NEW YORK (WFAN) — There’s no need to fear, the underdogs are here?

Mets COO Jeff Wilpon gave every player an orange T-shirt Monday featuring in bold the “U” logo from the classic cartoon “Underdog.” Let’s just say David Wright wasn’t ready to rally around the idea.

“I don’t really like using the whole underdog thing. I don’t really like playing that card,” said Wright. “I think it’s just a way to remind everybody in here that the outside expectations aren’t the expectations that we have for ourselves.”

Wright wasn’t the only player bothered by the concept. According to the New York Post, one unnamed Met said it gives the team an easy excuse if they falter.

Others, like Jason Bay and manager Terry Collins, were behind it.

“I thought Jeff had a great idea,” said Collins. “You know what? If it ticks you off, then we’re doing our job. You’ve got to know how you’re being felt out there.”

“It’s just something to rally around, something to banter about,” Bay said. “The T-shirt is not lying. It’s telling the truth.”

The Mets aren’t expected by many to compete in the NL East. The team cut millions in payroll while stacked Philadelphia and Miami improved their rosters.

Still, Wright doesn’t like the underdog label.

“We shouldn’t view ourselves as that,” he said. “We’ll let everybody else view ourselves as that, because I think we kind of know what we’re capable of doing.”

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