WOODMERE, NY (CBSNewYork) — The FBI, ATF and Nassau County police sifted through the home of a Long Island man who was arrested Tuesday after authorities say they found a cache of weapons, explosives and drugs inside his home.

Nassau County police say 53-year-old Marc Ringel was taken into custody after police were called to his Woodmere home for a silent alarm. When officers arrived, investigators say they smelled marijuana when Ringel opened the door and saw two hand grenades and a gun in open view.

Officials from the Drug Enforcement Administration were carting out evidence well into Wednesday night as Ringel sits in jail while police sit in front of his home securing a crime scene filled with so many munitions and marijuana.

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Officials say once they searched his home, they found a large cache of weapons and explosive devices inside.

Weapons Nassau police say were seized from Woodmere home of Marc Ringel. (credit: Mike Xirinachs/WCBS 880)

“The search revealed 15 destructive devices, specifically pipe bombs. Fifteen improvised grenades, approximately 100 handguns, 20 long guns, approximately 50 pounds of ingredients that could be used to make explosives,” said Police Chief Steven Skrynecki. “There was enough explosive material in there to level that house and possibly the entire block.”

WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs On The Story

Skrynecki says police also found lots of marijuana growing inside the home as well as a suspicious pit in the backyard.

“It had a wire going from a pit into the house,” said Skrynecki. “Initially it looks as though it might have been used to explode some of his devices in the backyard.”

Weapons, explosive devices and marijuana Nassau County police say were seized from the Woodmere home of Marc Ringel. (credit: Nassau County Police Department)

The Nassau County bomb squad was called in and police evacuated 20 homes within 500 foot radius as a precaution. Those neighbors who weren’t evacuated watched from their windows as police searched the home.

“You bring your kids here to the suburbs thinking it’ll be a little safer, but unfortunately, it’s terrifying,” said neighbor David Yastrab. “It can happen in your backyard.”

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“I heard that there was drugs, weapons, shocking to me,” said neighbor Sarah Yastrab. “I drive past here all the time and never would’ve suspected there was something going on.”

A second bomb squad truck from Suffolk County was also called in to assist in the investigation.

Police say they are not sure of Ringel’s motives, but say the don’t believe he is a member of an extremist group or a terrorist. They also said that he is not a licensed pistol holder and that there will be a probe into how he got the explosives.

Police say the divorced, unemployed man was using his parents house while they wintered in Florida.

Ringel was taken to the hospital with health complaints and has a court date set for Thursday, when he will be arraigned on weapons and drug charges.

Police say they want to investigate Ringel’s contacts and lifestyle to see if they can figure out a motive.

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  1. Bard Tunnug says:

    These Nassau County cops are doing this just to milk the overtime. So what the guy had long guns; they are legal. So what the guy had many pistols and revolvers; they should be legal under his Second Amendment rights in view of the recent Supreme Court decision. “Explosives” were not explosives at all, but merely ingredients to make them. The grenades are stable (don’t pullout the pin).

    The guy was growing marijuana in pretty large quantities with intent to distribute. This was the crime.

    It is pretty disgusting for the police to ransack the guy’s parent’s house with half the police force and its attendant hoopla just to earn a little overtime in the wake of closing police precincts.

    1. cruz says:

      Bard, you must be kidding, right? This guy had motives. Long rifles and shotguns are legal, just ask (if you could) a guy named Oswald or Ray. What should be legal is a debate. What’s with the pipe bombs? Was he planning an attack when the required political canidate visits the local Temple? Or, was he a fan of the father of truck bombs, Begin? Or, was he guarding his pot? Or, did he want his neighbor to stop soiling the lawn with his dog? Terrorists come in many forms, this guy is a terrorist. Now, shame on you for your comments on the NCPD. The responding officers should get a medal! They did the right thing in a very professional manner. “Milk Overtime”? Ha! Next time you need our cops, call Sanitary District # 1, they will help you. Time will tell what this nut was up to, lets wait.

  2. jima says:

    so he is not terrorist ?????????
    but if he was Muslim, this would have been a breaking effing news all over usa.. …………..
    this is ridicules

    1. cruz says:

      Absolutely correct.

  3. Kym Maurin says:

    This is my ex step father. He’s always been dangerous. He lived in Utah, Washington, and Arizona with me and his two daughters and my mother. I knew he was living with parents but they lied to me and said they haven’t heard or seen him. LIARS! He has priors for narcotics, drug abuse, 3 counts of child abuse, back child support and domestic violence. This man need to stay behind bars! I’ve got peace of mind for now.

    1. Ric Olson says:

      This is true. He also has lawsuits filed against him by none other than Microsoft for software piracy. This man is dangerous.

  4. Me says:

    Hey, I live 5 doors down, most people are less concerned with the explosives then they are the fact that he was growing pot and not sharing…lol.

  5. Blah says:

    Just sounds like another Pot growing, bomb making, weapons collecting, pit in the backyard with a detonation wire coming from it, misunderstanding

    and they want to slash police precincts, thank God for these guys

    1. RB says:

      what are you talking about, fbi, atf made up bogus case back in 10-31-1989 with Judge Edward Korman (Eastern Federal Court, Brooklyn, NY) with Andrew Luger Prosecutor who broke about 25 Federal Laws, lied, withheld evidence, suppressed evidence. Both the Judge and Prosecutor broke about 25 Federal Laws for the 10-31-1989 case. Both removed themselves from the case, once I outdid the Feds in the Federal Prisons. Recognizing FBI agens dressed up as Prisoners on Floors 9 South and/or 9 North in Metropolitan Correction Center, 150 Park Row, NY, NY in Spring 1990. The FBII and ATF are much incompetent as I proved in 10-31-1989.

  6. Meme Meyagi says:

    They serving donuts in that house?

  7. cruz says:

    Grenades are not benign. Why we are at, the cops are supposed to be overpaid? You go in and get it!

    1. ericm says:

      Fake grenades are benign. People do often have them in their homes, and they look just like the ‘real thing’.

      1. cruz says:

        They can also br re-purposed.

      2. cruz says:

        And………..BTW, what about the gun?????????? Was that fake too?

        1. Seamas OD says:

          This is America.

          Guns are not illegal.

          1. cruz says:

            They are in Nassau County except if you have a license but first you have to get on the ground!

          2. cruz says:

            Not in Nassau County. Only if you have a license but first you have to get on the ground!

            1. raj says:

              only handguns need a liscence in nassau county, rifles/long guns/shotguns do not

  8. ericm says:

    Nothing has gone ‘boom’ yet. It could very well be a benign situation, and an overreaction (although justifiable) by police.

    1. cruz says:

      What now? Is that cache replicas? There goes the neighborhood.

    2. RB says:

      FBI and ATF have to justify their jobs. They are much incompetent and inept as I proved in 10-31-1989, when I outdid them in the Federal Prisons. They have the cards marked and rewrite the rules when somebody beats them out. Obama, Senate and Congress run by a Mafia Government, by a morphing of Russian (Jewish) Mafia, and American Mafia and Italian Mafia. They all control Congress, Senate and the President. The MSM news media run by the top Bankers for the control of the Sheeple.

      The FBI and ATF couldn’t even get a cat out of 4 corner sealed, 1 level house, truth be known.

      1. RB says:

        and P.S. here is a expression for the FBI, ATF, CIA “Human Stupidity is job Security, not so much on who the Feds, Intelligence, and Law Enforcement and Police Monitor or Arrests but on themselves”! Truth be known!.

  9. Love NYC says:

    Sort things out? Things that go BOOM are not benign.

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