NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Four members of the NYPD have been shot over the past two and a half months. Officer Peter Figoski was killed and the other three cops survived.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb On The Story

Mayor Michael Bloomberg revealed on Tuesday that, “All four shootings, even though the outcomes were very different, have something in common, and that is that all the guns were all illegal and they all came from states with weak gun laws. Two from Virginia, one from Ohio, and one from North Carolina.”

Bloomberg says Congress needs to get its act in order and do something about gun control.

“I don’t know how many cops are going to have to get shot or how many 8-year-olds in Brooklyn are going to have to get shot before Congress finally does something to stop illegal guns from getting in the hands of dangerous people,” added Bloomberg.

“Here in the city, we do everything we can to keep these guns from coming in to our city, but the truth of the matter is the guns are going to keep getting to our streets unless Washington acts,” he said.

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  1. jerseyjoey says:

    Guns don’t kill, people do. No matter how many laws against guns you idiots try to enforce the criminals will always have them, on another note: it worries me more if only GOV. has firearms then you will be at their mercy. Thank God I am armed to the teeth, As of now, Jerseyjoey will retire from posting on this site, I know you liberals will be elated but a line comes to mind Delsa Doom says to Conan kind of like this(what will you do when I am gone, no more battles , no more reason to be you.) See ya Liberals, happy losing in November.

  2. whiteeagle says:

    The guy is actually fitting into a very predictable pattern:

    1) Disarm the populace
    2) Conduct extensive domestic surveillance, even on those not suspect of any crime
    3) Dictate even rules of personal conduct, so that even what people choose to eat and drink become subject to government interference
    4) Change the rules when his terms are up, so that term limits have no effect and he doesn’t have to cede power.

    We’ve seen this all before. From Julius Caesar being declared emperor to Adolf Hitler to tin-pot dictators such as Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, the patterns remain the same. Bloomberg is just one in a long chain of little people with a driving need to subjugage others to feed their own egos and their need for power. At the national level, they’re exactly the sort of people that the private ownership of firearms is intended to protect us from, undoubtedly one reason why they fight so hard to bring that ownership to an end. Although their bodyguards and security forces, of course, remain well armed, in case the rabble gets out of hand.

    1. Jim says:

      Step 4 may not seem feasible now, but with the right “emergency”, it seems quite feasible.

      Great summary–thanks!

  3. Jim says:

    If he wanted to protect cops, he’d be calling for swift and certain execution of criminals who shoot cops.
    In typical fashion, Progressives use the force of government to implement their utopian social-theories, but end-up creating bad conditions and making things worse. Then they demand to fix the problems they created, using the same false ideology, and more government force. They only make things worse.
    Here, Progressive first stopped punishing criminals adequately (e.g. prevented swift execution), and crime-rates went up tremendously. Next, they blamed gun ownership, and they disarmed law-abiding citizens. This increased crime-rates even more, and made law-abiding citizens even more vulnerable.

  4. Luke Larsen says:

    When will someone kick this guy out of office. He has no idea what hes talking about. And this article just completely proves it. The reason cops are getting shot more often is because only criminals have guns and this is due to NYC strict gun laws. I guarantee if people were able to defend themselves and hold a gun on them at all times, there wouldn’t be these kinds of incidents (at least not as often) because the criminals would know that 80% of the people around them have guns legally and wouldn’t end up shooting. You look at NYC and Chicago and they both have the strictest gun laws in the country, yet they have the highest gun crime in the country as well. When will people start to wake up and protect our rights. Get this guy out of office, hes nothing but a lunatic and makes our streets even more dangerous.

  5. The Facts says:

    How about putting violent criminals in jail and keeping them there to serve their full sentences rather than granting them parole?

  6. Nick says:

    I love how the Bloomberg Regime is seeking to expand to cover the entire United States. Yes, we should get tough with laws banning the Bill of Rights. Bill of Rights are dangerous for Regimes.

  7. JJ says:

    What a tool. I wounder why he is not in jail for sending his cronies to Arizona to see if they could by guns without doing the paper work. Last time I checked sending someone on your behalf or on your orders to bay guns for you is called a “straw purchase” and a felony. Aslo I wounder if he will disarm his KGB(NYPD) or his body guards, because if a private new yorker cant own guns or as to jump threw hoops to get one then so should his “Law” enforcment officers. Also if a new yorker cant be armed to defend themselves them eirther should bloomterd or his body guards. Also Mr bloomterd keep in mind that cities/states that have less restrictive gun-laws historically have less crime than those cities/states that dont allow thier citizens to defend themselves.

  8. SaneDave82 says:

    There are some 270 million privately owned guns in this country. Bloomberg lives in a fantasy world where somehow another law will actually deter a class of people who don’t follow laws in the first place. In classic gun controller fashion, Bloomberg wants Congress to do “something” but doesn’t elaborate on what “something” needs to be added to the 20,000 or so current gun regulations on the books that would effectively deter a course of conduct already rife with illegality. There’s laws against straw purchases, laws against theft, laws against murder, laws against unauthorized possession of a gun, laws against carry a weapon with the intent to use it unlawfully. None of these laws kept NY cops from being shot, so what Bloomberg really wants is a law that will impose unduly heavy restrictions on law-abiding citizens, while criminals just keep on doing what they’ve always done – stealing guns.

  9. Gene Ralno says:

    I’m wondering how many “cops” have been shot by citizens who haven’t previously committed crimes. I’m also waiting for Bloomberg to admit that most criminals in New York use guns sold in New York. And finally, I’m wondering when he’ll admit that more 8-year-olds are injured by tricycles than by guns. The only consolation for his poor judgment is he’ll soon be gone.

    1. RiverRat57 says:

      Well said, as a CCW holder since ’81, none of my numerous guns have shot anyone, if they are not on me they are secured on the gun safe, I’ll bet Dumberg has more guns protecting him than I do.

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