They Say Being Shut Out By Vulcan Society Felt Like Reverse Discrimination

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Applicants are letting loose on the FDNY, saying the department engages in reverse discrimination.

There were hurt feelings and racial tensions as white applicants were left standing outside a prep class on Wednesday night, reports CBS 2’s Lou Young.

“Whoever’s name is not on the list is not getting in, so were just following orders. That’s just the way it is,” the applicants were told.

Joseph Basile was one of those who didn’t get in.

“It wasn’t a good feeling. It felt like it was discrimination,” Basile said.

The class was conducted by the Vulcan Society, a group of African American firefighters in an overwhelmingly white department. Many applicants who were turned away preregistered online on forms that did not ask for their race, which made for testy moment.

“What would Martin Luther King do?” one agitated applicant asked.

Many applicants were referred to the Vulcan Society test by Deputy Chief Paul Mannix, who heads a group called “Merit Matters,” which calls for even-handed entry requirements regardless of race. He said it wasn’t a stunt.

“We feel that for your best opportunity to do well on the test the Vulcan’s test is a good test. They hit the nail on the head last time with those unique types of questions,” Mannix said.

“I was told [it] was of the best prep courses around, yes,” Basile said, adding when asked if his speaking out was to make a point, “no, I just wanted to take the test. It aint right.”

The Vulcan Society didn’t return Young’s calls Thursday. The FDNY said it is looking into the matter. Another prep test was scheduled for Thursday night. Basile said he would be back. He just wants in. He said he doesn’t want anyone else out.

Wednesday night’s class was the third in a series of prep exams given by the Vulcan Society. The previous two were integrated. The one Wednesday was the only one from which people were barred from attending.

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  1. Scott L Desselle says:

    The civil rights movement was a HUGE SCAM!! It had nothing to do with equality and just establish a new set of double standards. All we have now are JIM CROW PART`2. regulations. And yet we have holidays that celibate the people who started and supported this, SAD DAYS IN AMERICA!!

    1. Me says:

      Moer like Jerome Crow.

        1. BlaaxInGovt says:

          looks lke a labor union meeting

        2. FearOfABlaakCoworker says:

          looks like a labor union meeting

  2. Mary Wright says:

    Funny,. I made a request that the Departmetn of Justice launch an investigation immediately for this blatant violation of Civil Rights and to arresta nyone who put the event on and barred people from entry on the basis of race. My first message got deleted. Let’s see how long this one stays up…

    1. Scott L Desselle says:

      Try ah ACLU, NAACP or contact Jessy and BIG AL. I am sure they are just waiting for this one…

  3. joan says:

    Bell Curve? I’m more of a Best Man (Woman) for JOB type of chick. I do not believe our country needs unqualified dumbasses force fed into positions where they don’t belong.. How about a color blind society? Hmm? I can’t wait for the reverse discrimination suit! Front row for me! Lord won’t thast be fun! FDNY won’t be able to hire for years….LOL Vulcans? What kind of cornball name?.

    1. Frank says:

      “I do not believe our country needs unqualified dumbasses force fed into positions where they don’t belong..”

      GREAT remark! I’m stealing it!


    2. Firefighter Tim says:

      Vulcan was the Roman God of Fire. Sheesh!

  4. John Frost says:

    We want race war now !

  5. nonsequitur says:

    “We feel that for your best opportunity to do well on the test the Vulcan’s test is a good test. They hit the nail on the head last time with those unique types of questions.”

    Sounds like they are getting access to the questions on the test and then passing it along to the minorities. This makes sense considering the issues in the past with the Connecticut fire departments throwing out the test because minorities did not do well enough. So now they just give then the answers to the exams.

    1. josephine says:

      Obama Obama Obama.

      1. SNAKESRULE says:

        and you mamma mamma mamma..I love alliteration….

      2. Yajaira says:

        Actually the whole “affirmative action” was enforced by President Johnson; the term came from President Kennedy. This was already rolling before Obama came to office.

        1. no mittens says:

          …but nowhere near where it is now. Neither Johnson nor Kennedy had a “justice” dept. that came right out and said their job was NOT to help whites who are discriminated against. So, hey, yeah, we can always blame obama (and his wingman, holder).

      3. pgb412 says:

        Obama has no hand in affirmative action. this was going on a decade or more before he became president.

        1. stalin says:

          Who did Stalinbama appoint to the Supreme court, dumb-ass?

    2. Paul Louis Fossettes says:

      It is not too far off….what you ask? The revolution of course. The producers in this society have reached the point where the releif is not working, non-existent jobs, government spending out of control, incompentents in government stealing our wealth…yes, just like the French revolution, get the gilotine ready because heads are going to roll.

    3. cjk says:

      And they will still score far below the average!

  6. Buzz says:

    Maybe they will remember you said that if your house ever catches fire.

  7. Iman says:

    White women? We are e last on societies list unless of course, we have a great body…..

    1. RLABruce says:

      How much weight can you carry up 3 flights of stairs? I can’t qualify, and 99.8% of women can’t either.

    2. SNAKESRULE says:

      LOL….ignorant comment unless you’re a white man. A heterosexual white man.

    3. Bill Clinton says:

      Post a picture and we’ll decide…..

  8. Michael says:

    Whites not needed is the future of America! You can thank a liberal for that.

    1. RLABruce says:

      Without whites, there IS no future of America….

      1. MinnieM says:

        You have got that right. minorities and women now make up at least 3/4 of college students and the less than most qualified have been affirmative actioned into positions of leadership in industry and government, while white men are relegated to make work jobs, driving trucks ( until our trucking industry completes moving those jobs to Mexico) and as auto mechanics. . It’s little wonder the US has lost it’s manufacturing base and China is overtaking us in technology and as a world power.

        1. Jake says:

          Minnie you need to get good facts for your college student stats…you might be surprised.

          On another note…it is so obvious that you don’t like minorities, but if you look at which companies have taken the most jobs out of this country you might be surprised to find out that they’re owned by your white friends. Most minority owned businesses keep jobs right here in the good ole USA.

          1. Tommy says:

            White owned manufacturers have moved out of this country because our minority employees cost more than they are worth – and they complain – and they do a lousy job – and they don’t want to pay the additional cost at the store for goods produced in this country. Viva Mexico!

    2. 1 Smart Mother says:

      My white ancestors had nothing to do with slavery and the country they came from had nothing to do with slavery. Therefore, I have no white guilt at all and I will never pay “reparations” because my people and I had nothing to do with that.
      P.S. The first slaves sold in this country were white. Know your American history.

      1. Scott L Desselle says:

        You are a LITTLE OFF HERE. Several books about America BEFORE Columbus talks about how the Native Indian tribes made slaves out of other captured Indians So the first slave owners in america were Indians.

    3. Ed Dantes says:

      If you have your day, the U.S. will become a third world hell hole……like Detroit, New York city, Trenton, NJ, Chicago, et al. Slavery was evil but that doesn’t justify putting people with no understanding of how to develop the foundation of a society in charge. Who of your people will be the engineers, the construction workers, the thinkers?

      1. Jake says:

        Yeah Eddie…Mayans and Aztecs weren’t very sophisticated were they?

        The most accurate calendars…no need for leap years.
        For their time un-matched in their level of mathematical and astrological understanding.
        What they built still stands.

        You are an idiot!

        1. Frank says:

          And they are all dead…

          1. Pendejo says:

            There are at least 7 million Mayans still living in southern Mexico and Central America.

            1. JT says:

              They are the DESCENDANTS of the Maya. That’s like saying ‘there are 5 million Vikings living in Norway.’

    4. Jack garney says:

      Hey Keith, you can thank your African slave trader ancestors for selling off your own people. You ain’t gonna have your day unless you earn it. This Obama crap is ruining the country and will not stand.

    5. Boetica says:

      Yes, look how effective that has been in Zimbabwe……

    6. John D says:

      No you should thank the whites for enslaving you African forefathers. If not for that you would be living in Africa.

      1. joey of B'hurst says:

        They would not be “living” in Africa; they would be dying. Life expectancy is 28 years old.

    7. fubar says:

      try learning world history, Keith G. long before europeans and “white ancestors” enslaved YOU (you must be the oldest living person in the world), your african brothers (the wealthy and most powerful people in africa) were already enslaving YOU and then jumped at the chance to sell YOUR (and their) african brothers and sisters to the white man. YOUR people enslaved YOU long before white cotton farmers in georgia ever did. and when you have your day real soon…exactly what will that consist of???

      1. FRED says:

        Was ??? Lol they are still doing it to this very day!!! Where is the anger and outrage? You think there is any, no ,cause really they don’t care it’s just about trying to take things over with them it’s all they care about.If your white ,own a business fire them first thing in the morning get them out.YOu know us southern folks tried to get yall northerners to see this years ago!! Now look at where you are for not listening on the other end of the stick which you were never on in the first place lol you big dummies!!

    8. Yancie says:

      Yep get your self sized up for some chains because history will repeat its self.

    9. Yancie says:

      The protegees and Spaniards brought slaves from Africa to America… The white man did not go to Africa and jerk the po po negro out of his mud hut slap some chains on his butt and drag him back to America. You need a history lesson. ONLY 1% of the south owned slaves . You do the math

    10. minecompf says:

      try it,monkey,we’ll see were it goes.enslave us huh,yeah ok,stupid monkey

    11. 1marg says:

      YOUR fellow countryman rounded up Africans and forced them into slavery. Much blood was shed in the USA to end slavery.

      Is there any gratitude?

      Wish there was a time machine. I’d take back videos from this century to show the Northerners what they were going to get when they won.

  9. DirtyDave777 says:

    This NOTHING New been going on for YEARS.
    Now the Libby’s are getting just a taste of what the Working Class has been Forced fed for years.

  10. 1marg says:

    Were the instructors using the REAL TEST to help them study?

    1. Mary Wright says:

      Undoubtedly were trying desperately to have the would be firemen and women learn the answers tot the actual test. Whaddaya think?

  11. drlmg says:

    When I started medical school in mid 90’s at University of TN they spoke of a free summer course to prepare new students and let them know what to expect in the first year. The course was paid by state and federal funds. I very much wanted to attend but was told I could not because it was only for minorities. Then I asked if I paid for it myself could I attend and was told no. This was very disheartening and as time went on I found out about more and more minority only classes and programs. Many practically told them exactly what would be on exams…. some went so far as to give them copies of the upcoming exams. This is not an exaggeration, it is shameful how some were practically given their degrees. However, some minorities were very offended at the offerings. They felt they were in effect being told they weren’t smart enough to pass on their own. In a way I felt bad for the self respecting minorities that accomplished their degrees honestly because they were inadvertently lumped in with the other unqualified minorities. We all knew who they were simply by their competence…. and yes there were many very competent and intelligent minorities in medical school.

    1. Mike K says:

      How many of them, like the guy who took Bakke’s place, eventually lost their licenses?

    2. simon says:

      Thanks, I’ll be sure to only see white doctors.

    3. katie says:

      Obama Care has racial quotas for Medical school in it. One more thing hiding in there after they voted on it.Merit should the only thing considered. I want the best and the brightest operating on my heart not a doctor chosen for his skin color.

      1. Boetica says:

        Not just for medical school, for ALL programs in the medical field.

        1. Matt says:

          Why just the medical field? Everyone should be selected based on their merits in any profession…PERIOD. Stop the insanity!

    4. fk says:

      I can verify what drlmg says above in his comment. When I was working at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center in the 1970’s I was told by a person that I knew in the Administration Department that minorities were being graduated that had failed their exams. There were several other incidents like this. Since seeing political protection for minority failure to meet minimal requirements I will not go to a minority medical practitioner unless it is, for instance, someone trained in India where they do not practice that kind of nonsense. If they were trained in the US I avoid them.

    5. not a lawyer...thank god says:

      This reminded me of what I went through in the late 1980s. I wanted to be a Physicians Assistant and in the state I live in there is only one school. I called the school for some information and I was prompty asked if I was a minority. I said no to which I was told that I would not get accepted into the program because they are looking for minorities and women only. Funny how that was perfectly O.K. and when I said that was discrimination I was told by the person answering the phone that it is but she will deny she ever said it, she was just trying to save me time. I did apply anyway and of course whe was right, 6 years in a row I was denied. I was even taking classes aimed at the medical field and couldn’t get in. I eventually went into Physical Therapy. I honestly think it is pretty sad what this country has come to. And to Simon, I do only see white doctors, just like minorities stick together so should white people. Yes I know that is racist because I am white but smart if you are minority. blah blah

  12. Danny says:

    It’s impossible to discriminate against whites. They call that “affirmative action”.

    1. not a lawyer...thank god says:


  13. John says:

    Yep – Its been like this for years. Minorities & Women get the class

  14. Jamox says:

    Millions from the Northeast have already fled southward. I suppose the trend will continue. Can you imagine what the taxes will be when the producing class continues to dwindle?

  15. shvingy says:

    Hope and Change?

    1. zeugma says:

      Dope and Chains

  16. Philip says:

    You are the loser.

  17. Joe says:

    Well well you Yanks are finally getting what you deserve after winning the civil war, now shut the hell up and live with it.

    1. TTatum says:

      Yes! What goes around comes around.

      1. Ming the Merciless says:

        The civil war was started to enslave the white men…southrons wanted to do like the arabs and romans. forget the KKK brainwashing.

  18. Philip says:

    You and your kind are one of the things wrong with this country. Freeloader.

  19. edward says:

    if you voted for obama, you got what you deserve. wake up.

  20. Philip says:

    The most qualified applicant should get the job no matter what color that person is. Anything else is racism.

    1. BeijingBob says:

      That was not the case with the current POTUS

      1. HongKongShawn says:

        Just more made up news to take attention away from the coup and cover up. We have no POTUS.

        The next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

        1. Teddy Ballgame says:

          You are a fruitcake.

      2. Mark says:

        Unfortunately, reverse discrimination has been the norm for more than 30 years. In the early 1980’s, my older brother and I were trying to gain admittance to the air traffic control shool. All applicants needed to pass a test which directly related to this career and the higherscores would be given priority in the acceptance process. We were handed a study booklet and told when and where to report for the test. Minorities were instructed to return in order to take test prep classes. Understandably, veterans were given a 5 point allowance on the test scores and if that wereenough to pass my score of 88…well, let’s just say “no problem.” That being said, I happened to run across a couple of minority test takers who scored in the mid seventies who were accepted to the atc school. America, how does it feel to know that the U.S. goverment is willing to take less qualified applicant and turn them into the eyes on the ground looking out for air traffic safety (that is when they aren’t napping or texting or googling)? Fortunately for my brother and me, we both had long careers in other fields.

      3. tired170 says:

        That was an election and not the real world. Since when do we elect people with qualifications?

      4. Boetica says:

        First Affirmative Action-American president.

    2. james jettson says:

      you’re correct but wake up…that “ain’t” how it works and hasn’t for years.

  21. Ran Gunner says:

    When you live in a country where the president has a website, African Americans for Obama, to help him in the election what do you expect:

    It has been this way in America since the ’60s, it has just become more widely accepted and blatant now.

  22. Annie says:

    Did any white firefighters refuse to help people on 9-11 because of color?

    1. karl says:

      you nailed it on the head sister…

    2. Double_Tap says:

      Exceptional comment. The heroic firefighters, police officers and paramedics didn’t require the victims of the 9/11 attack to complete a questionaire prior to rescue. When public service professionals are in the midst of doing their job the only thing that matters is 1st: safety, safety, safety 2nd: preservation of life and finally protect property. As a career LEO (25 years-thank God in another state) I am furious with lowering the standards whether they are intellectual, physical or character based. BTW, did I mention that I’m a conservative, straight, white female who took the exact same test (no prep just like everyone else), same physical strength and agility and same training. Well, not exactly the same training-I was held to highter standards and endured more scrutiny than my colleagues. But that only made me stronger and better. I am proud of my accomplishments because they were based strictly on ability and I shun anyone who gets a break for any reason. (TBL)

    3. fk says:

      Annie, you made a very good point.

  23. rbblum says:

    Does the United States of America cease to be a constitutional republic when it has been deemed that all men are not created equal?

  24. Willard says:

    There is a war coming.

    1. Philip says:

      Yes I agree. Be prepared. It is always better to have a gun and not need one than it is to need a gun and not have one. You must always be ready. Extra food, water and ammo.

    2. shvingy says:


    3. Frank says:

      Willard, you don’t know how true that is. A certain segment of our socienty does not want equality and never has. They want supremacy. And through the naiveté of the left,in their seach for “fairness,” they’re are helping to bring it on.

      1. SNAKESRULE says:

        the best of that Frank is that the bleeding hearts will be the first targets given their aversion to firearms…TT said the kitty

  25. luckydog says:

    These are the same gullible yankees that called southerners red necks and racists .How does it feel now?

    1. Aint gonna take it says:

      Wish you guys would have won the war.

      1. Barack Hussein Obama says:

        I think folks would be amazed at how many Americans are coming around to this very conclusion.

        Abraham Lincoln was just about the worst thing that ever happened to the USA.

        1. Philip says:

          Until Obozo our Liar in Chief.

          1. Peacemaker says:

            NO the first slaves were not white…they were called indentured servants! No other race of people were kept in slavery for 300 hundred years in the US. Generations in captivity. The US economy depended on it. From these slaves came engineers,educators and creators of much of the technology we use today. No matter how your ancestors got here…they did not come here in the bottom of a ship…No we cannot forget the dark side of Americas history because discrimination is so blatant…being jewish, muslim, gay, atheist, people hating for no reason..Lets embrace Gods love people!!

    2. toughluck says:

      What else did you stupid whites expect. You have voted for years for leftist judges and corrupt politicians that are doing this to you. Now your the Boars of America. Just be glad your not being killed yet like the whites in South Africa-a current cesspool from hell most of you liberal whites helped bring about.You can move to Texas or endure the unendurable. Appreciate today for tomorrow will be worse .Karma for white liberals.

      1. Wtf says:

        Who are you talking to? I’ve never even voted, man.

        1. Mike0oSS says:

          You deserve what you get then

    3. Teddy Ballgame says:

      You are an idiot.

    4. Mike0oSS says:

      Yes luckydog, they are the same white rats that call us names. Revenge is a dish best served cold….I for one am enjoying this kind of introspection by so called “white liberals”.

  26. robertmedwards says:

    Maudie, your racist ignorance if showing.

    1. Jas says:

      true that.

      1. mark says:

        just because are racist doesn’t mean you are wrong

        1. Wtf says:

          Exactly! Look at the KKK…they clearly had it right.

          1. SNAKESRULE says:

            and they were democrats.

    2. FRED says:

      No you let maudie talk cause maudie is stupid enough to say stuff like that so when it comes time for the whites to go vote they dang sure won’t cast anything for obama! Maudie tends to forget this is still a majority white country! So you let maudie run her big stupid mouth!

  27. KoreaKid says:

    Lets have a “white’s” only prep test and see how the press treats it then. Would be interesting to advertise one just for fun of course!

    1. George says:

      Those stupid assholes still want something for nothing. Uh, do you think there maybe some answers to the questions on the test given here?

    2. Tom says:

      The building would be picketed then burned down.

  28. Steve says:

    Interesting….didn’t see anything about the ACLU jumping up and down and screaming about unfair this is….oh wait…that’s right…my bad…..wrong color…

    1. Barack Hussein Obama says:

      Won’t here anything from the, ah, Old Testament tribe, either.

      1. Barack Hussein Obama says:

        here = hear

  29. muhammedx says:

    or take a note from the brothers and flash mob beat some craka a$$ to a bloody pulp..then burn 4 or 5 city blocks… maybe beat a Korean store owner or two to death then for safe measure pull a crake trucker out of his ride and crush his skull. Then have the Justice brothers Jesse an Al roll in after the smoke clears and the bodies are scraped up and shake down any crake business left standing to get their cut.

    1. RoccoP says:


    2. toughluck says:

      lol Can’t top this.

    3. SNAKESRULE says:

      Koreans have mandatory conscription…recent (and not so recent) Koreans are quite capable with firearms and don’t suffer fools gladly…look to the LA riots to see how Koreans handle their business.

      1. russ in nc says:

        Safest place to be in LA at Riot Time is either Korea Town or Beverly Hills.

  30. John D. Revelator says:

    BO, go put your hat on sideways and steal some white grandma’s handbag – its the only thing you do well.

  31. jersey dan says:

    What did you expect? Look what’s in the White House! I hope you guys who were locked out and others who are screwed by this Mutant remember this in November!!! Wake up!!!

  32. Beverlee says:

    If the Vulcan Society receives any city, state or federal monies for this program there should be lawsuits.

    Discrimination is illegal. Or is this just one more group that doesn’t know the definition.

  33. FF IAFF says:

    The International has been turning their backs on discrimination claims for decades. Shame on you President Schaitberger.. To the readers; Have you ever been told by your employer that your the wrong color or sex for the promotion? Thousands of cops, medics and firefighters have, even after scoring higher, having more training and time on the job, affirmative action points win out

    1. LuckyStar61 says:

      Same reverse discrimination quotas have applied within the military since the 70’s.

  34. Robert Exton says:

    WHITE liberals getting what they voted for.

  35. rick says:

    and if the africans fail the test, then they will have to give them the jobs because nobody will tell the afros to kma

  36. DeeInHouston says:

    Discrimination of any sort should not be tolerated. You want equal rights? Quit telling white people you’re not good enough by stacking the deck. And tell the race-baiting poverty pimps Jackson and Sharpton to get a new gig.

    1. LuckyStar61 says:

      How about quit telling people of color, “You’re not good enough on your one merit without the help of quotas stakcing the deck.”

  37. Namretupad says:

    Be honest with yourselves, is anyone genuinely surprised by the discrimination?

  38. Jullou says:

    How many generations will have to pay? And how many of the so-called white devils were European citizens and had nothing to do with slavery or the aftermaths of it? Isn’t this about just making a race of entitlements????

    1. George Johnson says:

      As many as they can get to pay….

  39. Fred Lopez says:

    is is time for the revolution?
    this government is not for the people
    it is against the constitution and must be stopped
    Jefferson said a revolution should happen every 30 years and we are overdue

    1. sgt barnes says:

      to start with, we need to send all the MEXICANS back to mexico.

      1. LuckyStar61 says:

        For your information as you seem to have forgotten, SGT B,, American history is full of Spanish sur-names listed in the honored roles of fallen soldiers. Time for you to hit the low-crawl pits and lizzard crawl until you pukel

        1. Boetica says:

          So you support lawlessness? I could give a rat’s azz about surnames.

        2. Bill Clinton says:

          “Mexican” is a nationality, not a race (surname). So chances are pretty good that if you’re a Mexican in the United States you’re not here legally.

    2. LuckyStar61 says:

      Are you sure Thomas Jeffeson was not miss-quoted or that it may have George Jefferson who said it?

  40. Oldr New Yorker says:

    Firefighter is rated by life insurance companies as a “Hazardeous Occupation.” The heart attack rate and lung disease rate for firefighters is well above the norm.
    If yolu like carrying well over 100 pounds of equipment while climbing an 8 story tall ladder then go for it.
    Firefighting tactics in New York City is to fight the fire from within the building. To go into the burning building and vent it. To go up on the roof and vent it. Just hope the building or roof does not cave in. Ever been in a burning building where the walls, floor and ceiling are all on fire at the same time? About as close to hell as one can get.
    While i admire people who do this for a living I suugest one really think this type of occup[ation throiugh before becoming a firefighter. Why anyone would want to be a firefighter is beyond me.

    1. BB says:

      For the pension stupid!

    2. Frank Talk says:

      Because the benefits are fantastic and the work isn’t as hard or dangerous as they pretend it is.

      1. Tommy says:

        Because they fight a few fires in their entire career and spend the rest of the time sleeping, cooking, and hanging out. Then they retire at 45 years old with a fat pension.

  41. Mr. Wee Wee says:

    Mr. Wee Wee sez “yOu gO girl” and STAND FIRM behind Barack!

    1. Teddy Ballgame says:

      You moronic libtards. Always playing with somebody else’s wee wee.

  42. Mack Seagrave says:

    I can imagine you repeating that as you are hanging out the top floor rear window surrounded by super heated smoke and getting ready to jump because you are starting to burn while one of these “losers” is being lowered from the roof on a rope to save your sorry butt.

  43. Fritz Von says:

    You have to be racist to use the phrase “reverse discrimination”, aside from quoting the racist.

    1. Nimadan says:

      Anyone who denies there is racism against Whites in the modern US must himself be an anti-White racist. And if you’re of European descent yourself, that just means you’re also a sick self-hater.

      1. Teddy Ballgame says:

        Nimadan is a Nimarod. LOL!

  44. john says:

    We asked why our names were not on the list, they said they did not know. we asked how we would be able to get on their list they claimed they did not know. we also witnessed people entering the test area at 8 pm 1 hour after the tutorial had begun and a good half hour after the instructor claimed the class was full. this was a complete disgrace

    1. muhammedx says:

      that what your union dues get you. Keep voting Democrat and keep pretending you don’t understand.

      1. FF IAFF says:

        He is not in the union yet. You have to be hired and past probation to be a member in good standing. You are right about the union in thins particular topic. The International is afraid ,very afraid of big city democrats. Most of their dues paying members work for the cities that would do this and feel justified.

      2. FF IAFF says:

        He is not in the union yet. You have to be hired and past probation to be a member in good standing. You are right about the union in thins particular topic. The International is afraid ,very afraid of big city democrats. Most of their dues paying members work for the cities that would do this and feel fully justified.

  45. Bob says:

    When the instructors were asked how to get onto the e-mail list they told us they didn’t know. We were also told we showed up to a party we weren’t invited to.

  46. Lonnie says:

    So sad, that none of these mindless comments has anything to do with the story. Folks if you can;t read, go back to school. And if you suffer from ADD get help……

    1. Smshicus says:

      So sad the only comment you have to offer is absolutely worthless. Hope you got more to offer than that.

  47. Jasper says:

    This test is about as hard as a 6th grade spelling test. Like one really needs to study for this. Land pirates in the making.

    1. Niles Farmdugger says:

      “Land pirates in the making.” Wrong test Jasper … this is for the FDNY not the NYPD …

    2. 1marg says:

      The dumbing down of tests in all professions has been so that minorities could pass.

      You should see the teacher competency tests…some good questions, but to pass the test I think you need a 28% or something that ridiculous.

      Can’t wait for the minority health care professionals that obamacare requires.

      1. ron pablo says:

        They’re already out there. One-third of all physicians are goofs from the third world, most of whom have no education past high school and no concern about American history. The healthcare bureaucracy is completely racist and fascist. Amerika’s only hope is Ron Paul and the return to the free market.

  48. harry says:

    reverse discrimination? Poor journalism!

  49. Gerard Fitzgerald says:

    There is only one definition of discrimination, reverse discrimination should mean no discrimination.

  50. L. says:

    Can you guys PLEASE hire a proofreader? It’s so hard to read these stories. “I was told was of the best prep courses around, yes,” DOES THAT REALLY MAKE SENSE TO YOU?

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