Experts: Huge Breakthroughs In Science And Technology Could Make It A Reality

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — People in the Tri-State Area are living longer than ever, and if scientists have their way, life expectancies will continue to rise. Technologies today could allow the next generation to live up to 150, but how far should scientists go to allow people to live this long?

Baby Maxwell Jones’ life is just getting started, but if he’s lucky, the hours-old infant could live well into the next century.

“A hundred years, seems a stretch but it’s obviously possible,” his mother told CBS 2’s Kristine Johnson.

More than just possible as some aging experts believe scientific breakthroughs will mean babies born today will live more than 100 years.

Geriatrician Dr. Joyce Fogel says medical advances have already made a huge difference.

“There was a time when people didn’t live to older age because they died from the flu. We’re doing much better. In 1900, when somebody was born, they were expected to live to the age of 50,” she said.

Scientists are making huge advances in the lab, growing new organs from adult human stem cells, creating body parts with 3D printers, and using gene therapy to successfully treat diseases like blindness and leukemia.

And that’s not all. Doctors have already doubled the lifespan of a worm.

“The hope is that we could make a drug that would replicate in humans so that it would allow humans to stay young longer as well,” Dr. Cynthia Kenyon said.

However, work like this isn’t considered mainstream.

“Sometimes technology exceeds common sense,” one woman said.

“As long as science will allow me to live I want to live as long as possible,” another woman said.

Sonia Arrison researched the science of aging for eight years.  She says longer lifespans will change everything about the way we live, from our families to our finances.  Some people will have second and even third careers.

“Some people are worried that we’re going to create designer humans or  something like that, but what I’m talking about is helping people who are already here live longer and healthier lives,” she said.

“You wouldn’t want to retire at 65. It gives people options and allows  them to create the life that they really want to live.  And I think that’s extremely exciting,” she added.

But for now, prevention goes on long way to improve quality of life later on.

“I would question if we’re really going to hit 150, but I think I would want people to live with good quality life. If at 150 we’re filling up nursing homes, I wonder,” said Fogel.

Aging experts say lifestyle changes can help you make it to your 80s. After that, it’s genetics that matter most.

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  1. Justin Time says:

    Great, now our tyrannical leadership will live long enough to mistreat our grandchildren, who’ll live in a terribly overpopulated world.

    What’s this going to do to the retirement age?

    1. Tracey12 says:

      THIS IS PURE CRAP. Ever so often, a writer produces some article that is far more speculative than scientific regarding life extension. We are no where near having any drug or therapy that will dramatically extend life. At present, 50 percent of the population over 85 develops Alzheimer’s. We are decades away from any even minor life extension, but writers who want a popular article will still produce this junk about twice per year…

      1. nifongnation says:

        Where am I ?

      2. RandyC0609 says:

        You’re jaded my friend. Medical advancements of late are leading us in amazing directions. It is a bit of a challenging thought to imagine what humanity would look like with lifespans that extend 100’s of years but unfortunately, whether you turn your back on our new reality or not, it’s our new reality. Every aspect of aging can be and is deeply understood by experts and visionaries and counters to the mechanisms of aging are being researched and successfully developed at an amazing rate. Dream big. Our entire society is built around a scarcity of time and resources. We have the ability to alleviate those constraints with our god given intellects. There was a time when humans couldn’t produce fire, cure Malaria, or travel to the moon. Times change and the times they are a changing.

        1. aaron says:

          Damn right Randy!

        2. John says:

          Have you been to a nursing home lately to see the people who can now live to 100? It’s something beyond sad.

          I’ll get happy about this when they don’t simply extend our lives, but make it so we’re not decrepit versions of ourselves in need of a drool cup and a bib.

          1. Mariel says:

            Exactly. We cannot afford to have such an aged population unless they were still employed at jobs. If health were good enough for that, then this would seem feasible. But many many of us have genetic weaknesses which make us barely able to reach retirement age without going on disability, in spite of excellent life style such as diet, exercise, etc. Humanity in the end will pass on when the Creator decides it shall be.

    2. S-smith says:

      Pensions can only support people if the mean average retirement is about 25 years .Currently this works with age 62 to 67 retirement age, because most people pass away before age 87. If most people can live to 150 the retirement age will have to be 125.

  2. Grossdenker says:

    This is a truly mornonic comments!

  3. Ken Puck says:

    Hey, the rich are entitled. They have better genes.

  4. Jack says:

    great…now I will have to work another fifty freaking years…WTF??

    1. Pop says:

      yeppers you will

    2. RandyC0609 says:

      Or live a full life for much longer. I don’t think any of the negative posters on here even understand the mechanisms of aging and how basic many of the body’s processes of aging are. Human bodies cease producing hormones in middle age and start the slow trudge toward death. Simple adjustments to hormone levels can stave off disease and provide incredibly increased quality of life well into 60’s,70’s,80’s and beyond. You can remain oblivious in life’s control group or you can use the tools in your toolbox and stay healthy for yourself and your family. Ball’s in your court.

      1. Mariel says:

        Simple adjustments to hormone levels? Didn’t think that system was simple. Human Growth Hormone, for instance, can turn on the person taking it, making him/her wish he had not. The necessity of radical birth control to make this bearable–and of course everyone keeping working—
        means we would first have to invent better birth control. The birth control chemicals we now have are poisonous. The mechanical devices are not dependable. “Rhythm”, even the better Natural Family Planning method based on temperatures, sometimes fails.

    3. caligula says:

      nah. obama will give you 50 more years of unemployment bennies.

    4. Mike says:

      Unless you’d rather just die… oh I see, you would rather have me pay so you live and not work or save for yourself.

  5. Ken Puck says:

    The good news is that you may live to 150. The bad news is that the last 50 will be really, really unpleasant.

    1. YouDude60 says:

      Let’s invest everything into the Co. making Depends.

    2. The Slob says:

      Actually, “they” WILL develop a means to live to be 150 years old…when I am 85.

    3. RandyC0609 says:

      Nonsense. if you wanna die, don’t worry that will happen. Whether you wither or not is something you do have a great element of control over.

  6. Peter says:

    Why would anyone want to live to be a 150 and living in a nursing home?

    1. DWPittelli says:

      Their point is, if we can slow various causes of aging, such as chromosomal damage, the shortening of telomeres, and doubtless other, yet-unknown causes of cell senescence, we will live longer lives as healthy people, and the relatively unhealthy end-of-life need not make up much, if any, of this longevity increase.

  7. San Diego Steve says:

    Well, if you are 100 pounds overweight and your form of exercise is lifting the beer can to your lips as you watch TV, then I do not think that you can count much on your life being extended by science. The prescription for longevity is simple:

    1. Do not eat fat.

    2. Do not eat too much.

    2. Do not eat sugar.

    3. Do cardio exercise for 40 minutes at least four times each week.

    4. Do not smoke.

    5. Do not drink too much alcohol.

    If you follow these rules, there is a chance that you will have good enough overall fitness to be benefited by high tech medicine. Otherwise, forget it because no technology existing now or in the future will save your poor broken down hulk!

    1. Ken Puck says:

      Would you pass the Cheetos, please? My legs have gone to sleep.

    2. Genes are It says:

      Genes mean more than those things. I knew a woman who lived to her mid 90’s. She never exercised. She was the best cook I ever knew, country ham, gravy and biscuits, etc. To top it off, she worked for years in a Raybestos brake factory when they still used Asbestos!

    3. Unhealthy Blob says:

      Wow… I see a rainbow flag in someone’s yard! Keep up that cardio sister! In the end, you will score with Richard Simmons!

      1. RandyC0609 says:

        Unhealthy Blob. Until you’ve spent some time watching a loved one die after prolonged suffering as a result of treating their body like a landfill, you can make cracks and weirdly homophobic ones. The interesting thing about this new threshold that we are on the edge of is that willfully ignorant and lazy types will go the way of the dinosaur and will be slowly overtaken by those who are willing to embrace the awesomeness of human potential. In this brave future, individuals like yourself will be able to cope and address latent homosexual thoughts without the shame that causes you to project your thoughts at random on web forums! TO INFINITY AND BEYOND ya big poof!

    4. doubledip says:

      Say what?! You’re advocating PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY?!! Does Obama’s ‘truth squad” know about this?!! Woe to you!

    5. Mariel says:

      I have followed San Diego Steve’s rules for longevity for many decades, and I have lived long, but I have two rare blood diseases that cannot be cured. One of them is genetic. The other one came along seven years ago. I am glad to be alive for my grandchildren, but I will be happy to join my husband in God’s Long Life Program. It’s been a struggle and there is NO sign of a cure of my diseases. No one is even trying. All they can do is invent more drugs to try to control the processes, drugs with side effect. This is probably the scenario for most people eventually, if they live long. In spite of Steve’s remedies.

  8. SirGareth says:

    Well it certainly sounds as if “scientists” are more or less Gods. We had better worship them, especially the one’s sucking at the public trough; all that the need to say is “maybe” and its true. “Maybe” we will all become immortals

    1. b says:

      Is this ‘irrefutable proof’ or is this ‘scientific consensus’? The last time we had the latter, all of the scientists ended up looking like liars, and phonies…..

  9. magnacarta says:

    Do we really want them to?

  10. davec says:

    It would ALREADY be knocked out…by 40 or so

  11. Summarizer says:

    Blah blah blah Obama blah blah blah Socialist blah blah blah Communist blah blah blah Liberals blah blah blah…there, I summarized all of your arguments. Now you don’t have to comment anymore 🙂

    1. Redirector says:

      Allow me to summarize yours in return: “Obama, please take care of us!”

  12. MikeH says:

    Live to 150? Should have a lot of appeal for an atheist.

  13. HankB says:

    I’m going to live forever . . . or die trying.

  14. Michael Tuuri says:

    150 years?! Big deal. When “science” can change the ecosphere in such a way as to emulate the antediluvian world, ages will increase to an asymptotic limit of 1,000 years. Probably won’t happen next year, but it will happen…!

  15. Buckaroo Bonzai says:

    This nation won’t be around in 150 years, let alone another 50. Idiot libtard Democrats have all but destroyed what made this nation great and strong and the leader in growth: self-sufficiency, determination, perseverance, and merit for hard work. Already half this nation pays zero federal income taxes after deductions, and that number is only going up as more and more people rely on entitlements and living off the work of others through government handouts. Greece is collapsing under that socialism now. America is next. Good luck all you young idiot Obama voters. Good luck. I’ll be retiring in another nation with MY money, liberal bitches.You’ll get NOTHING and like it from me!

  16. OhGetReal says:

    Forget it….Obama leftists will never allow it. Old people are a drain on the socialist dream.

    1. lucky13 says:

      They’ll have to live to 150 because of the debt he’s placing on them. They’ll have to work twice as long to get out from under it, that is if they ever can.

    2. Ken Puck says:

      Exactly right. The lefties want to cull the herd, so if you’re not in the inner circle, prepare to take gas.

  17. Wolf Peterson says:

    This is just the first step to life expanding throughout the universe. It is exciting that we may be able to propagate the planets.

    Lets all work toward electing people with IQ’s higher than the lib-Retards.

    1. Sara Cofresi says:

      Now I would think it is just the reverse! But hey, that’s what makes America America now! Insults.rather that commenting on breakthroughs! That’s for your thoughts.

  18. JerryinTampa says:

    If the current trend toward Socialism continues this will never happen. Under Socialism the Masses will become mere Drones that will lack any desire to prolong their then miserable lives. I remain optimistic that we the People will rise up and crush Socialism and those that enable it come November. That will enable us to desire a longer life.

  19. storm says:

    There is a difference between living a long young life, and living a long life with a body of a 80 year old.

    If it is the latter than it’s not worth it.

  20. John says:

    150 year old woman looks like she’s 27 !

  21. Ursus Magnus says:

    Who wants to live that long on THIS stupid planet? Besides, the elitist eugenicists are NOT going to allow this, except for themselves.

    1. Rube says:

      Oh yes they will. We are going to have to live alot longer than that to pay off all the debt this stupid gutter monkey is getting us into.

  22. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    That’s great now I can work until I’m 120, let the party begin.

  23. boB says:

    Some may dispute this, but I think humans are a tad more complex than worms. That said, there are unintended consequences to all of this. Will they be capable of taking care of themselves? Will they create more strain on the Health network? Will there be jobs for them? What will the standard of living be since the money may run out? If we are older, who will pay the Social Security, or more important, man the military? A lot of philisophical questions to answer…

    1. TJLinBallston says:

      Jobs?! If you think I’m going to still be working when I’m over one hundred, you’re wrong.

    2. Freemon SandleWould says:

      It is going to happen. We will be able to increase our intelligence and many other parameters. If you see it in nature we will be able to be it.

      I’m looking forward to this. It can not be stopped. If it is prohibited here it will be done on a pacific island.

    3. Ken Puck says:

      But are we asking the right questions? If a tree falls in the forest, and there’s a squirrel nearby, does the falling tree make a sound? (For purposes of this disquisition, we will assume that the squirrel’s hearing is not impaired.) What if the tree falls on the squirrel? Does that change the dynamic? And how come you can never get a cab with a driver who’s not psychotic? There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in tyour philosophy…

  24. Walter Billings says:

    In a nation dominated by communists, traitors, anarchists, Marxists, dopers, black and Mexican youth gangs, Obananites, the welfare class, and on and on, who wants to live that long, and with the above running around, no one will have the chance anyway.

    1. Freemon SandleWould says:

      You need to live long and win the evolution game. You see the groups you mention have much higher risks. Thus if you live long enough they will self destruct.

  25. Trther says:

    Romans, 2000 years ago, lived to age 80 and beyond. Chinese people lived to 100 years old 1000 years ago. They lived well, of course. that’s the real problem- many people live in bad conditions, and eat poorly.

    Advances are likely to come from imrpovement in these areas. Sure, it is good to escape the flu, but droves of people do not die young because of that.. I believe these flu shots are n fact dangerous.

    1. RandyC0609 says:

      Nice post. Totally agree. If we can model those successful cultures from antiquity and merge our modern understanding of health and science together why would 150 seem so impossible. I’ve read Aubrey DeGrey’s stuff and Ray Kurzweil’s stuff and medical science is producing some amazing advancements.

  26. bill.1942 says:

    As screwed up as this place is, who would want to hang around that long?

    1. the Dude says:

      Don’t worry, Obama will be replaced this November.

      1. Go Obama Go.. says:

        Obama will rule until he dies. You dumb people think we’ll have elections.. Not so.. our dear ruler will make an executive decision to outlaw our constitution… This will happen very soon.

  27. Wayne says:

    They are already doing successful age reversal in mice and several prominent geneticists who specialize in human aging are predicting human life spans for current living people that would make Methusela to appear to have died in infancy.

  28. Phredator says:

    Translated, it reads “With the recent advances, we can expect to see a practical twofold extension of the humand lifespan in the next generation..” –From an inscription in Tut’s tomb.

    Promises of immortality are not “news”,

  29. LHT says:

    well they’ll probably be living under Islamic 3rd century law by then..good luck kids

    1. DL says:

      Islam was founded in the 7th century 🙂

  30. Mac says:

    “but how far should scientists go to allow people to live this long?”

    One hopes the reporter will spend some of those extra years taking writing classes.

  31. CatHerder54 says:

    The most life saving thing we could do is to cure the Deadliest disease known, Old Age. We spend more Money/Resources/Effort on Education than any other activity. The best thing we could do to erase Poverty is to Erase Old Age.
    Will that create new problems? Yep! It sure will, so what! We get new problems all the time, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to live long enough to learn enough to deal with them Effectively? Imagine how far Lying Politicians wouldn’t get when the average age/wisdom of the Electorate is over 75(physical age = 25)?!!
    Food production will also be Revolutionized by the same Genetics that Cures Old Age! Imagine Absolutely Organic Steaks grown by the Ton/day at pennies/Lb! Not to mention every single DNA/RNA Viral disease stopped dead in it’s tracks! No cancer, Flu, Colds, Birth Defects, Malaria, You Name It!!!
    If we can get the Gvmt Weenies out of the way, we could Colonize the Moon (Underground, not surface)… Eventually, crops grown in mile-wide/Miles long “Galleries” stacked one-below-another for, say 50MILES(!), could feed just about ANY #of people on Earth!!
    If we could live several Centuries, the time it would take to TerraForm Mars wouldn’t be that big a deal, either! Using nukes, we could divert a 20~30mile wide Ice Comet to impact on Mars & provide the H2O/O2/Nitrogen/Carbon needed for a Livable BioSphere. Might take a decade, So What? What IS the Value to Mankind of Another Earth?
    With Earth, the 1st 200MILES of the interior of the Moon, & the Entire Planet Mars to live on/in/on… how big a Population could we support? Ten Billion? Twenty?
    And then there’s the Asteroid Belt… Mining in the Mega-Tons/Company/year? Easily! Not to mention even MORE Habitat Space!
    Of the 3 “Great Advances”, 1) Artificial Intelligence, 2) Faster Than Light travel, & 3) Longevity… Only Longevity is not only Possible, but INEVITABLE! Somebody IS going to do this, People! Shouldn’t it be us? So that it’s not mis-used & held as a Secret For Elites Only?!!! So that it’s given to ALL MANKIND! If people could live multiple centuries(physical age=25!), do you think they’d put up with Tyrannies/Dictators/Presidents-For-Life?
    Technological Change can be scary, but it IS inevitable! So let’s do it Right!!

    1. GTO_1969 says:

      Nice to see an optimistic post on this. Great ideas, especially the comet diversion to Mars. Could also use nukes to re-melt the core and get the magnetic field going again to retain an atmosphere. Bottom line is to get government out of the way, which is why Ron Paul is the best choice to get started up this path.

  32. Ray says:

    According to a Dr. Aubrey De Grey article published in Mail Online, July 2011 the first person to live to 150 has already been born. And in the next two decades the frist person to live to a 1000 will be born. Dr. De Grey is a biomedical gerontologist and chief scientist at the SENS Foundation which is involved in the research and development of rejuvenation technologies which address the dieases of aging.

  33. markdavismd says:

    Information presented here is incomplete. Labs animals including the worm, rabbits and more lived longer specifically because of the diet they were fed. In some cases their lifespans were 100% longer than their litter mates. The diet was a high protein restricted calorie regimen. I discussed this in the Millenium Diet, The Practical Guide for Rapid Weight and its updates. Humans who follow such a program may live much longer. Additionally the telomerase studies may push the lifespan further towards one hundred plus years. This is not science fiction but a reality that is happening now. Mark Davis MD author of the Millenium Diet, The Practical Guide for Rapid Weight Loss, President of Healthnets Review Services, advisor to media and industry on health and related issues.

  34. jcwink says:

    Oh thank god for the Doctors and big pharma. With out them where would we be? Maybe one should take responsibility for one’s own health and stop eating all the crap contained in the standard american diet. The acid/alkaline lifestyle will guarantee a longer life. But 98% of won’t or can’t make the change. Keep the health insurance premium paid.

  35. Mike says:

    What about over-crowding? You guys have seen nothing yet… when India and China start going full-steam in the next 20-30 years, it will put such a strain on our resources that you cannot even imagine.

    1. RandyC0609 says:

      Newt said we could colonize the moon…I mean, there’s something…

  36. Paolo says:

    If this means liberals and the stupid will live to be 150 I want nothing to do with it.

    1. glenp says:

      Liberals and STUPID is REDUNDANT and I agree with you

  37. glenp says:

    yeah how many more years of TOOTHLESS?? no thanks

  38. Garr Obo says:

    Who in the f**k would want to live to be 150? Most people are so screwed up by the time that they are 70 that it would be 80 years of agony. Gimee a break for Chrisake.

    1. Bill says:

      Well, I’d rather you didn’t, anyway.

    2. skinsrock says:

      That’s because you have a picture in your head what a 70 or 80 year old is supposed to be… There is a group of ppl called the Hunzas in Pakistan… They live to be 140 years old because everything they eat is all natural & no preservatives… also their work day includes a lot of excercise… Men have children at 90… women in their 80’s look 40… and they can live to 130 – 140 years old.

      1. Luke says:

        Skinsrock, that is a myth. You should not believe everything you read on the internet.

      2. Claude Slagenhop says:

        Agree, this is false. Your age determined by telomers at the end of your DNA. Nothing in your diet is going to stop this. People ate all natural up until the mid 1960s and the life expectancy was 40.

    3. RandyC0609 says:

      Don’t worry bro. Most people that want to die at 70 usually do.

  39. glenp says:

    Jonathan Swift wrote about this in Gulliver’s Travels who wants to be a broken down sack of bones for an additional 50 years

  40. gene says:

    Over the next decade Alzheimer’s will kill one out of two people in their 80s. No cure in sight. This was glossed over in the article.

    1. glenp says:

      what a load of crap you HAVE to be a DEMOCRAT

    2. Bill says:

      Except that there is a cure in sight. It’s been all over the news about the common cancer treatment that has been discovered to arrest and reverse alzheimer’s in mice.

      1. Joe Doakes says:

        Biology can be very unforgiving. If all of the compounds that worked in mice, worked in us, we would live thousands of years.

  41. gene says:

    What about Alzheimer’s. Not a cure in sight. Over next ten years will affect one out of two people in their 80s or younger.

  42. Tim says:

    1) Who wants to pay taxes for over 100 years? 2) What about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease? Who wants to live like that?

    1. Spanky Spankster says:

      “What about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease? ”

      With the help of paid SEIU assistants, they’d all vote Democrat.

  43. forrest walters says:

    Unless we do something about the problem of death, we’re all on a one way trip to nowhere. See

  44. Wilson says:

    “Scientists are making huge advances in the lab, growing new organs from adult human stem cells, creating body parts with 3D printers, and using gene therapy to successfully treat diseases like blindness and leukemia.”

    I’m confused. All of the talking heads and abortion fanatics have been saying that EBRYONIC stem cells are the future yet this article is stating that ADULT stem cells are where all the breakthroughs are coming from. Looks like they have one less talking point to use when promoting their blood lust…

    1. Wilson says:

      Embryonic. Not Ebryonic.

    2. Ned Stark says:

      As far as I know, there hasn’t been a single successful treatment derived from natal stem cells, in fact the side effects are usually pretty grotesque.

      The most successful treatments are those that use the patient’s or a donor’s ‘adult’ stem cells.

      Don’t tel the abortion machine that though, it might interfere in their disregard for human life and dignity.

      1. RandyC0609 says:

        What about stem cell from umbilical cord blood? Throw that out right. Don’t use that for anything useful or god’s wrath will be invoked.

    3. BC Hughes says:

      You are correct in stating that adult stem cells is where the action is.

      Conceiving a child — even in a Petrie dish– for the purpose of killing it is —-well, barbaric isn’t strong enough. The situation has outrun my vocabulary.

  45. Rob says:

    But where are we all gonna park?

  46. CR says:

    “but how far should scientists go to allow people to live this long?”

    Sounds like what the stone age humans would say: The natural life span is 20 years, anything longer is un-natural. And in the 1930s, 50 is the natural life span, antibiotics are extending it longer than it is meant to be. And in the 1950s, 65 is the natural human life span, CPR and defibrillators are unnatural. Not to mention heart transplants, liver, lung, chemo etc.

    Life is precious. Any improvement in life span is a good thing, particularly to the person who’s life it is! Anyone who truly believes it should not be extended should refuse antibiotics, vaccinations, and sign a DNR.

    1. Hey You says:

      Haven’t had any vaccinations since in elementary school, have refused antibiotics, and try to stay away from general medical practitioners. So, will I live to be a hundred? Have a good shot at it as am in mid-eighties right now.

      1. glenp says:

        better start bending over and kissing your butt goodbye – 85 is the limit more or less

        1. BC Hughes says:

          85 is the limit???? I come from long-lived families. Folks in their 80s and 90s all over the place, and several over 100 back in Civil War times.

          Some people don’t understand the difference between average lifespan and the age that is actually likely. Until day-before-yesterday the life expectancy figures are skewed because of the very high infant mortality rates.

        2. TimeToPutOutTheTrash says:

          I CAN’T DRIVE 85!

    2. Mariel says:

      I’m glad to have my life extended but I am not an elite, therefore it will not be provided for me.

  47. KPMc says:

    Let’s see… 6 billion people living well over 100 years…

    Will religions still claim it is morally responsible to NOT use birth control? Just how many people can this planet support? I already think we have about 5B too many.

    Will lazy socialists still object to working past 55? Will they expect some government agency or work pension to cover them for another 90 or so years?

    70 year-olds having a mid-life crisis will NOT be a pretty sight.

    1. AngryBuddhist says:

      Yeah we are definatley doomed if we don’t get a grip on population growth rates.

  48. mehere says:

    Don’t expect SSI

  49. reverendbuki says:

    Let’s hope not, retirement age would be raised to 140.

  50. susan says:

    anything is possible with new treatments for disease and new drugs..if this is the case, then all those (mostly 20-30 somethings)who think youre a “geezer” at 50 will have to change their the way, heredity and lifestyl;e still have a lot to do with mom lived to be 93 and not in a rest home!

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