NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A star prosecution witness in the webcam spying trial of a former Rutgers University student says she never recorded or broadcast video of a student having an intimate encounter with another man.

Molly Wei took the stand for a second day of testimony in the case against Dharun Ravi, who faces hate crime charges following the suicide of his roommate, 18-year-old Tyler Clementi.

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Wei, who is also a former Rutgers student, told jurors Tuesday that she only saw live streaming video of Clementi and another man in the door he shared with Ravi back in September 2010.

Prosecutors allege Ravi spied on Clementi and the other man using a desk top camera he had in the room to deliberately expose Clementi’s sexual orientation.

Days later, Clementi killed himself by jumping off the George Washington Bridge.

Wei testified about when she was told of Clementi’s suicide by campus police, the first time his death has been mentioned in court during the trial.

“At the end of the conversation, the police officers told me that Tyler was missing and that he had possibly committed suicide,” she said. “I was overwhelmed, very sad and I felt very bad if anything had happened.”

Wei said a few days later, she went to police again when she learned that Ravi had sent Twitter messages inviting followers to watch a second live stream of Clementi when he wanted the room again to himself.

“I was very surprised because my friends brought it up and I had no idea how they knew,” she told jurors. “Finally they told me of these tweets that they received on Tuesday about him trying to have a viewing party, things like that.”

Wei said she was then arrested after telling authorities about the Twitter messages and charged with invasion of privacy.

Under cross-examination, Ravi’s attorney questioned Wei about her testimony and when she saw police at Ravi’s door in the dorm.

“Did he give you instructions or ask you to delete anything that you might have had on your cell phone based upon texts that he sent you earlier,” asked defense attorney Steven Altman.

“No,” Wei replied.

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On Monday, Wei testified that she and the defendant had initially agreed not to tell anyone about what they saw on the webcam.

“First of all, it was shocking. It felt wrong. We didn’t expect to see that. And now that what we did, it was like we shouldn’t have seen it,” Wei said. “We didn’t want people to know what had happened.”

But she said that within minutes, she and Ravi were chatting with friends online about seeing the two men kissing and within an hour, she had agreed to show a few seconds of the streaming video to four others who came to her dorm room.

Both times Wei said she only saw a few seconds of the stream.

“It was the exact same image except that they had taken their tops off,” she said, describing the second time she viewed the video with other students in the room. “As soon as they saw it, I turned it off.”

Prosecutors say that Clementi suspected he was being watched and reported it to the university and that’s when Wei said she was questioned by campus police.

But Wei said Monday there was never a plan to intimidate or humiliate Clementi.

After Wei left the courtroom, a second student, Alissa Agarwal, told jurors about Ravi’s tweets police pulled from her cell phone.

“I went to my friend’s Molly’s and turned on the webcam. I saw my roommate making out with a dude, yay,” Agarwal read. “Anyone who has iChat I dare you to chat between 9 and 12…yes it’s happening again.”

Under cross-examination, witnesses testified Ravi wasn’t trying to expose Clementi.

“Did he ever express to you or anybody while you were around any hate for Tyler?” Altman asked.

“Absolutely not,” Agarwal answered.

Though Wei was initially charged in the case, she accepted a deal last year to avoid jail time and potentially a criminal record. She had to enter a pre-trial intervention program and agree to cooperate in the case against Ravi, among other conditions.

Ravi faces 15 criminal counts, including invasion of privacy and bias intimidation, the most serious charge. In order to convict Ravi of bias intimidation, prosecutors must persuade jurors that he acted out of bias toward gays.

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  1. Michael says:

    Wrapper- a hottie? What in the hell are you looking at?

  2. littlestar says:

    Why is suicide taboo any way ? Why can’t we move on as a culture and embrase ” mortality determination ” ?

    1. dakotahgeo says:

      Great idea! You go first. You have 30 seconds. Bon Voyage!

  3. Wrapper says:

    Molly Wei is a hottie!


      Hottie? You have poor taste, in fact your idea of Chinese food is probably chow mein and egg roll which explains it all.

  4. CT Native says:

    Unfortunately these two are going to walk.


      Unfortunately? Wei will do and say anything to get off the hook. Ravi is being persecuted for not embracing homosexuality.

      1. Michael H. says:

        Ravi is being *PROSECUTED* for violating his roommate’s privacy.

  5. Amtracmarine says:

    It was Ms Wei’s computer and in Ms. Wei’s room. If she felt it was wrong,why didn’t she disconnect the feed and tell Mr. Ravi that she wouldn’t allow him to involve her.??

  6. Amtracmarine says:

    ” Wei said. “We didn’t want people to know what had happened.” But,
    Following the initial viewing, Ravi left the room and Wei’s roommate, Cassandra Cicco, and Cicco’s friends came to the room and asked to view the webcam. Wei activated the camera again for “like two seconds,” before shutting it off, and the girls left, she said. This little beotch should not get off with tatting out her friend and a slap on the wrist. While Ravi should get the stiffest penalty Ms. Wei should see some jail time also

  7. r.smith says:

    The defense should call the diseased boys mother to the stand. There is information
    that he was depressed and suicidal because he believed that his mother was not
    supportive when he told her that he was gay. None should be subjected to an
    invasion of privacy but by the same token if the deceased wanted to have a tryss
    with another man who wasn’t even a student at the college then perhaps he should have done it outside of the dormitory off school property rather than asked his roommate to give him privacy until later in the night.

    1. Boomer says:

      I hope you meant “deceased” , not “diseased”, right?

    2. Wow says:

      Wow, your comment is absolutely disgusting. Don’t try to back peddle with “None should be subjected to an invasion of privacy..” because if you REALLY believed that and actually KNEW what you were talking about, you would know this Ravi isn’t being charged with anything pertaining to Tyler’s death! Ravi is being charged with invasion of privacy.. do you have kids? How would you feel if your heterosexual child was being taped having a sexual encounter without their knowledge and then having it streamed live on the internet? No big deal right? get a clue

    3. Chris says:

      So if your saying it basically the victims fault for wanting to spend time alone in his dorm with his lover. be it male or female there is no reason what so ever for this kid to have been put through this by a spoiled punk who claims he was afraid his stuff would get touched. I am sure that Ravi didn’t intend for Tyler to kill himself because of his actions but he did it and they were the final nail that caused him to kill himself. Privacy is Privacy no one has the right to spy on someone and then walk away from the situation that they caused because they wanted to catch him in the act. He committed a hate crime no he must do the time….

  8. Jean says:

    If it was “shocking” and she knew “it felt wrong” why did she do it FOUR times? She’s just trying to excuse her behavior and pin it all on Ravi. The only difference between them is that she agreed to take a plea because at least she knew she screwed up.

  9. normal says:

    Unless Ravi hated and had it in for Clementi, who in their right mind would want to watch two men doing whatever to each other? YUCK.

  10. RoyBoySays says:

    Molly is a turn coat stool pigeon,and will say whatever the Prosecutor wants her too,so she can avoid trial and conviction……………….she’s just as culpable as Ravi


      You left out fink and dirty rat.

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