month. Get informed before you make comments that are so blatanly false.

        2. Bob James says:

          Finally, someone gets it. Thank you, Mr. Grossman And God bless you.

      2. QueenofSheba says:

        MIke, please pay attention.
        This is about FREEDOM not birth control pills.
        FREEDOM of religion.
        Womens rights? What’s right about forcing anyone to pay for someone else’s PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY when they decide they want to get their tubes shut down or take birth control pills.
        What about FREEDOM of speech?
        U.S. Military Silences Catholic Chaplains From Speaking out Against Obama Admin Ruling
        Posted on February 3, 2012 by Conservative Byte

        American Catholics were just slapped in the face by the white house teleprompter reader.

        Well, now he just have to get a spanking for that — right around November 2012.

        Enough is enough.

        OMG — OBAMA MUST GO!!


      3. Titainiumman says:

        Hey dummy it’s about forcing the catholic church to provide birth control which ids against their beliefs.
        crawl back under your rock

      4. Titainiumman says:

        pin head,Obama is requiring the catholic church to pay for contraceptive devices that is against their religious beliefs,god you dumb as a rock

        1. jason says:

          Sex for not the purpose of procreation is also against Catholic teachings, which is why contraception is not needed. Right? Therefore, if the beliefs are practiced to a “t” this is a non-issue being made into the issue.

      5. neil says:

        not the point, but you know that dont you?

    2. Zip says:

      Its about, more regulation and more laws on business / all aspects of the economy.
      We need to worry about getting things back in order, not about more poking around

    3. jon says:

      amen brother this a first amendment issue pure and simple

      1. nightsong says:

        amen Jon.

    4. Titainiumman says:

      I hope tthat there are many more like you at the voting booth,I’ll be there

    5. Cher says:

      The issue is not contraception – most do not know the horror of abortion –
      Abortion – kiling babies – Nurse assigned to abortion clinic -This is what Nurse Shafer,registered nurse of 14 yrs.. saw:

      “I stood at the doctor’s side and watched him perform a partial-birth abortion on a woman who was six months pregnant.

      The baby’s heartbeat was clearly visible on the ultrasound screen. The doctor delivered the baby’s body and arms, everything but his little head. The baby’s body was moving. His little fingers were clasping together. He was kicking his feet.

      The doctor took a pair of scissors and inserted them into the back of the baby’s head, and the baby’s arms jerked out in a flinch, a startle reaction, like a baby does when he thinks that he might fall.

      Then the doctor opened the scissors up. Then he stuck the high-powered suction tube into the hole and sucked the baby’s brains out. Now the baby was completely limp.

      I never went back to the clinic. But I am still haunted by the face of that little boy. It was the most perfect, angelic face I have ever seen.”

      The partial-birth abortion procedure is used after 20 (4.5 months) of pregnancy– often to six months, seven months, and even later.

      -Illinois right to life

    6. Elizabeth Allweiss says:


  3. zanne says:

    Isn’t it sad we have an administration we can’t praise because there is NOTHING to praise. Such a horrible loss of opportunity for the Democrat party. Just sad.

    1. jaime says:

      Yup. Saving the American Auto Industry.
      Killing Bin Laden
      Preventing a wholesale collapse of the American banking system
      Crushing Al Qaeda
      Withdrawing every last soldier from Iraq
      Turning a -9% GDP with 750k jobs lost a month into +3%gdp with 250k jobs gained a month.
      Guaranteeing equal pay for equal work for women
      Appointing the first Hispanic to the Supreme Court
      Passing the single largest middle class tax cut in American history

      Yup, nothing to praise.

      1. zanne says:

        Really? You are going to list that with a straight face. Sad again.

      2. Kevin says:

        Jaime, you have to stop getting your news from the White House Press Secretary. Obama has done none of the things you listed, aside from appointing a Hispanic to the Supreme Court. I’ll just bet you were way out front there praising G.W. Bush for appointing the first black Sec of State and Sec of Defense and Head of the Joint Chiefs…..I thought not.

        1. Andrew says:

          Don’t forget, Kevin, that GWB nominated the first Hispanic (Miguel Estrada) to the SCOTUS, but liberals in the Senate filibustered his nomination.

          Obumble should not have any distinction other than nominating the first openly gay member of the SCOTUS (Kagen).

          1. Kevin says:

            That’s right, I forgot about that thanks. As for killing Bin Laden my Bro-in Law is a SEAL and he assured me that Obama was not on either of those two helicopters:)

      3. Tom says:

        Dude you are retarded

      4. Kate says:

        Spoken like a loyal NPR listener and regurgitator.

        Well, you forgot:

        **Adding $6 TRILLION new debt in 3 years.

        **Trillions for European bailouts.

        **Presiding over the first loss of our AAA credit rating.

        **Waste of billions of taxpayer dollars on green energy-campaign money laundering schemes like Solyndra…..with new schemes still emerging, bringing crony capitalism to new heights.

        **Fast & Furious and other gun running, with this administration being shamefully responsible for the deaths of border patrol and ICE agents, and hundreds of Mexicans….thus far and that we know of.

        **Waging new war in Libya, and prepping for action in Syria and possibly Iran.

        **Flagrant disregard for the rule of law and constitution on too many fronts to count.

      5. Johannah says:

        Obama screwed the bond holders, secured creditors, out of their money and gave it to the unions, along with billions more of our tax dollars. They still owe tax payer billions of dollars.

        This is a prime example of a dictator wannbe picking winners and losers, instead of letting the free maket do its job.

        Panetta ordered the kill. Obama had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, off the golf course for the photo op in the viewing room. The whole plan was put into action before Bush left office. Ask the seals about that.

        The democrats, caused the housing bubble and the banking system collapse.

        Crushing Al Qaeda? He has ordered that all combatants pickd up on the field be given Miranda rights.

        Of course he is killing a lot of them, along with innocent citizens, with his drones. They of course don’t get any Miranda or any other rights.

        Withdrawing all soldiers from Iraq: The generals advised against it and now the bombings have again escalated in Iraq. You call that success?

        5.2 million less Americans are working since the day Obama took office. His Congressional Budget Office, last week stated the unemployment rate is 10%, not 8.2 as he claims. Further the CBO states federal taxes will go up 30% in the next two years due to his policies. They state the GDP will be less than 2% next year. Meanwhile China’s GDP is 9%.

        The EEOC has been guaranteeing women equal pay for decades. In addition most states have their own equal pay laws.

        The middle class tax cut is actually taking money out of the social security fund. And the democrat senate sneaked in a clause that all new mortgages and refinances for the next ten years will be charged about $15 dollars a month to pay for this “taxcut”. The cut was for one year, but the fee is for the life of the loan, as long as 30 years. And the fee money does not go to replenish the social security fund. It goes into the general fund where your hero gets to spend it on other things. Hope you’re not counting on social security to tide you over in your old age. And I sure hope you won’t be getting a new mortgage or a refinance.

        Bush had plenty of Latinos and Blacks in his administration.

        Yup, you’re right nothing to praise in this administration.

      6. Rosie says:

        You should widen your source of information. Most of your comments are not 100% true. We the tax payers bailed out the auto industry, and I doubt they are out of the woods. There is a band aid on the economic fiasco, the debt ceiling continues to grow. The military is now sending military to the middle east. The economic statistics are fudged, and what law covers the equal pay for women, and where is my tax cut? Yes he did appoint the first Hispanic to the Supreme Court, but she deserved it!

  4. David from San Diego says:

    The regulation at issue was issued under the Obama Care statue, officially called the “Affordable Health Care Act.” The Catholic Church is GUILTY of supporting Obama Care at the time Congress was considering it. If you support the Communits in their rise to power, they will still oppress you. SHAME on the Catholic Church for allying itself with the Communists to begin with. You are reaping what you have sown. Now, how about helping us oust the Communists this November? I bet Rick Santorum would not FORCE you to provide birth control against your religious beliefs! NOR WOULD RON PAUL !!!!

  5. Kevin says:

    I’m not so sure this guy has done anything that isn’t un-Constitutional including getting elected. I’m also Catholic and this socialist regime is trying to put a religious spin on this issue. But it is nothing more than B. Hussein trying to force another private non-government institution to do his bidding.

  6. DuhWon Welost says:

    From one old Catholic boy to another Padre, my advice is for all of you to quit voting for liberals. You spent the last 50 years on a leftward bent, did you think you wouldn’t one day have to pay the bill?

  7. rsgonner says:

    Democrat Cathoilics will need to decide if they are going to worship the Won, or the One. However, with Biden, Pelosi and Sibelius all “professing” to be Catholic, I am sure many will rationalize some sort of moral compromise with their conscience.

  8. joe catechissimo says:

    Liberals are showing their true anti-white, anti-Christian colors. I love it. When the crap hits the fan and the financial and social order collapses, there will indeed by payback.

  9. Brian Fejer says:

    The Catholic Church needs to stop intruding into Women’s Health issues, and the private sex lives and lifestyles of Americans. It’s 2012, not 1912.

    How can you be anti abortion/anti contraception? LOLZ freaks

    1. meadowlands says:

      Too bad you mother was neither

    2. Peter Clark says:

      Are you conscious?

    3. Bob Smith says:

      The Church is anti-abortion for many reasons, one of which is that no person has the “right” to decide whether or not to kill (because that is EXACTLY what it is) an unborn child simply so they may continue their sex-filled life.

      The same principle can be applied to contraception. However, there is a stronger argument for the banning of contraception: the fact that it violates the Moral Law. That is to say, it violates the natural order of things.

    4. littleleers says:

      The Catholic Church has every right to practice their beliefs in their facilities. Don’t like it? Go find a job somewhere else. Contraception and abortifacents are readily available…condoms are cheap and there is always abstinence. And of course, there is the liberals favorite organization, Planned Parenthood. This is a huge issue because our constitution guarantees our religious freedom. Obama is stomping on it and that is why there is justified backlash.

    5. Kevin says:

      It’s simple, moron, If you don’t want to have children, don’t engage in the process that creates children. By the way all the Christian religions are pro-life not just the Catholics. This issue has nothing to do with religion. What if Obama decided to tell you what you could or could not believe in or practice? Whatever the hell that might be. It is the choice of the person to believe and or practice the beliefs of their particular faith. The Catholic church is a private organization and this wannabe dictator in Washington has no right to tell them what to do. If you are so interested in “women’s rights” why not take a close look at the Muslims

    6. Rob B says:

      Brilliant – a church should not get into peoples private lives.

      If that is so, why have a church?

    7. BrianFear says:

      Brian, you should thank the Lord every day that your mother didn’t abort you. Because of that, you have the complete freedom to spew your religious bigotry and hate.

    8. Marty says:

      How can anyone be FOR murdering the most innocent and helpless among us, namely the unborn baby. And now this idiotic administration is forcing this on us. This MUST STOP!

      1. nightsong says:

        Yes Marty, we must stop it, and stop obama from continuing.

    9. Rosie says:

      The Catholic Church is protected under the first amendment. This is a violation of religious freedom. What part of that don’t you understand?

  10. Ray Smith says:

    With luck, Obama will bring the end of the democrat party. They are wrong on every issue. -disability payments for drug addicts, men marrying men, discrimination against whites and asians, stealing for unions, crony capitalism.

  11. Jack says:

    This is good, but where you my Church when the Federal Government destroyed marriage by encouraging divorce? Where were you when the Federal Government funded the states to collect child support which puts a godless Judge in charge of the family and not the Christian Father? Where were you when the abomination called Roe V. Wade sanctioned the murder of the unborn through federal funding?

    All things are against Christ.

    It’s about time you woke up!

    1. jorge lavanderia says:

      When Roe v Wade was handed down Catholics stood alone against it. Read some history. Evangelical Protestants largely yawned. Only in the late 1970s, influenced by Everett Koop and Francis Schaeffer, did Evangelicals join Catholics in opposing abortion.

      The main stimulant to rising divorce in the early 1970s was contraception that became widespread in the 1960s. Again, the Catholic Church stood alone against it while Protestants embraced it. Separate sex from procreation and you will get promiscuity outside marriage, and pre-marital cohabitation is a major predictor for divorce; adultery after marriage is also hugely facilitated by contraception and it’s a marriage killer.

      Yes, the bishops foolishly have supported big government utopianism. But you are wrong to blame them for RvW and rising divorce.

  12. hope4freedom says:

    at America’s beginning blacks and catholics were not treated as equals and they still are not

    the targets of the Klan were blacks, catholics, and jews

    Catholics will never be left alone. Jesus said his followers would be persecuted. just wish it wasn’t in the great free state america was supposed to be.

    Read history. liberals always ride in on a wave of “progress” or change and then they turn into totalitarians or close cousins at least. Remember some who champion the weak also have powerlust and desire to control rather than serve

  13. Dennis Lowe says:

    It is obviously time for those self-professed Christians in government who engage in anti-Church behavior to be called to repent, or be excommunicated.

    1. meadowlands says:

      Dennis I agree.The Church needs to publicly excommunicate Pelosi for the statements she has made. Sebelius, Biden and all the rest as well. I’m sick of them professing to be Catholic and then going against everything it teaches.

      1. Bishop Len Brennan says:

        I have been making this argument for years,,,,Liberal Catholics violate Church Doctrine by supporting and even pushing for laws that contradict the Church then grab their families and attend Mass on Sundays for a photo op.and make a mockery of the whole thing. They can decide if they want to lead as Catholics or sell out their beliefs for votes.

  14. Anna says:

    It’s hard to argue with people who don’t understand that this is a breach of the First Amendment. If you get distracted by the social side of this issue, you will completely miss the real assault on one of our national freedoms.

    Quote: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

    It doesn’t matter if this is about pancake breakfasts or bingo going on at the church down the street….the GOVERNMENT cannot dictate that people that practice an established religion VIOLATE their own moral doctrines. It’s not only the Catholics who are pushing back here either; other religions have joined the voice of the Catholic Church.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I am not a Catholic but I stand with the Catholic church on this one. It’s a First Amendment issue period!

  15. jaime says:

    A few hundred years ago, showering was antithetical to Catholic beliefs…as was eating meat during lent, believing in evolution, and heliocentrism.

    But keep fighting the ACA. Any excuse to let people die of cancer because they can’t afford insurance will do, I guess.

    1. Stan says:

      Go find a nice socialist country, k?

    2. the light says:


      You are naive and your comments are hearsay. Educate yourself, for yourself, then spread the peace and love you will come to learn through your education.

      1. Joe says:

        You are so right! Her arguments are simplistic.

    3. Rob B says:

      Please go back to school.

      Showering was antithetical – great word but a stupid untrue comment.
      Eating meat – was a practice of self sacrifice to teach us to do without not antithetical.
      Evolution – you are confusing us with some of our baptist cousins and you are assuming that evolution cannot coexist with Catholic beliefs.
      Heliocentrism – another great word but i suggest you put down the dictionary and pick up a history book. The Catholic Church did take some time to ditch the belief that the sun revolved around the world but it was a Catholic Monk that brought them the information- after long and careful consideration they found out that he was right.

      1. mick says:

        The monk who stated the earth went around the sun was Bruno – he was burnt at the stake for that belief.

    4. John R Schuh says:

      heliocentrism was contrary to Catholic belief? Who told you this bit of nonsense. As for showering, many Catholics were simply getting caught up in the priggery of the day, which reduced morality to sexual morality.

    5. spike59 says:

      someone’s going to die of cancer because the local parish didn’t buy him a condom? oh, dear…

  16. Clyde Albert says:

    What do you expect from a communist, atheist, ? muslim. The man’s a monster, sooner or later him or someone like him will begin in earnest to persecute, round up, and yes, exterminate catholics and christians.

    1. Brian Fejer says:

      LOL A muslim huh?

  17. Falcon 78 in Northern VA says:

    There is no doubt–zip, zero, nada–that this is a violation of the Constitution. As a Catholic, and from my little piece of the planet, I will do all I can to help get this overturned, as well as make sure there is a moving van in front of the White House come next January. Enough of this guy who just doesn’t get it. Democrats, liberals, you can try to spin it any way you want, but this one has gone too far.

  18. Cromulent says:

    It has come time for the bishops to play the role of Antigone. It has come time to pour dirt on Polyneices. It has come time to defy Creon.

    1. Jon from Minnesota says:

      The most literate and erudite comment I’ve ever read in an online news thread

    2. hope4freedom says:

      nicely said

  19. the halfrican says:

    If we could just get zero to force muslims to eat bacon we would get close to a majority of people of faith to vote him out !

  20. ciceroni says:

    One can scarcely imagine a more vicious, more malignant, more naked act of tyranny, than a govt’s compelling its citizens by law to violate their most sacred, deeply held beliefs, subjugating its people, and crushing their spirit.

    It’s what the Pilgrims came here to escape, what the First Amendment is supposed to protect. It’s unbelievable that any President could ever think this is acceptable, period, much less demand it.

    I’m not a Catholic, but today I stand with them.

    1. chichi says:

      Obama is a dictator. You ain’t seen nothin yet, if this tyrant gets a second term, America will cease to exist.

      1. jaime says:

        There are already 8 states (including in Romney’s Massachusetts) that does the same thing as the federal law. Where was the Catholic outrage then?

        1. Pliny the Elder says:

          uh. there like WAS. Better start asking questions to which you KNOW the correct answer.

      2. God Help Us says:

        You got that right. Unfortunately, the left-wing press will continue to perform journalistic fellatio on Obama until he lines them up in front of a ditch. Stupid fools all. They have no clue what he’s capable of doing.

      3. nightsong says:

        Chichi, I’m afraid you are right.

    2. Marc says:

      Ciceroni, I need to write any comment, you summarized everything that needs to be said. Well done. Pax Christi!

    3. meadowlands says:

      Very well said. You sum it up beautifully

  21. George says:

    Given that disagreement with govt. is now equated with being a terrorist, I have to wonder when the goon squad is going to visit the bishops

  22. Cka Redstate America says:

    One big mistake everyone seems to be making is assuming it is a Catholic-only issue.———–It’s yet another assault by Obama against conscience and faith, particularly Christianity, of which Protestants are the majority, followed by Catholics.———-It’s also a thinly veiled attack on the Constitution.

  23. Barry Oduma says:

    Oduma is a friggin fool…..

  24. CapitalG says:

    FIGHT IT IN THE STREETS! When have you EVER heard the Catholic Church use those words against a sitting President?

    0dumbo has gone too far. If you had blinded yourself to this man’s arrogance and destructive agenda then this last action should open your eyes. This incompetent fool has GOT TO GO!

  25. BigLouie15 says:

    Well is the Catholic hierarchy finally seeing that the demoncrats are totally against the principles of the catholic faith. Oblamea will not stop until he totally controls all aspects of the lives of Americans. The bishops loved obamacare now they are seeing what’s in it and they find that they have been hoodwinked.

    1. Popo says:

      That’s true , read catholic social teachings . They support universal healthcare, unions and global warming. Google it please. It was great in theory just ask the bishop conference

  26. Old Cannonballs says:

    What do you mean? Are you one of those clueless losers who thinks that anybody who doesn’t support that criminal in the White House is racist? Give me a frickin’ break!!!

  27. Prognosticator Guy says:

    The church has 2 nuclear options: (1) deny employer sponsored health care to all employees, paying the fine which is probably less than they spend anyway; or (2) hire and serve only Catholics. Either way, if they choose, the employees that Obama wants to help will be worse off. In fact, he has wanted to help since he took office, but we are all worse off.

    1. Martin Gray says:

      No, they have a third option; close down just like they did the Catholic Adoption Services which was the largest service in the country. 1 in 6 Americans is served health care by a Catholic Hospital. This is the ultimate nuclear option. This is why Obama is so bad for this country. Not only does his ideology divide us like nothing since the Civil War, he sows chaos wherever he goes.

  28. Jaime B says:

    Democrats are bent in destroying the Catholic Church. This is just another attack on it. The Church has existed for 2012 years. We have faced worst enemies than Obama in our long history. We are ready to do battle. We are with the Archbishops. As Hispanics even more.

    Los Democrats quieren destruir la Iglesia Catolica. No lo podemos permitir!

    1. Cka Redstate America says:

      Democrats/progressives/liberals/leftists are focused on destroying Christianity, of which Catholics comprise only about 26 percent or so (Protestants comprise approximately 50 percent).————Would that the Catholic Church would see its Christ Jesus and the Cross, not their church, that’s really the target.

      1. Rob B says:

        The Church recognizes its brothers in Christ. This is not the time to point out differences but to find common ground and recognize a common enemy.

        1. irish261 says:

          Amen Brother!

          1. Cka Redstate America says:

            I merely pointed out what I haven’t heard or read: that, ultimately, his is a Christian, not Catholic-only, issue.———-And, yessir, it is time to educate the world of that fact.———-And if you read this as divisive, I suggest you step back, take a breath and re-read it.———-It is time for all Christians to stand against Obama and his Marxist gaggle. We cannot not act.

            1. Rob B says:

              God bless!

              The Catholics have been an issue here because the Bishops spoke with one voice. Their are many separate voices in the Christian churches – it will be hard for them to be heard.

              1. Rosie says:

                There are one billion Catholics, a Church that was instituted by Christ himself. This is an attack on all religions, violating the first amendment. The moral teachings of the Church has been handed down for over 2000 years, they rule on the teachings of Jesus Christ, through years of Apostolic teachings.

        2. zanne says:

          Thank you Rob B.

    2. Don Marco says:

      bien dicho

    3. Titainiumman says:

      Jaime i believe you mama is calling you,seems like you up past you bedtime and you missed your last bottle feeding

    4. Martin Gray says:

      Pax Cristi, brother. This is worth being in the streets to fight.

  29. leslei says:

    It is the freedom of religion…not medicine. What’s next…Obama knows no boundaries. He is awful.

  30. Syte says:

    Since when has the morning-after pill become a critical health care benefit more important than Tylenol or insulin?
    Obama has gone mad.
    See A Tale of Two Presidents: Timothy & Barak:

  31. GUTZ22 says:

    Is there any more clear examples of dear leader Obozo intent here.He has been using the constitution & rule of law as so much personal toilet paper.This monster must be stopped ,in November.He wants HIS state to rule & become every mans solution from cradle to grave & to BE IN CHARGE .

  32. TexJacque says:

    Don’t we already pay for free birth control through our tax money going to planned parenthood? Do we need to pay for it twice? Anyone, of any age, can get free contraceptives from pills to abortions from Planned Parenthood already. I think this area is already covered, so why do we have to make Church employers provide the same services if it goes against their moral values.

  33. Pete says:

    Wow! Thought liberals at least pretended to believe in the 1st Amendment. First, Obamacare applies to all employers and so the receipt of federal funds has nothing to do with the issue and the Catholic church or any other church could not avoid the mandate even if it received no funds whatsoever. But as an aside, I assume the people making this claim understand that the feds give tax dollars to the Catholic church and other organizations because the churches already have effective programs for the needy in place and it is much more efficient and effective to do so. To now say “gotcha, you have to do whatever we say” is bizarre and, as noted, completely irrelevant to the issue.
    None of the 28 states go as far as Obama does. Aside from breaking his promises he made in order to gain the support to pass Obamacare, the President and so many on the left worship at the altar of abortion and would rather see the destruction of countless vital services and the 1st amendment than tolerate any break from their orthodoxy.

  34. nilsine antonsen says:

    Pog mo thoin, Darth.

  35. James says:

    Because religious people are unreasonable and can’t converse intelligently, right? Oh wait, sorry, your comment is unintelligent and unreasonable… .oops.

  36. MilwaukeeBob says:

    And the church must stop interfering with matters of state.

    1. Rob B says:

      Show me where the constitution says that the church can not voice its opinion on matters of state.

      Patrick Henry was an ordained minster – do you think he should have shut up?

    2. Mark Jaws says:

      Hey moron, MilBob. The state is interfering with the CHURCH. Friggin leftist swine.

    3. El Swede says:

      We must immediately begin spraying bacon grease on all mosques, drop live pigs on muslim gatherings, force them to eat pork meat and then wipe their arses with pages ripped from the queran.

      1. Rene DesCartes says:

        The ACLU, Freedom from Religion, Planned Parenthood and all other secular organizations must now offer a bible class to each of its customers and employees.

      2. Rod Anders says:

        I’ve been saying that for 40 years. Now what?

  37. Hijinks55 says:

    You can see the anti-Catholic bigots here very plainly.

    Sad that there is so little intelligence in these people. Catholics are not your enemies, even though you despise them.

    What for? Why the hatred? Oh yeah, you are liberals who support Obama.

  38. Mike says:

    Archbishop Dolan is leading by example. All US bishops are rising to the occasion, as they should. Under Obama, the US government is indeed trying to rule over every aspect of our lives. Obama underestimates Dolan. Dolan will not back down. He has my support, 100%.

  39. edw987 says:

    No Compromise! Obama must go! There is only one solution – Ron Paul!

    1. Abner Hale says:

      Who will never get the GOP nomination and will never be President. Give up already.

  40. Bill says:

    The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights. The amendment prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.
    President Obama’s order forgot about the U.S.Constitution

  41. HM says:

    No compromise, have to totally overturn Obamacare. Freedom of religion is attacked.
    It is not about Catholics only, it is about freedom of religion.

  42. Anne Marie says:

    This is not just about abortafacts, contraception, and voluntary sterilization. It is about FREEDOM of RELIGION guaranteed to all AMERICANS under the US CONSTITUTION.
    OBAMA wants everyone to follow his personal unconstitutional beliefs – my way or the highway.
    OBAMA’s admnistration will fine $$$$$$ any organization that will not provide abortafacts, contraception, and voluntary sterilization to their employees. Some of those writing do not seem to know this. Obama is not giving anyone a choice.

    People who do not like the beliefs of any particular faith are not forced to work for them.
    We all must be concerned about losing our Constitutional rights.
    Lastly chemical and mechanical forms of birth control HARM the health of women. – just read the warnings on the package labels.

    1. nightsong says:

      He “is not giving anyone a choice” that is what and how he thinks. We know differently. We have a choice, as he will soon know. His impeachment would be welcomed by many, and the election is not far off. I agree with you, it is about Freedom.

  43. IntelectOne says:

    If it were not for the Roman Catholic Church, you would still be in the Dark Ages.
    Obviously, if you think the taxpayer should be forced to pay for ‘Elective Abortions’ and also demand that the Medical Staff take part in such a travesty, you are in the
    ‘Dark Ages’

    1. no says:

      Are you retarded? The CHURCH is the reason we HAD the dark ages. The church has held back mankind’s progress by centuries. They burned studies and labs of great scientists (ever heard of Archimedes?). They burned books. They repressed knowledge and exploration. They killed great scientific explorers trying to better mankind. For things as simple as suggesting that the EARTH revolves around the SUN instead of the other way around.

      Thanks to the CHURCH, we’re probably about three hundred years BEHIND where we could have been.

      1. Old Cannonballs says:

        Thanks to the organized attacks on the Church by you liberal yahoos, society is in a tailspin that it will take centuries to pull out of. Perversion and baby-murdering are rights, decency is hate, and on and on.

        1. Cka Redstate America says:

          The attack on the Catholic Church is really an attack against Christianity and its adherents — Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox — as well as Jesus the Christ.

          1. Allan says:

            And jews as well. I as a Jew stand with Catholics on this issue.

      2. HowieG says:

        It’s quite obvious that you never took a history course on the subject of Western Civilization. Because, if you did, you would not be showing your absolute ignorance of the early middle ages. It was the Church that kept the breakdown of the old Roman Empire and the subsequent attempts to keep civilization from a total collapse from doing so. BTW the term “dark ages” did not refer to society ignorance during the time period, but to the lack of strong central governments, much as they were.
        Finally, your hatred of religion is showing. You must be a liberal.

      3. Rob B says:

        Archimedes was born 300 years before Christ and Copernicus was educated at Catholic Universities and a Catholic. Despite his house arrest, Galileo was also a Catholic and the Church admitted its error. Mendel was a Catholic Monk credited with the first study of genetics. If you have a week, I will educate you on many of the other inventors, scientists, doctors, mathematicians and philanthropists that make up Catholic history.

        The Catholic Church is the largest educational organization on the planet.

        What tradition or religion do you follow and what are their accomplishments?

        1. Andrew says:

          Rob, you’re not fighting fair. Don’t you know it’s not fair to hit libtards with facts? That only confuses them!

          Fight with histrionic polemics and made-up “facts” from Daily Kos, then you will have sunk to the level of the libtard… 😉

      4. IntelectOne says:

        You have no clue what the true history is. It was the Catholic Church that provided the platform from which Western Civilization was born.
        America is a Judeo-Christian Nation. Again, Western Civilization was born from the Catholic Church in Europe. The Catholic Church does not believe in ‘Unethical Science’, but very active in ‘Ethical Science’.

  44. jbspry says:

    Carney made the unusual move of calling Mitt Romney by name, charging it is “ironic” for him to be against the policy, since as Massachusetts governor he presided over a similar one.

    THIS is why Romney should not be the Republican candidate.

  45. Canuck says:

    If the Catholic Church decides to begin closing key facilities such as inner city hospitals Obamacare will collapse, unable to provide services (Underfunded or otherwise) to those that supposedly were to benefit from this legislation….that is the Democrat plantation voting dependent class. There is not a long line up by other providers to lose money providing care for this lot and their entitlement mentality.

    1. Rob B says:

      This is the goal of the system – rip out the caretakers and replace them with government services. It does not matter if they make money as the government will simply print more.

      More people will be forced onto the plantation and they will effectively control the vote throught the goodies that they hand out.

  46. deegeejay says:

    The Obamanation is on its way out. Buh bye . . .

  47. not abortive says:

    Give em HE double LL Donlan!

  48. Dan says:

    There are already about 20 states that already require churches to provide this converage. Many of those are RED RED republican states like Georgia, so…another case of the black man not being able to do anything right, even if it’s been done by republicans before….then don’t take fed money churches…

    1. SEE says:

      That is not true. I’m a Catholic who lives in Georgia and it does NOT require churches to offer birth control, sterilization, and “morning after” pills as part of their insurance. BTW, this bill MANDATES that churches provide this coverage with their insurance of risk a fine…regardless of whether they take “fed” money or not. No, not even Catholic schools, who take no federal money, are allowed a break from this constitutional over ride.

      1. James says:

        Oh come on, See, can’t you SEE that Dan and the liberals have an agenda to push? They have no time to worry about facts. 😉

        The truth here is that the White House screwed up royally, and they wish they could take it back. But just look what happened to Komen when they tried to take back their support of a pro-death organization… they were crucified. Same thing would happen to Obama if he backed off the demands of his radical liberal base.

        So this should be interesting. Thanks, Obama, for putting a well-deserved nail in your own political coffin.

      2. Titainiumman says:

        Is there a book of lies that you liberals are sent from DNC in order to post on the internet?

    2. Sullivan says:

      Dan, this has nothing to do with hospitals taking federal money. The Obama mandate applies whether the institution receives federal funds or not. Your suggestion that the Catholic Church is opposed to this because Obama is black is just mind-boggling.

  49. Kirk says:

    Dolan got it all wrong as usual…The Catholic Church especially his, should stop meddling in politics. If the church has to accept money from the federal government for certain programs, it is by not means exempt from any lasws that govern charity. If the Cahtolic Church wants to run a clinic or anything else, do so within its own confines. If you are going to venture off your property into other areas, guess what, your ground is no longer a shrine. Get real Dolan, Obama is not meddling in your affairs, on the contrary, you just can;t help but grab some press time. Why not tell us how many pedafile priest you know of, and what you have done about it ??? Until you do, shut up and move on…….

    1. KirkSayItAintSo says:


      Surely, as an American you cannot believe what you wrote??!!??

      “If you are going to venture off your property into other areas, guess what, your ground is no longer a shrine.”

      You do know we have a Constitution in this country? You do know that the first amendment to that Constitution guarantees the right of religious freedom? You do know that right is not limited to one’s “shrine” or what one does on or off your own property?

      Please — you may hate the Catholic Church all you wish, but at lest honor the Constitution which so many men and women have died to defend.

    2. Chris says:

      This is the “church meddling in politics”? RUBBISH. I didn’t know there was a “location” clause to the religious freedom part of the Constitution. Boy, you can really learn things from liberals. I didn’t know the separation of church and state, and the protection of religious freedom was null and void once you left the church parking lot. Good to know.

      1. Vivian says:

        Then when your wife gets raped, Brainy Chris, call Dolan or the Pope. With their millions in assets and global power, I am sure they will be willing to help you care for it and raise it. You and the rest of these religous zelots are morons….

        1. Andrew says:

          Name-calling and visceral anger…the last refuge of the liberal without intellect.

          Thanks for proving that, Viv…

        2. THE REALITY TSAR says:

          Angry Lib Alert

          What does this have to do with the discussion Viv?

    3. Rob B says:


      I will forgive your statements because it is apparent that you are uneducated and ignorant.

      The Catholic Church invented hospitals and libraries and many more of our charitable institutions.

      The government has gone too far in this.

      1. John says:

        Don’t forget institutionalized pedophilia!

    4. Cka Redstate America says:

      Ah, another God-hater.———–Your spiteful words indicate you lack much understanding, if at all, of our Constitution, but especially the First Amendment.———-Your lack of comprehension that this is Obama and his administration’s meddling in the affairs of the Catholic Church — and, really, all Christians, Protestant and Catholic and Orthodox — is appalling.———-And your hatred of the Messiah leads to you writing the rubbish you have.———-But, fortunately for you, your right to say whatever is protected by the Constitution.

    5. Rosie says:

      Kirk you are an angry person! This is the first amendment being violated! I don’t think you get it. As far as our Church, the people are not perfect, nor is any family perfect. Our acts of charity are far greater than you can imagine. How dare you speak for one billion Catholics. Get a life!

  50. Babs says:

    Im sorry you are so misinformed Also since when is birth control and abortion “Health Care”? I hardly call abortion health care. Whos health is it for? Pregnancy is NOT an illness and its definatly NOT health care for the child.

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