FAIRFIELD, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — Bad blood spilling over into a bitter family feud has two brothers struggling over the fate of their elderly mother, who is still living in the house they grew up in and now facing possible eviction.

CBS 2’s Lou Young got an exclusive interview with the son who had his mother served with eviction papers.

“I’m the bad guy,” Peter Kantorowski joked as he spoke with Young.

Peter Kantorowski, 71, tried to laugh it off, but it’s hard. He is the estranged son of 98-year-old Mary Kantorowski and person trying to have his mother evicted from the house he grew up in. Peter Kantorowski has also been on the receiving end of many hate messages.

“I’ve done everything possible that I could do for her and I’m portrayed like I started this process and I’m trying to help her,” Peter Kantorowski said. “I love my mother.”

Mary Kantorowski said last week that she doesn’t want to leave the house.

It’s really a battle between the two brothers. Peter was given the home when his dad died 15 years ago with the condition his mother live in as long as she wants. She’s allowing Jack to live there as well. The brothers don’t talk.

“He did his own thing with drinking and it got escalated all these years — it got worse and worse and worse and it’s out of control,” Peter Kantorowski said. “He’s taking advantage of her.”

Mary’s expense included more liquor store and cigar purchases than you would expect from a 98-year-old woman, which is why a judge appointed a conservator to handle her bills last summer. Now part of the family wants to cut Jack out of the picture entirely, including Jack’s own son.

John Kantorowski, Jack’s son, said the intention of the eviction notice was “To get Jack Kantorowski out of the house, not my grandmother.” He explained that he was fine with the scenario provided his grandmother was taken care of.

Jack Kantorowski wasn’t interested in talking to CBS 2 on Monday. His mother, Mary, spent most of the day in the house alone, reluctant to come to the door. The unusual family eviction case goes to court at the end of the week.

Because of the dispute, Mary Kantorowski’s financial affairs have been in the hands of a court-appointed conservator since July.

Both brothers insist they want only what’s best for her.

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  1. Benito Hall says:

    Clovis Clodoveo.
    Esta es una situacion muy clara legalmente. Se trata de lo siguiente.
    El marido propietario de una inmueble, vease una vivienda familiar,
    habitada por, esposo, esposa, 2 hijos.El esposo muere, claro esta
    que la viuda hereda la parte del esposo fallecido. La viuda tiene el
    derecho de vivir en la casa hasta su muerte. O de lo contrario si es
    su deseo puede vender dicha propiedad y repartir con sus dos hijos.
    Con el dinero restante en poder de la viuda puede obtar por vivir
    en un asilo de ancianos y vivir con el dinero fruto de la venta de la

  2. afamilyFriend says:

    I have known the Kanorowski’s for over 30 years. John and Mary are good people. These other two clowns- Kevin and Johnny have extensive criminal histories. Do not take my word for it look it up. As far as Peter Kantorowski goes. He is only a retired taxidermist because he was arrested in the 80s by the state of Connecticut for mounting an endangered species. Jack kantorowski is no criminal. He is well liked by a lot of people and only wishes the best for his mother. He is the only one taking care of her. The other side only cares about money. They are trying very hard to do damage recovery. Be careful what you believe the people I mentioned above are criminals and have zero credibility. The truth will come out of the courts just wait and see.

    1. kantorowski says:

      This goes to show you how ignorant people are,they dont care about the safety of my grandmother,just care about trying to screw somone like they have been all there lifes,Peter,hope,and richard kantorowski are very low class,this story is about Mary Kantorowski,they dont care, the truth is out there now,you people need a life and you will have to answer to god come ur day.low life is all u are ,now i wont waste my time on u anymore low life,

    2. kantorowski says:

      low life peter kantorowski jr and Hope and richard its a shame how u are this is about Mary my grandmother,u guys i see will never grow up,why dont you come see grandma too cheap to fly,or you know u cant bleed her Jack already did,low life loosers

  3. pugphan says:

    Wow! Everybody making comments and nobody cept the family knows anything about this. Shame shame shame on the media for even putting this ou8t there for the world. smokersodysseycom

  4. shortysmom says:

    She is probably lonely. Sometimes family members act as if they are worried about the elderly, but they don’t visit them at all. If she is paying for his alcohol and cigarettes in order to keep from being lonely, well, that’s her decision. She doesn’t look stupid to me. She looks like she has all of her facilities about her. I say it is HER decision, and nobody else’ business!!!

    1. kantorowski says:

      Hello do u not understand about the elderly!!! paying for his booze and cigarettes,he is stealing, u cant be that ignorant!!!!!!!!!!! her decision a 98 year old woman u have to be kidding me!! u should reread what u wrote. and by the way look at the real story did u not see my comments u tube radio station and what happen yesterday!!! no body buisness were her family,i will not waste another breath talking to you,you think its safe for her to be in a smoke filled house are you for real!!!! with no food and in bed all day omg you should be ashamed of your self writting that,

    2. kantorowski says:

      you have to be kidding me!!!!! you seem like you have mental issues.

      1. Dee says:

        Please find someone to take care of Mary, I’ve been following this story and looked it up because there was supposed to be a court hearing today. Having background in elder care I would love to take care of her, I live a distance away, but both parents born, raised and buried in CT. I think both sons need to be out of her business, and certainly not spending her money on booze and smokes, that’s sad.

    3. Dee says:

      From the amounts I’ve seen paid out, she could have hired a few people to keep her company, let alone those of us willing to do it for free, you can’t buy love.

  5. kantorowski says:

    My name is Kevin Kantorowski,I would like to know who I can talk to about,my grandmother well being.The court Judge Daniel Caruso appointed a conservator,Richard Bortoloc to handle my grandmother care in july,and to this day nothing is getting done,for her well being I was there at my grandmother house.And its unacceptable,Please tell me who to call to discuss this mater with,I have tried with everyone,even the news,I am sure u must have seen it. Who do I talk to that in charge of the probate Judges,Please help.

    Thank you Kevin Kantorowski

  6. Regina says:

    Alcoholics are sometimes skilled at making the victims(s) look like the bad guy(s). It sounds as though the mother may have enabled and supported her son’s drinking by funding him and inviting him to live in her home. What this family needs is a skilled family therapist who can help them cut through all of the bad habits that have developed over the years.

  7. bpolicriti says:

    Let’s hope the courts can sort this out a let the 98 year old woman live in peace in the home her husband bought for her. She doesn’t deserve this kind of headache at her age.

  8. nycsewer says:


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