NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Sorry New Jersey, America isn’t really that into you.

Thirty-two percent of American voters have a unfavorable view of the Garden State, according to a recent survey by Public Policy Polling.

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New Jersey is just one of five states that gets a negative favorability rating from the country, joining California (44 percent), Illinois (29 percent), Mississippi (28 percent) and Utah (27 percent).

Forty seven percent of those who described themselves as “moderate,” were “unsure” what they thought about New Jersey.  While, 37 percent of those labeling themselves as “very liberal” had an unfavorable view of the state.

New York saw a 40 percent favorability rating, while 29 percent had an unfavorable view and 32 percent said they were “not sure.”

In New York, 60 percent of those considering themselves “somewhat liberal” had a favorable view, while only 21 percent of “very conservative” respondents felt the same way.

California fared the worst with 44 percent of respondents saying that have an unfavorable view of the state.  Hawaii had the highest favorability rating with 54 percent.

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  1. sackman says:

    the democraps and their liberal behavior plus the high taxes they gave the state…the dems do this all over the country!!!

    1. Monika says:

      sackman – you are an idiot. There are good republicans, bad republicans, good democrats and bad democrats. I personally wish they would do away with the party system – but I think you stray from the point in question, which is why the rest of the country has an unfavorable view of NJ. And that is most likely because of all the bad press it has received recently due to the Governor lowering the flag for Whitney Houston. So why don’t you unglue your head from where its stuck and read the question.

  2. susan says:

    i have never been to new jersey, but there must be something good about it,or it would not be called “the garden state” and people would move away..recently the publicity has been unfavorable because of the flap about the governor lowering flags for whitney houston…anyplace you live (unless its far away from other people and congestion)is going to have good points and bad if you are proud to be in new jersey,more power to you!!

  3. nrichard says:

    Please…. “New Jersey, the Me First State” – they rush to get in front of you in lines, they race you to the doors of stores, they cut you off while driving (although, what do you expect from people who took their driving test in a parking lot with emergency cones masquerading as other cars), the governor has absolutely no self control (as indicated by his increasing enormity) – the soil is saturated with chemicals – what do you all expect – they are brain damaged people! Only those who have no clue believe their own hype! Hell, 1 in 3 people of NJ can’t even stand the state!

    1. sackman says:

      nrichard… your brain must be saturated with chemicals the kind that can kill u…u dope…when u do 50mph in the fast lane u need to get pushed off the road…stay in pa./ conn where all the jerks live!

  4. Monika says:

    New Jersey’s biggest problem is a Governor who sees a drug addict alcoholic as a “cultural icon”. HE’s the reason everybody hates Jersey.

    1. sackman says:

      monika the DOPE…WE JUST HAD YOUR DEM CORZINE for gov for 8yrs…as a result jersey has the highest taxes in the country…teachers union r out of control…corzine is being investigated for mishandling 1-1/2 billion dollars in his co. IBF investment, the biggest crook in the country!!! u DOPE! Christie is trying to clean-up the mess u jerk!

      1. Monika says:

        Hey sackman (I’m pretty sure I know what that’s supposed to refer to and I bet your wife is majorly disappointed), I am a republican, don’t currently live in NJ, didn’t vote for Corzine, don’t care about NJ taxes, and am not responsible for crooked politicians, of which ALL are as far as I’m concerned. I am referring to the fact that any idiot who sees a drug addict alcoholic as a “cultural icon” has serious difficulties with perception and creates a bad image for the state as a whole

  5. jerseyjoey says:

    Well, maybe most people consider NORTH JERSEY to be snobs riddled with nasty attitudes and a unhealthy all about me me me mentality, filled with Muslims and illegals not to mention a 6th boro of NYC feeling. Now southern Jersey is where your GOOD JERSEY PEOPLE live and are Natural Americans who have good morals and values. Years Ago I was a supporter of secession, now it’s too late, Best thing now is to see NJ in my rear view mirror.

    1. sackman says:

      hey dope we all have 2nd homes @ the beach…muslims- ca. has the most, minn. as well, the list is as long as your stupidity!!!

  6. Mikeybklyn says:

    it’s because you have a hot air balloon for Governor.

  7. Calvin E. Miles says:

    I forgot to give a shout out to Cinnaminson Rush Elementary School, for my K-1 educational experience.

  8. Calvin E. Miles says:

    New Jersey residents are considered “snobs” because we don’t listen to everyone’s BS and we are capable of forming our own opinions. Our residents seek the highest level of education, any way we can achieve it. We are not afraid to voice how we feel and we have very strong convictions. I was born and raised in NJ, back in 1962. I continue to love my home state, although I don’t love all the political changes that have taken place since Christie Todd Whitman took over the State, many years ago. My educational experience, K-12, Beverly City School, Palmyra High School, (shout out to both), has taken me around the world four times, via military service and has landed me very good jobs within the US. No matter where you go in the world, others will know that we are from New Jersey! We have our own distinct style of how we see life, like none other. Don’t let the one’s who don’t understand how we grow and mature in New Jersey, discourage you. New Jersey, be proud and represent! Show them what you’ve got!!

    1. sackman says:

      hey doppy lib…it was your democraps who gave the high property taxes and ruined the state smarten-up jerk!!

  9. Kleetis Slywage says:

    The real reason for N.J.’s bad reputation is the fact that the Governor is a morbidly obese hater of the middle class.

    1. sackman says:

      kleet u dope! he’s cleaning up what u democraps did to the state…the higest taxes in the country…your x-dem gov korzine is being investigated for stealing 1 1/2 billion dollars from IBF investments…smarten-up u jerk!

  10. Edwin Lora Diaz says:

    we even criticize this show because we work a lot in new jersey in order to maintain our selves, we know there no one in this state that could lead a lifestyle like the jersey shores depict, it is untrue and very insulting to the majority of people who commute to work since 5 am to new york city to make a living and come back home past 8 o clock so we could put food on the table….that show is like a fantasy, unreal and irresponsible

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