Attorney: Giant Cache Of Guns, Grenades Just 'Hobby That Got Out Of Control'

WOODMERE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — The man who police say stocked his suburban Long Island home with guns, explosives and dozens of marijuana plants pleaded not guilty on Thursday.

Marc Ringel, 53, was arraigned in the morning on reckless endangerment, criminal possession of a weapon and criminal use of a firearm charges. He is being held without bail.

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Police said the unemployed divorcee was living in his parents’ Woodmere home on Narrow Lane while they were in Florida. His parents were in court for his arraignment.

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Thursday morning, police were still in front of the home that investigators say was filled with 135 guns, grenades, pipe bombs, explosive materials and marijuana, though Ringel’s attorney, Saul Bienenfeld, insisted the explosive devices were in pieces, reports CBS 2’s Carolyn Gusoff. In fact, Bienenfeld said Ringel helped law enforcement “and said to them ‘nothing there you have to worry about. Do not pull any pins and everything will be okay.'”

Weapons Nassau police say were seized from Woodmere home of Marc Ringel. (credit: Mike Xirinachs/WCBS 880)

“There was enough explosive material there to level that house and possibly the entire block,” Nassau County Police Chief Steven Skrynecki said Wednesday.

Police evacuated everyone within a 500 foot radius of the home Tuesday night while authorities say DEA agents cleared out the pot plants and FBI and ATF agents confiscated the weapons and explosives.

Police said they also discovered a shallow pit in the backyard.

“It appears this pit might have been used for testing explosives,” Skrynecki said.

A tripped silent house alarm initially brought police to the home Tuesday night. That’s when they say officers saw a handgun and two hand grenades in plain view.

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But Bienenfeld said the search of Ringel’s home was improper and he plans to file a motion to exclude the evidence.

Weapons, explosive devices and drugs Nassau County police say were seized from the Woodmere home of Marc Ringel. (credit: Nassau County Police Department)

Investigators said Ringel hasn’t provided much insight as to why he allegedly kept the massive stash. His lawyer said that most of Ringel’s guns were antiques and called the gun collection “a hobby that got out of control.”

“He is a 53-year-old man going through a terrible divorce,” said Bienenfeld. “He is having child custody issues and he is dealing with this by trying to get into the antique auction gun business.”

However, neighbors weren’t about to give the accused a pass.

“It’s not a hobby that I would pursue. It’s not a hobby that anyone should pursue,” Glenn Levine told CBS 2’s Gusoff.

“It’s terrifying and thank God, thank God they caught it,” added neighbor Aryeh Smith.

“It’s hard to believe that such a thing went on and no one really knew about it,” Debbie Fogel said.

Bienenfeld would not comment on the marijuana, but insisted that his client is not a threat to public safety.

“Mr. Ringel is not tied to any terrorist groups. There is no evil intent here,” said Bienenfeld. “It just doesn’t exist.”

Police have said they don’t believe Ringel was a member of any extremist or terror groups. He has two prior convictions for disorderly conduct and violating an order of protection in Arizona and Utah.

Ringel is due back in court on Monday.

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  1. Mrs ex Ringel says:

    How convienent that he remembers he has children….just in time for court. You abandoned your children in 2006 remember???? Or are you in a drug induced time warp…… It’s 6 years later and you are $150,000 in arrears on child support. Your children haven’t seen a penny since 1/2006. Dumbass Deadbeat~

    1. kai says:

      You go girl. He is a creep and treated you terribly. He didn’t deserve someone like you.

  2. Ex Ringel says:

    He hasn’t supported our two girls since January 2006…How convienent that he remembered he had children just for court………Oh and the divorce was 6 years ago…..all those drugs you’ve injested must be causing a time warp in that brain of yours…..what custody battle???? He abandoned his girls 6 years ago. Where is that $150,000 that he owes in child support????? hmmmmm?

  3. Neill says:

    Stop picking on the poor bas%$#d-if he was a muslim Obama would have given him a pardon!!

  4. Cowboy says:

    what ever happen to the second admendment. A man has a right to defend his home.

    1. cruz says:

      Yeah, too bad it wasn’t his home. He broke in.

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  6. Raymond Leslie says:

    He’s not the only one with a grudge against the old lady.

  7. L. says:

    And yet we keep insisting that Muslims are the ones we need to keep an eye on. Racial profiling clearly does not work. The NYPD would stop an innocent brown-skinned person just for the sake of it, and let this nutcase walk right by because he’s white. Time for that nonsense to end. Threats don’t come from one race, nationality or religion. They come from ALL TYPES OF PEOPLE. The only common denominator is CRAZY.

    1. The Facts says:

      NYPD stops people based on the complexion reported to them by crime victims. Would you rather that they do the reverse? Get real and cut out the liberal whining.

    2. Glenn says:

      These are two completely seperate topics. Find a militia or KKK site to comment on if you just want to run down the Police

  8. The Fact says:

    Beyond the pale.

  9. Utah says:

    + wife beater
    + Child abuser
    + drug addict
    + thief

  10. Victim says:

    His parents had to of known..If they say they didn’t then they’re liars!

    1. duh says:

      had to HAVE known. Learn English!

      1. Blasterific says:

        Duh is the best name you could come up with? SMH!

  11. Kym Maurin says:

    That’s my ex StepDad..He’s a dangerous man that needed to be caught. I hope you keep him locked up. He threatended to kill my entire family and with as much explosives and weapons as you found on top of drugs after a long history of drug abuse he better not get bailed out!

  12. Bullett says:

    One must be on the lookout for loners like this, a real loon for sure!
    Phone call to Florida: “Hello Mom can’t talk now, growing some grass and cleaning my grenades”.

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