Francesa: "Jets Are A Three-Ring Circus"

NEW YORK (WFAN) – WFAN’s Mike Francesa ripped into the New York Jets after they completed a deal to acquire marketing sensation and former Denver Broncos’ quarterback Tim Tebow.

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Gang Green acquired Tebow for 4th and 6th round picks in this year’s NFL Draft and received a 7th round pick in return from the Broncos.

The move places tremendous pressure on starting quarterback Mark Sanchez.  Sanchez signed a long-term deal after the Jets chased in vain after Peyton Manning who had no interest in joining Gang Green.

Now, the Jets went after the next big marketing opportunity that came their way in Tim Tebow.

Francesa criticized the Jets for making the move for non-football reasons,  selling jerseys and selling seats.

“Will they sell tickets?  Yes.  There are people who will show up so they can go scream for Tebow to get in the game.  He will sell you tickets, he will not win you games,” Francesa said on Monday’s show.

Francesa continued to rip the team over the move which he considers to be about “buzz and sizzle” and not about winning football games.

“What Tebow will do is, he will create a buzz.  There’s no question.  The thing the Jets can’t deal with is losing sponsors to the Giants, losing suite owners to the Giants and they can’t stand having empty seats.  They want to take care of all that, then they’ll worry about the football,”  he stated.

Francesa continued, “Tim Tebow is probably the hardest guy in history to try to build an offense around and win consistently in the NFL.  It’s almost impossible to do.  That’s how bad his throwing arm is.”

Tebow completed 46.5% of his passes in the regular season.  His percentage fell to 40.4% in the postseason.

Mike declared that the Jets jealousy over the Giants’ success as a big reason why they acquired Tebow.

“On the field, they are a three-ring circus that just can’t deal with the fact that they’re in a town with a better organization, with a better ownership, better coaching and a better organization that knows how to win the right way.  (The Giants) lose right and win right,” Francesa stated.

Francesa pointed to locker room issues arising following Tebow’s arrival and called the Jets “dysfunctional” repeatedly during his rant.

He explained, “Do you think Tim Tebow is going to straighten out the Jet locker room?  Do you think guys like Holmes and Cromartie are going to pay attention to Tim Tebow?”

A locker room split would seem likely as Tebow is a polarizing figure and many Jets will continue to back Sanchez.

Do you agree with Mike that the Tim Tebow trade is more about marketing reasons over football reasons?   Share your take below…

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Comments (83)
  1. Rob says:

    Wow! Cant believe the personal attacks be leveled against Mike because he is stating his opinion. If you disagree with him that’s fine, that’s your right but do it with a little dignity jeez..I am a long suffering Jets fan and I am very confused about this recent move as well…not sure how this all will shake out. I will hope for the best as usual.

  2. Bob says:

    hey folks just remember Francesa was born and HE invented all sports. AND DON”T FORGET IT!!!!!!!

    1. Neal says:

      The Arrogant Fat One hates the Jets. Always has. Surprise he can speak with his nose stuck so far up Parcell’s butt. Lets also not forget his obvious anti-semitism. For those who forgot, he blamed the Jews for 9/11 days after it happned. They need to get this cow off the air.

  3. Amused but not misled says:

    Mike who?

  4. Christie: the Governor that ate NJ says:

    This is what Jets fans are really thinking…

  5. BILL says:

    left wfan over a year ago
    now listen to lupica and kay because they listen and don’t berate listeners
    even michael jordan and sandy koufax knew it was time to quit so do us
    a favor and retire to your long island mansion francesa

  6. Master Shake says:

    Francesa is clown. His on-air personality has to be an act. Some of things he says are so foolish, that it couldn’t be real. Case in point…

  7. Jason says:

    Wonder if Fran-say-so would keep trashing the Jets like this if his good buddy Bill Parcells was still involved with the organization? I think not.

  8. Dave says:

    Francesa has zero credibility when talking about or analyzing anything Jets-related. Why would any passionate Jet fan who wants objective talk and opinions about their team listen to this pompous jerk? It’s very clear that he still has a vendetta and ultra-negative bias toward the team, stemming from the Jets’ decision to pull guests from his show and only allow their players and coaches to appear on ESPN-1050 in the afternoon. That’s where I now get my sports info in the afternoon, where listeners and callers are actually treated with respect. Francesa is nothing more than a bitter, insufferable grouch who needs to pack it in already. It’s long past time for that to happen.

    1. John says:

      Mike is a disgusting fat slob that needs good kick in the @ss. He has no respect for his callers. I don t know how his wife can share a bed with his fat @ss everynight. I hope he gets hit by a bus.

  9. Leslie says:

    I don’t get it: Joe and Evan are worried Sanchez could be “pushed” out by Tebow. This is coming from the same people who where PUSHING Sanchez out during hte season, saying he really isn’t that good. Can’t make it up.

  10. cluxx clamsman says:

    The human detour opens his fat mouth again. Do us all a favor and stick a tuna in your mouth and act like a beached whale.

  11. jon says:

    So many people blast Francesa for his alleged anti-Jet bias, with so many clever fat references. Listen to Benigno, a long-suffering Jet fan, blasting the Jets for the Tebow move. Roberts, not as long-suffering, is blasting it too. Stop the Francesa anti-Jet agenda whining. I’m a Jet fan, and am embarrased by it !!

    1. Leslie says:

      and Joe and Roberts will give praise to the Jets when due, Francesca finds ALL wrong with the team and has admitted his hate for the organization on many occasions.

    2. JerryR says:

      If you like to listen to a fan who talks like a 12 year old than Francesca is okay. But when it comes to the Jets he loves to talk trash because he wants callers to call up and fight with him.. he also made an arse out of himself by picking a fight with Revis last year again talking like a 12 year old because Revis disagreed with him. What I detest most about this guy is he’s a major league phonie talking trash about guys and then when they are on the show he’s kissing theri behinds throwing softball questions..

  12. g-MEN says:


  13. Leslie says:

    Big shocker, Francesca negative regards to the Jets. We all know his hate fo the team. However, I bet the same people killing this trade are the same that were killing Sanchez and saying he wasn’t the QB to lead this team. And the same people wanting a different backup other than 40+ Brunnell, in order to “push” Sanchez. Now, why the problem. It is March, not September. Let’s see what the Jets do in order to get ready to snap on opening day.

    1. John says:

      Mike is a fat piece of S!@#

  14. Why Not says:

    Yeah right, the Jets really win a lot games with Sanchez, let’s keep him as our starting QB. How did Miami win all those games and Tebow the Heisman Trophy, maybe the coaches knew how to use Tebow. He won the National Championship in ’08 and went 13 – 1 in ’09. Why not bring in a good QB coach to work with him.

    1. jon says:

      He played for Florida, not Miami. Get some info.

  15. CharlieP. says:

    You are not going to win games with Sanchez either so if you can make a few bucks selling more seats and Jerseys you might as well go that route.


    People are against Tebow and the Jets because they don’t believe in God. I will even go so far as to say that they probably support Satan!

  17. Tom C says:

    Francesa is extremely overrated. Very hard to listen to and often wrong on his assessments…..some may not like his outside property lights but i actually think there pretty cool

  18. BILL says:


  19. Ari M. Eden says:

    Is Francesa serious? His hatred of the Jets has now become both delusional and irrational, minus the brief stint when his ex lover was in town where he made getting to one AFC Championship game the triumph of the century while he now belittles the current group for making two in a row. Talking about the Jets needing to sell tickets and losing sponsorships? Utter nonsense. Teams in the NFL make the bulk of their money from the TV package by far and the Jets tickets are all sold on paper anyway, even if some people don’t show up when things turn bleak. Francesa has always had a double standard hypocrisy going and just picked a handful of favorites while hating everyone else. Also makes up innuendo and nonsense just to sound self important and drum up listener interest when he doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. It’s a disaster from a football standpoint? How so exactly? The Jets didn’t need a backup quarterback? How about a young one who could possibly even start if Sanchez struggles and give the added wrinkle of the wildcat if necessary? Puts pressure on Sanchez? He’s a big boy making a lot of money. Think he can handle it. The Jets have embarrassed themselves and winning is secondary to filling the building? Pure made up nonsense. Also says the offense will be hindered because they’ll have to build it around Tebow. Who builds an offense around your second string QB. They hardly gave up anything anyway. Why is adding another young QB to the mix with potential a bad thing other than it doesn’t suit Mike Francesa’s fancy? Give it a rest. It’s almost time to start talking about the Yankees all summer.

    1. Matthew says:

      Great take Ari. Couldn’t have said it better.

      1. Ari M. Eden says:

        Thanks man.

    2. t bone says:

      Mike is dead on. If the coaches and everyone keep saying Mark is our guy, he is the guy to build around, you don’t bring in Tebow. This first time Sanchez walks on the field, people are going to be calling for Tebow to play. How does that help your starting QB? Tebow was a fluke in a crappy division. Great guy, tough guy, respectable guy, but good QB he is not.

      Stop talking about the Wildcat, nobody runs it anymore, teams have figured it out. You all act like Tebow is a scoring machine, he is not. The money was wasted on him, instead of building another position. While I don’t always agree with Francessa, he is dead on with this.

  20. BILL says:


    1. Jon says:

      win and maybe Mike will respect the teams (Jets & Mets) but all they do and talk about “we’re the team to beat. “We’re a Super Bowl winning team” We’re going to win the Worls Series this year” “We’re clearly the best in our division” and in the end they both choke.

      As fan you need to stop top crying. What have both teams won in the last 26 (Mets) 43 (Jets) years to earn the respect. Talk is cheap.

  21. Geronimo says:

    Hey fat Mike- if you were a defensive player and the other team had the ball inside your 10 yard line- would you rather defend against Sanchez or Tebow ? If you said Tebow then you’re a bigger idiot than I thought. You also said Tebow can’t run a 2 minute drill. Seems like he did OK against the Jets. And who threw a pick 6 that game ? SANCHEZ. jAY gLAZER AND rAY lUCAS WHO BOTH KNOW A LOT MORE ABOUT FOOTBALL THAN YOU DO- BOTH SAID IT WAS A GOOD TRADE BY THE jETS. nOW DEFENSIVE COORDINATORS HAVE TWICE AS MUCH WORK TO DO.

  22. Bill says:

    Jets fan with Season tickets since 1978 in Shea,Giants and currently in Met Life in section 337 with two season tickets (down from four). Not the move that I would have made especially in terms of cap dollars. If this was a rookie signing then yeah no big deal but not a good move especially $2.5 million advance over three years. We still need help on defense. Gotta agree with the fat guy on this one. I just hope we make the playoffs!

    However now in defense of the Jets at least they did not force me to buy PSL unlike all Ginats season ticket holders. I can tell you that if I was forced to buy PSL’s for my seats I would have given it up.

  23. BILL says:


  24. flea says:

    Joe Benigno was great today….LMAO

  25. flea says:

    Mike is the best..All the comments prove that.

  26. BIG LOU says:

    who will win a Championship first in NYC? Tebow or Carmelo…


  27. Mike Kaye says:

    Mike drop the ham sandwich put the twinkes down and get your fat a$$ out of town

  28. Kevin says:

    Mike its time for you to pack it up. Youare clueless and are still carrying on about how the Jets dissed you. Give it up. You are a hasbeen.

  29. Eagles#1 says:

    None of this matters. Eagles are going all the way this year. Cya giants and jets!!!!

  30. BILL says:


  31. Tom says:

    mike insists that the Jets need to establish what kind of offense they will be and identify as so to the rest of the NFL. Isn’t the element of surprise part of the game and making it as difficult as possible for opposing team to prepare for your team each week a good thing? Imagine the possibilities of Sparano creating packages for both Sanchez and Tebow each week. For someone who has been around Sports as long as he has been, Mike is often wrong more often than not and not nearly as knowledgable as he thinks he is.

    1. Bobby says:

      not wrong about this how do you think sanchez feels

    2. al says:

      Sporano is no offensive coordinator. Dan Henning put the wildcat package togeher in Miami with the help from the coach they had from Arkansas. The wildcat helps a team who has offensive line deficiencies. It won’t take you all the way.

  32. gianthater says:

    Big brother ? really? The NY Giants MVP this year shoulda been ricky williams because without that fumble the giants went home and the 49ers win the game, win right? are you kidding me? The Jets are still the class of new york, the giants thrived on bad officiating and a miracle fumble.

    1. Jon says:

      gianthater, get your head out of your @$$. You’re just jealous the Giants are the Kings of football and own the town.

      The Jets, like you, are class alright, classless.

      The NY Giants MVP this year shoulda been ricky williams because without that fumble the giants went home and the 49ers win the game.

      These are your words. F**Ked up English by the way.

      First moron, it was Jacquian Williams who stripped the ball from fill-in return man Kyle Williams and not Ricky Williams. Ricky Williams was a RB, who played for the Dolphins, not the 49ers. Damn son, you’re stupid.

      By the way, how are those three (3) imaginary Super Bowl titles Rex promised? How’s that working out?

      Giants are Champions, deal with it moron

    2. Bobby says:

      who won the superbowl and where were your loser jets excuses

  33. Justen S. says:

    Mike Francesa is a has been. He routinely belittles his callers and states the same point over and over and over again just in different ways. He has way too much radio time on his hands and i refuse to listen to him. I love WFAN for the Smooze, Even and Eric, and Boomer and Carton. The only time I don’t listen is when this pompous guy is on the air.

    1. Tom P says:

      Justin is exactly right. Mike has a personal issue with the Jets and he looks for every chance to rip them. I don’t think this will be the issue he says it is. low salary cap number, mid to low draft pick swaps – what is the big deal? I don’t listen to him any more either. He is so predictable.

    2. Steve says:

      I agree 100%. He is pompous and rarely if ever agrees with a caller. There is no wiggle room with his opinion.

    3. al says:

      The problem with Mikes show is that he takes too many calls from moron Jets and Mets fans.

  34. lol says:

    Another stunt from a team going nowhere. they have no clue of what the teams needs are and just want some publicity. Jets will always be a joke. going to pretty funny to see what happens this year.

  35. lou says:

    all of you are sheep drinking the Mike Kool aid ….calm down Tebow is what the Jets hav’nt been for 40 years A WINNER

  36. Garrett B says:

    Maybe Mike T is hoping Tebow’s 46% completion pct will boost Sanchez’s confidence. I’m a Jet fan and I totally agree with Mike, for a change. Tannenbaum has a habit of giving away draft picks for FAs and trades, many of which have turned out poorly. We have multiple needs (RT, RB, OLB, WR, FS) and this is what we do? Favre was all about PSL and jersey sales, and this looks to have the same motivation. The league is pass-happy and cracking down on violent hits, so we sign a SS who’s strong against the run and big hitter? This franchise is a JOKE.

    1. Frankie says:

      Doesn’t the Tebow trade get them one of their needs…I mean Brian Urlacher said that Tebow was the best running back he’s ever faced…

  37. anon says:

    As much as I agree with Mike on THIS ONE – I hate the deal- Mike will trash any move the Jets make these days. He hates Rex nd is dying to run him out of town.

  38. Mike says:

    whats wrong with a 2 qb set , worked in FL

  39. Jack says:

    Mike your in New York show respect to your listeners weather your right or wrong stop knocking knocking knocking you sound pathetic. Besides the Jets goal line offense will be best in league with Tebow.

  40. Steve says:

    I believe Mike is on point with this. What is Mark Sanchez there for? As a front end to Tebow?? The NFL defenses have figured out Tebow. Tim Tebow is a good guy, but in this league you win with a QB and a strong deense, Priority for the Jets should be a pass rushing defnsive lineman, and a linebacker.

  41. Shane says:

    it is impossible to listen to this guy

  42. mike says:

    The headline should have just ended after the 3rd word. “Francessa Denounces Jets”. What else is new.

    I’m sure if Tebow went to New England Francessa would have called it a “brilliant move”.

    1. Stephan Palos says:

      you hit the nail on the head.

      1. Mike Diaz says:

        LOL! You guys are ridiculous, just like your team!!

    2. Mark says:

      You are 100 percent correct Mike doesn’t like the jets so no matter what they do he is a negative guy. Trying to use nice words. All the people that call in are really not Jet fans there this jerks fans.

    3. lou says:

      Bravo your right

  43. matt says:

    The joke is Mike francesca. He is so bias against the Jets. You cannot even have an opinion if it is different form his. We are not stupid. Tebow will be a better back up than who we have; he will be great in the wild cat; hwill be good in the locker room and he will put people in the seats. I just turned to 1050

  44. jim the jetfan says:

    If Francesa is right about this it will absolutely be the first time…Mushnick is soooo right about this know-it-all!!!

  45. Diane Costantini says:

    Sounds like sour grapes to me. Just another Mike Francesa debacle.

  46. Cee Emm says:

    If your not a Jet fan , WHY DO YOU CARE???….Mike your an absolute joke

  47. Stephan Palos says:

    Mike, you are a poor strategist. I would move Tebow over to the running back position. Then you can wildcat at anytime, even have Tebow pass from the wildcat. Tebow can come out of the backfield and even catch the ball. Tebow avg.5,6 a carryis what the J-E-T-S NEED!!!! Stop your pro giant rhetoric.

  48. Sanchez isTerrible says:

    I’m guessing that Francesca is a “glass half empty” kind of guy….

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      I’m thinking more like a “fridge is all empty” kinda guy.

  49. Mike says:

    the little brother trying to gain the spotlight ! what a joke

    1. Stephan Palos says:

      If you don”t have anything constructive, insult them.

  50. Ira says:

    Mike is 1000 percent correct. The Jets are a joke

    1. Mike Francesa says:

      Thanks, Ira. Hey, what are you wearing right now?

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