Morris Was Reportedly Leaving Fundraiser For Fallen Officer Peter Figoski

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD is looking into the circumstances surrounding the arrest Tuesday morning of a police officer in Brooklyn.

The department’s Internal Affairs Bureau is taking a closer look at how Officer Christopher Morris, who was arrested in East New York while on duty, crashed into a pole when he was in a police car around 4:10 a.m. at Sutter Avenue and Schenck Street.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria Reports

CBS 2 has learned police colleagues knew the NYPD officer had been drinking before the accident.

The pole hit a parked van and light pole, but there were no injuries. When a police supervisor went to the scene, he smelled alcohol, 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reported.  The van belongs to a pastor in the neighborhood.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb On The Story

“I seen the impact. I seen when the car hit the light post,” witness Alexis Mercedes told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey.

Mercedes was already awake during the accident and took a photo of Morris’ patrol car after it knocked the light pole into another car. He said the officer got out and made a phone call.

“He told them he fell asleep behind the wheel…that he fell asleep behind the wheel and crashed into a car,” Mercedes said.

“I see the police car — it hit the back of the van or whatever it was.  He came out, jumped out and he was standing there walking back and forth and stuff,” Jeanette Melendez told CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

Morris, a five-year veteran, was leaving a fundraiser for the daughters of fallen NYPD Officer Peter Figoski, Guzman reported. Figoski was shot in the face and killed during a botched robbery in Brooklyn last December.

The fundraiser took place at the Lindenwood Diner, where many other officers were present.

Sources said Morris was scheduled for duty at the 75th precinct, but stopped by the fundraiser first. That’s when colleagues discovered he was inebriated and sent him to the precinct and put him on desk duty so he wouldn’t be a danger on the road.

However, he allegedly drove back to the diner in a patrol car and crashed when he left the party again, Guzman reported.

Morris, 31, refused to take a breath test and was arrested for DWI. He has been suspended for 30 days.

Sources told CBS 2 and 1010 WINS that Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is furious and wants to know why there were so many lieutenants at the fundraiser and why they didn’t try to stop Morris.

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  1. Anthony says:

    This accident should have occurred on Morris Park Avenue.

    It wasn’t covered up because of the witnesses and because of the extensive property damage to a pole and two vehicles.

    If his fellow officers knew that he was inebriated, Morris should have been sent home and not placed on desk duty.

    This incident involved a series of hideous blunders, which might result in multiple dismissals from the police force.

    When you mix alcohol with a car, a gun, and a policeman, the results can be tragic.

    This is one of the very few times that I’ve heard of an ON DUTY policemen being in this type of a situation.

  2. rocker90 says:

    the NYPD is mostly nothing but a bunch of drunks

  3. valentina says:

    and add to the equation that the incident occurred not only while he was on duy, but also while driving an RMP. there is no way in hell this incident could have been made to disappear

  4. valentina says:

    it was not a cop turning on a cop. the incident resulted in the damage of private property, as well as city property. there were witnesses. at that point nothing could be done to protect the cop, as he had sealed his own fate, and unfortunately, the fate of others. even if this incident was able to be quashed, the chances are very strong that this cop would have killed someone in the future. and why would a patrol supervisor risk his job, his reputation and his pension for a DRUNK IDIOT COP????

    1. valentina says:

      and add to the equation that the incident occurred while he was on duty, and while driving and RMP. no WAY could anyone make this incident disappear

  5. Joe says:

    no drinking in work hours.

  6. rocker90 says:

    Its the NYPD what do you expect?

    Always drunk

  7. d. douglass says:

    All I want to know is how many more guys like him are on your police force, but not yet arrested?

  8. proofreader says:

    OK…….DID I READ THIS RIGHT “The pole hit a parked van and light pole,”

    1. yknipp says:

      Yes you did read that.

      1. Who me Drunk says:

        But alcohol did not play a role in accident.It was the lights from the UFO that blinded him and made him crash.He was trained to drive drunk.

  9. Al Sharpton says:

    Oh so true.

  10. davidb says:

    30 days? REALLY?!!!! Morris should be fired and the arresting officer should be promoted.

    1. Glenn Erdmann says:

      You are an IDIOT.

      1. yknipp says:

        I agree….LOL

    2. valentina says:

      a member of the department is only allowed to be suspended for a maximum of 30 days, according to the office of labor relations, which writes the contracts for city employees. it is during this time that the matter will be investigated by the appropriate units within the department. an employee of the city of new york is protected by their union, and therefore cannot be outright terminated for any wrongdoing. the employee has the right to due process under their contract. the officer will be brought up on what is called charges and specifications, and the case will go to a department trial, as well as a criminal trial within the court system. even if he is acquitted of the criminal charges, which is highly doubtful, he will most likely lose his job with the nypd as a result of the department trial, and his troubles will far from end there.

    3. rocker90 says:

      maybe officer Morris should be promoted

    4. Do the Right Thing says:

      davidb is 100% absolutely correct!

      The drunk cop should be fired! I remember a few years ago when a drunk cop hit and killed an entire family in my neighborhood in Sunset, Brooklyn. When will the stupidity end?

      I truly hope the police get rid of this guy and not sweep it under the rug or put him on “desk” duty – whatever that means. Do you have to be drunk to do desk duty. Makes no sense!

  11. redneck says:

    This Animal would callously arrest any one of us for a BAC of as low as .05 just for overtime or to satisfy a quota. And the courts would not only approve but make our lives hell with crap like “you could have killed someone”. When in reality impairment becomes evident only at about .12

    While he himself, holier than thou cop, blatantly ignores the law and TRULY creates a dangerous situation. What was his BAC that he hit a stationary object? Where is his advanced driver pursuit training?

    I could go on, but the point is hypocrite pigs who get caught like this need double the penalty than normal people. Especially since crimes against cops by regular people merit harsher penalties.

    1. Lord Anubis says:

      i think that the bac punishment for .05 and .08 are fine……however the .12 you mentioned i beleive is a matter of opinion.people in a wide range of shapes and sizes builds and body mass indexes.those things definitely affect at where a person is visally impared.the law is the way it is for safety reasons and im fine with that but the point where a person is logistically impaired can vary between lets say some who is 250 as opposed to someone who is 200.

    2. valentina says:

      cops do not make dwi arrests for purposes of quota fulfillment

  12. Oletubo Rotimi Ibukun says:

    Christopher, is a law enforcement agent officer that suppose to be above board. But we are all human being and this is more reason that we can not cheat a nature. The gentleman made a mistake of over intoxicated. Next time he should learn how to zip a little in order to avoid another embarrasement of this nature.

    1. mj says:

      remember that comment the next time a NON cop is arrested for dwi

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