NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New York City is set to welcome its first gay hotel.

The new complex on West 42nd Street, “Out NYC,” bills itself as a “place for gays and their friends and family to have a good time, to stay, play, eat, relax and revive,” according to owner Ian Reisner.

Reisner told 1010 WINS’ Al Jones that he prefers not to call the new place a gay hotel, but rather a straight-friendly hotel catering to the gay lifestyle.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Al Jones Gets A Tour Of The Hotel

“We’re built as a gay-oriented hotel, where straight friends and family can come in and enjoy themselves as well,” Reisner said.

Rooms at the Hell’s Kitchen hotel will go for between $200-300 per night and come complete with nightclub, bar, cafe, restaurant and a 5,000 foot wellness center.

Reisner said the atmosphere at the “urban resort” will “feel almost like a cruise ship” for “everyone to enjoy and relax.”

“We expect our guests to use the facilities here and the rest of the city and this is a place to welcome them back home for relaxation and fun,” he said.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell At The Hotel

The hotel will also have rooms in two levels off glass hallways looking out over three separate courtyards.  “Out NYC” will open on Thursday.

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  1. White hooded says:

    I would love to start a reality tv show, in which we subject a conservative Midwestern family to a weekend at this hotel. We will not tell them in advance about the unique nature of this particular establishment.

    1. dakotahgeo says:

      Now THAT would be a reality show I’d pay to watch, lolol.

  2. albert says:

    I salute these guys for being visionaries.
    The hotel is beautiful,the rooms are spectacular.
    If you enjoy staying at a Ian Schrager hotel then you
    will love this place.

  3. akiva penaloza says:

    I don’t care anymore if someone is homophobic. It’s their problem and I’m here to shove it in their face over and over again. We exist. You’ll never get rid of us. He he. And how stupid are you to waste your time hating someone. Sounds like some of you are obsessed with gay people. Is this another Rick Santorum situation? I think so.

  4. dakotahgeo says:

    Thank you, CBS2 censors for removing the vile comments that have been showing up lately. Your day crew doesn’t work too hard!

  5. T says:

    What do you think happens in the beds of all hotels? Reading of the complimentary Bible?

  6. Lucky Stiff says:

    Hope there are no spy cams. Me and sugar plum don’t want a hot
    nite on u tube. What goes on in that hotel room stays there, including the slop.

  7. T says:

    I’ll be praying for you while you’re trying to play the role of God judging people for having other religions. And America is not a Christian Nation. Half of our founding fathers would’ve probably been considered agnostic or atheist today. The others…christians who wanted a Nation with freedom of religion.

  8. John De Salvio says:

    At $200-$300 a night I hope they provide a handsome bedmate.

    1. Kathy says:

      You obviously haven’t been to NYC lately!! Not a bad price!

      1. T says:

        Only problem is this hotel probably won’t be showing up on expedia for a reduced rate!

  9. John De Salvio says:

    mark_escobar, this is NOT a “Christian Nation”. It never has been. Show me anywhere in the U.S. Constitution that describes us as a “Christian Nation”. Even Thomas Jefferson, in the Declaration of Independence, attributes all the rights to which we are entitled according to “The Laws of Nature and Of Nature’s God.” He accepted the “Great Spirit” of the Iroquois Indians as the deity of our nation. The majority of our Founding Fathers were either deists or atheists.

  10. Susan says:

    People, it’s a business idea. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. If they have great rooms, great service, and a fun atmosphere it will work. If they don’t, they will go out of business. To me the name just states that the hotel is gay friendly. I will give it a try when I go to NYC. I am straight, but have a gay son who lives in NY. Most places in NYC city are very nice and welcoming to my son and his partner, but it would still be nice for all to know who enter that the place is gay friendly. I hope they do well.

  11. jml says:

    I’m still laughing!

  12. RosenHappyBaum says:

    Tell the “straight” parents who “created” us. Stop whining. Don´t want gay people? Tell your momma. Oh´right, we shouldn´t have a problem with God and pay for our sins, he MADE us and he is ok w/ it for a long time…can´t change evolution…

    1. dakotahgeo says:

      Jesus and God do not make mistakes! They made you/us exactly the way they intended! Thank you for a very on-the-mark, intelligent response, RHB!!! Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain

    2. littlestar says:

      Was He ok with Neanderthals ? He also made the millions of Americans locked up in our just and mighty jails. They were born this way too….

      1. Ezra says:

        There is a big difference between knowing who you love and choosing to commit a crime. I treat people with respect and love no matter who they are because they are children of God just like me. Choosing to do something is different than being born a certain way. Sexuality is inherent, not a choice. Murder is a choice, theft is a choice, sexuality is not. No one wakes up and says that they are straight or gay. If that was the case why would people want to be gay, it’s definately not easy.

  13. Finding bigfoot says:

    Time to bring back the all white hotel

    1. T says:

      Things like a gay friendly hotel…which by the way is not an all gay hotel…just a hotel that is clear in its description that people who are attracted to those of the same sex are welcome…these kinds of establishments are created to protect a group that is put down elsewhere. A group that feels that it is not protected at the standard hotel from things like being given two beds when they requested one because they were two men or two women. One might argue that every hotel is a white hotel, because white people are the majority and do not need special protection.

      1. littlestar says:

        Oh come on jerky ! Do you think strait, normal people are going to check into this place ? It is defacto. Yes ? Actualy it is a step in the right direction. Gay planet I hope some day.

        1. T says:

          Yes I think plenty of straight, educated, sane people will be staying there. It’s in a great location. The pictures make it look like a nice place. No I do not think homophobes will be there though.

  14. ThisIsRidiculous says:

    smdh! I wanna have an all handicapped hotel then lol. An able-bodied hotel catering to the handicap lifestyle.

    1. T says:

      Do you have a physical disability Ridiculous? If you do you then understand how establishments (especially hotels) can be non accomidating to you. So you should understand that having people book you for two beds when you and your same sex partner reserved one…it’s a difficult situation. I’m sorry that you feel that hotels don’t take care of people with physical disabilities…hopefully protection continues to be put into place to change that for you.

      1. Lou says:

        That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard! You are offended because you get two beds instead of one? I can’t tell you the number of times I have been booked in a room with two beds, even when I was not traveling with anyone. How is that a problem? Can you not still be in the same bed. I’m sorry your life must be so difficult if getting an extra bed in your room is so troublesome.

        1. T says:

          It’s not about the two beds in terms of that…it’s the fact that we’re being assumed to not being in a relationship because we are of the same gender assuming we made a mistake in reserving only one bed and THAT is a form of oppression. Big or small, if you can’t trust a hotel staff person to be respectful, how can you trust anything that’s going to happen when you stay at that hotel. Will you get inadequate housekeeping…will your maintenance requests not be responded to? It’s just a form of not respecting the relationship that we’re in. In my opinion it’s just as demeaning as the government (not religious bodies) defining a legal marriage between people of the different genders as different than same sex civil unions. Luckily this is in the private sector and can be addressed by more of these gay friendly hotels being built.

    2. Wayne says:

      Sounds to me like your bitter. Everywher caters to handicap people

  15. Michael H. says:

    so…what you’re saying is you ARE against gays?

    1. T says:

      No he’s not against gays…he’s just against people who ARE gay??? I don’t know…he’s a pretty confusing person.

    2. littlestar says:

      Hey Mikey ! Hows the white blood count theses days ?

  16. dakotahgeo says:

    Stupid comment!!! Go back to your kindergarten class and try to graduate… again!

    1. Blasterific says:

      Hey those records were sealed, how did you find out?

  17. What's The Big Deal Folks says:

    Mark you’re acting like this is the first gay establishment in NYC. I don’t know how old you are but there were gay bath houses all over NYC in the 1970’s and believe me they weren’t just taking baths if you get my drift hey use your imagination. Homophobe go back to momma’s house.

    1. littlestar says:

      Homophobia is a lie crafted to assist in the forced cultural acceptance of biological and imo.ral individuals

      1. T says:

        Homophobia is fear and hatred towards people who are attracted to the same sex…Animals act in homosexual acts (showing it is biologically normal) and NOT EVERYBODY has the same religious and moral beliefs…why don’t you kick out all non conservative christians from the country too (I’ll happily move to Canada if forced to)

        1. littlestar says:

          I have yet to see any gay dogs at the dog park. If this makes you feel any b etter then fine. You can live that lie jus tlike the lie that you are 98.6. It is not fear. It is not bigotry. IT IS INTOLERANCE of people who are intolerant of the oppisite sex. Luv ya !

          1. T says:

            Having a hard time following this…probably because your post is so poorly written. Are you implying that gay people are not humans at all? Are you also saying that gay people are intolerant of the opposite gender because they do not want to have sex with them? Are you intolerant of your same sex friends? I just don’t get what you’re trying to say…I doubt many people do. If anybody can translate this, let me know!

      2. Tam says:

        Were the Civil Rights Act and earlier, the Amendment that extended the vote to women also “forced cultural acceptance”? Discrimination IS “forced cultural acceptance” backed or tolerated by cultural-niche politicans like Sanctorum.

    2. dakotahgeo says:

      I think maybe Mark’s mama may not want him back home. Homophobia is today’s reality, like it or not, lie or truth. This is 2012! Get used to it because we are not going away. More to the point, we are making huge strides forward and the gay-bashers and homophobes are drawing long prison terms for violence.

  18. What's The Big Deal Folks says:

    I never understood the point of bigotry against gay people. None of my business what two consenting adults do behind closed doors and since I am merely a human and not God, who am I or anyone else for that matter to judge any person IMHO.

    1. dakotahgeo says:

      The American christian Taliban take great pleasure in telling other people what is moral or immoral and then go prancing about thinking God is patting them on the head saying what good little robots they are. Most of them use the Holy Bible as a WMD… weapon of mass destruction… when it is nothing of the kind. Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain

      1. littlestar says:

        We also tell people like Bernie Madoff that he is not moral. In his mind his investors were just as greedy as he was so he saw his actions as a victimless crime. You people must recognise morality as an extension beyond the vicimless crime.

        1. T says:

          Beyond what the Bible tells you (I’d have another argument on why the Bible doesn’t denounce gays) what is immoral about homosexuality…is it because a baby can’t be made when two people of the same gender have sex with one another? Well then you better be arguing about how condoms and birth control are JUST as bad as homosexuality. Or is it because you find it disgusting? I find tomatoes to be disgusting…So they’re immoral to me? Or is it because your presumptive majority is against it? At one point the presumptive majority was for slavery…so that can’t be the argument unless you think slavery is good.

          So it must be the Bible…why don’t you believe everything in the Bible then? Like the evils of shellfish or the woman who gets raped having to marry the rapist? Or do you? If you do I have no way to argue against you…I’m just surprised that you’ve made it in society believing the Bible word for word.

          1. littlestar says:

            I made my point.

  19. Officer Joe Bolton says:

    Shirley you can’t be serious.

    1. Alaras says:

      Yes, we are. And STOP CALLING ME SHIRLEY!

  20. dakotahgeo says:

    Ah yes, the unintelligent, infantile gay-bashers come out of the woodwork. Stick to the story at hand and forget how your parents raised you.

    1. Blasterific says:

      Hey dimwit, help me find a hotel in the city that says they are unfriendly to gays Hotel. The whole point is stupid, as is the concept, article and you! Nanoo Nanoo

      1. dakotahgeo says:

        Yup!!! And intelligent people really care what you guys think… NOT!!! Go play on the freeway with your other gang members!

      2. T says:

        Blasterific…find a buddy of yours (same sex) and go to hotels in a lot of US cities reserving one bed for the two of you…see what you think about unfriendly to gay hotels after you do that.

        1. dakotahgeo says:

          Thank you, T!!! Another intelligent cmment to a not-so-intelligent commenter!

        2. Lou says:


          1. T says:

            Every reservation you make at a hotel room has you select your preference…two queen beds or one king bed. If you don’t ask for a certain type of room then I don’t have a problem with it…that’s not my argument. My argument is when the visitor’s request is denied on the basis that the person checking them in doesn’t recognize that they could be in a relationship and wanted a one bed room on purpose.

  21. Pauline Summers says:

    Bill, you are right. Since when was there a gay hostile hotel? A Gay hotel. What makes it different from any other hotel? Let’s revert to our past and start segregating again.

    Good grief !!

    Stupidity and bigotry is back !!!

    1. T says:

      so many hotels are “gay hostile.” Why don’t you check into hotel rooms in a lot of cities with a female friend and reserve it for just one bed. See how many times they offer you two beds or assume you’d just rather have two beds. That is something that makes gay people feel uncomfortable to travel all the time…that judgement and the fear of discrimination because you can’t keep it “behind closed doors” anymore in this situation.

    2. PhxDave says:
      This is a link to the article about a lesbian couple who were refused a room. and how many years ago was this…? Less than 6 months ago. Homophobia exists, blatantly.

  22. Bulls**it says:

    this has got to stop. seriously, a gay hotel? why are we doing these things. GAYS ARE PEOPLE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. I’ve got a good mind to go here with my wife and demand to be admitted. This is just insane.

    1. dakotahgeo says:

      Heyyyyy, STUPID DOOFUS!!!! Read the 4th paragrapgh from the top!!! It is open to everybody, straight or gay. Unfortunately for you, they bar STUPID people who can’t read!

      1. dakotahgeo says:

        Really?! How intelligent are youuuuuuuuu???? LOLOL.

        1. Blasterific says:

          Very, my planet we rule you. Just saying. Nanoo nanoo

          1. T says:

            blasterific…are you trolling on purpose or what?

    2. T says:

      and when you go there you’ll be admitted happily. This is a gay friendly hotel…not a gay only hotel. These are put in place because same sex couples are not always treated with respect when checking into hotels while on vacation or what not. My boyfriend and I were in Portland once, and they were fine…but we were in one of the gay friendly neighborhoods of a pretty progressive city. Not everybody is that lucky. Hotels like these allow same sex couples to know they will be welcome.

      In an ideal world yes, there’s no need for a gay hotel because there’s no judgement of gay people…but we’re not in an ideal world and hotels especially are a very tricky thing for gay couples.

      Although I’d say NYC isn’t the city that needs these. It’s the cities like Dallas and Atlanta and Cincinnati, etc. that gay people want to visit, but where the metropolitan areas are surrounded by areas where there isn’t a lot of welcoming attitudes towards gay people.

  23. dakotahgeo says:

    Fantastic idea!!! A hotel for everyone! It’s about time!

    1. billy says:

      Last time I checked, nobody prevented gay couples from frequenting the local hotel. This is nothing more than having the opportunity to flaunt that they are gay. It is becoming tiresome.

      1. T says:

        You try to go to a hotel in most US cities with a person of the same sex when your reservation only says one bed. There’s nothing but glares and comments about, “I see you only have one bed, would you like me to change it to two?” It’s that reason why gay friendly hotels in big cities are a good idea…so people don’t have to feel threatened when checking in. People always say what happens in the bedroom is gay people’s own business…a hotel is one of those places where sleeping arrangements ARE their business, so yes this is a needed thing.

        1. dakotahgeo says:

          Thank you, T!!! Excellent response!

      2. PhxDave says:
        Once again. Here is an article of a lesbian couple who was refused a hotel room at a location where they made reservations. In 2011, gay couples are being discriminated against all the time.

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