NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — At least eight people were arrested and several injured, including two police officers, in a clash between Occupy Wall Street protesters and police at Union Square Park on Wednesday.

Demonstrators with the Occupy Wall Street movement are now calling Union Square their new home base after a dramatic and sometimes violent face-off between police and protesters stretched into the early morning hours.

1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reports

Protesters have been gathering at Union Square since Saturday when they were booted from Zucotti Park while celebrating the six month anniversary of the movement.

Since then, they’ve been calling for Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s resignation after the weekend arrests of 73 people.

But around midnight Wednesday, police in riot gear marched in to dismantle the demonstration, citing a 1.m. park curfew. That’s when, protesters say, things turns violent as police and protesters clashed.

One woman, an Occupy medic, says she was injured after being thrown to the ground and trampled.

“I was thrown over an officer who was bending down. I hit the back of my head, I have a concussion,” said Maria Tardif.

Five hours later, Tardif was back at Union Square and once again, says she was caught up in a scuffle with police, this time on crutches and still wearing a hospital bracelet.

But protesters say efforts to shut down their demonstrations only strengthens their resolve to keep fighting.

“We will go to a different park and make them kick us out of there, then we’ll go to different park and make them kick us out of there and it’s going to continue,” said protester Jack Amico. “There are thousands of public spaces that are open to the public in New York City and we intend to utilize them.”

There are several demonstrations planned at Union Square for Wednesday afternoon and evening and protesters are planning to spend the night there, once again.

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  1. Perhaps this dialogue needs less assertions or more questions. Why is it that OWS protestors so adamant about camping in public parks? There is an agreement that people should be able to speak freely even if you don’t like their message. So why is it OWS protestors are willing to clash with the NYPD over camping rights so fiercely? I think the Occupation is a new type of protest (like picket lines were for unions) that people on the sidelines don’t get. Union workers stopped working for your 40 hour work week (if you still have one) so why is it that someone that doesn’t have a job doesn’t have something important to say? Callous disregard for the dispossessed is a huge problem in the US–it’s interesting that this callous disregard is so openly expressed during discussions of OWS stories.

  2. GOOD OLE BOY says:


    1. Liberalism Is a Disease says:

      Sounds like you want to go wilding…….

  3. wounded defecator project says:

    Neo-Conservative, useful idiots and critics of Assembly, and frankly haters of truth and freedom, exist by feeding on the entrepreneurial, middle cl@ss.
    Which explains why the nation’s respect and admiration are with Occupy and with the Anonymous, Wikileaks and Ruckus brigades. Thank you heroes for all your fvcking service, and congrats on Man udda Year.
    For they know, proletariat’s bad children and parasites, sic Zionist apparachik of the Fed, IMF and World Bank, will never admonish the Welfarism feeding their addictions and narcissism. A cl@ss needful and earnest of all the hearty, steamy excrement that patriots can provide. Sh!t and p!ss on, noble defecators, lest the streets flow with blood.

    1. OccupyaShower says:

      You have no job or soap…Do you?

  4. new.lamby says:


    1. occupy a shower says:

      You don’t have any money. Or you would use it to buy soap…

      1. Wendy Davis says:

        Oh but who do you think the rich stay rich but transfer the wealth of middle class to them? I will have no know it costs literally an arm and a leg to pay for the yachts and mansions. The runing-scared rich resort to fixed-to-fail financial instruments, bait-and-switch tactics or bribery and extortion. The milllionaire 25 year olds are clearly smoking huge cigars to keep in practice.of having their lips wrapped around appendages. It’s the American way.

  5. k in the city says:

    they really are getting old. in fact, as shrek would say, “they’re getting on my last nerve!” they better watch out, the real people are going to create their own neighborhood watch, and in the interest of cutting down on police overtime, take care of our parks. we’ve got our own moves. contraband will be “confiscated.”

  6. diver says:

    OK, I get it all the OWS people are mad as hell. Standing around in any NYC Park will not further your goals. Disobeying the law will turn people like me off. I hate to say this but why don’t you look at the Tea Party for a lead on how to organize, and most of all develop a message which will be delivered to Washington which is where the laws are made that allow the banks and wall street to operate in the fashion you find so objectionable. Then again I suspect your real goal is to just taunt the NYC police so you can get on the news. I’m just not impressed.

  7. dontforget says:

    …now, now, no Gestapo tactics…

  8. None Of Your Business says:

    Oh, don’t tell me those obnoxious, arrogant morons who think they have the truth and the light are back!! I was so hoping they’d gone away. For months now, they’ve been stinking and polluting in every park they can find. However, Wall Street seems to be going on its merry way as always. Something tells me Wall Street is not quaking in its boots in fear of those OWS idiots.

  9. danny says:

    I have to work everyday. I have to pay my mortgage. I cannot afford a car, or the expenses that come along with it. If I lose my job, I will lose my home within the year. I am not part of the 1%. I am struggling like the rest. I AM NOT OWS!! OWS DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME!

  10. Pat’s comments are inaccurate, troubling and inflammatory. I am an occupier. I am also an adjunct professor in a graduate school in NY, in addition, I work with police on issues related to family violence. Myself, and most people in my cohort who participate in Occupy Wall Street, all have jobs. I have 2 as a matter of fact. Those that participate and do not have jobs are unable to find them. That is part of the reason they are protesting. Pat’s ignorance when it comes to unemployment seems ubiquitous in the conservative/reactionary comments I have been hearing. If he is not aware that a true jobless rate of over 10% is holding this economy in its stranglehold at the moment (and even higher- over 15%- for African Americans), it is because he does not chose to read or understand current events. Perhaps it does not disturb PAt that the very banks we are protesting continue to lay off workers – Citibank 30,000- Bank of America planning to lay off almost 5,000 in upcoming months. ANd maybe the fact that American corporations who recieve tax breaks and tax incentives to relocate their factories off-shore continue to scrape away at the manufacturing base of this country, which once proudly saw millions upon millions working in good, well-paid jobs for their entire lifetimes. Now, regarding police suppression of the Occupy movement: to say that no more than 25 people can sit or lie down in a park is unconstitutional. This is political speech, and guaranteed by our Constitution. Parks are public places where public speech can and should be exercised. The fact that the NYPD has acted in a brutal and violent way, attacking, pushing, hitting, and injuring peaceful unarmed citizens is unacceptable. I have been at rallies, as recently as March 17, where I have been pushed in the chest by police as I was walking away, my friend (who was wearing a suit) was hit in the back with a club- while obeying a police order to disperse. I shot video of a young woman who had been arrested who was going into full seizures while still cuffed and the police took over 15 minutes to call an ambulance. The suppression of this movement should be an affront to all citizens of a free society. Lastly, I remind pat that all speech, even speech he does not like, is protected by the Constitution of the United States.

    1. no ya says:

      *APPLAUDING* Well said!
      What I can’t understand is WHY people keep saying the Occupiers have no clear message and don’t know what they want… ignorance is bliss I guess.

      I am also sure these nay-Sayers haven’t got a clue as to what is really going on in the world. What bills congress is imposing, amending, and the very essence of what makes America is being prostituted by the very ppl that are supposed to protect her… all so they can make a buck off the backs of The People.
      Bet they don’t know the truth about Syria and who they’re really fighting; could care a less about why our troops are also in Uganda; that while America is circling the drain 0bama is setting us up for WW3. These same nay-Sayers most likely believe everything the talking heads on their tv tell them. Gullible sheep – they’re so busy having an ‘opinion’ about something they don’t want to understand – they’re about to be taken to the slaughter house and they don’t even see it coming. They have just enough information to make them dangerous… not THAT is a terrorist!

  11. professor steve says:

    To all you nay-sayers who clearly have their eyes and minds closed to the importance of the Occupy Movement; to all those who fail to see that YOU ARE PART OF THE 99%; to all those above who choose to discredit OWS by smearing “fringe” characters using condescending and biased language, I quote Judith Butler: “If Occupy has drawn attention to forms of structural inequality that affect any number of corporations and state institution, that adversely affect the general population as they try and meet the basic needs of life (shelter, food, health care, employment), then it has surely brought attention to the general economic system that relies upon, and produces, inequality with increasing intensity. […] If we are on the move, the we are, in collective forms, tracking the sites of injustice and inequality, and our trail becomes the new map of radical change.”

    1. Kevin says:

      Has nothing to do with fringe, the movement is a movement of anarchy. It is NOT supported by most Americans. I have seen the people there that are diehards, strung out homeless druggies. That’s not a movement, that’s people looking for a place to crash and yell. I don’t need “Mainstream Media” to tell me they are bums, I can just walk down there and watch strung out punk kids and angry students sleep in filth. OWS doesn’t do itself any favors.

      1. non-ya says:

        Speak for yourself… Occupy IS supported by Americans that still give a rats behind about this country as a whole and care enough to protect her and the We The People our framers intended it to be.

        Maybe you like to pay high prices for gas, food, housing & insurance for the peanuts the corp pigs are willing to give you, while doing nothing but rape this country (and clearly other countries too – again at OUR Expense) of her natural resources and our children’s future… but I certainly am not.
        My family fought and died for this country and I’ll be damned if it’s going to be for a select few! (And don’t even get me started on what they’re doing to the kids in the military – or what they’re NOT doing for them and the vets they’ve destroyed! Think it’s okay that their bodies were put dumped in land-fills?)
        If you’re happy sitting back, because it’s all about you, and allowing corruption to run rampant across this land – fine… you’ll get what you deserve and I hope you like it. But to tell someone they can’t exercise their RIGHTS because it bothers you – that’s just to bad. Nobody is antagonizing the Military Industrial Complex – bullying has become the natural order – and THAT is not okay.

    2. Pax Tayer says:

      What we’re seeing is NOT a “movement” but an “Occupy” CORPORATION whose whole business plan is based on demanding that people who refuse to work are fully entitled to subsidies from people who are willing to work.

      1. Concreteblue says:

        you, sir, I respectfully would call an idiot….

  12. bkk dAVE says:

    does not affect me, but it fun to listen to the righties set on their a$$ and complain

    1. dakotahgeo says:

      Hear ye! Hear ye!!! AMEN! At least they{re good for entertainment, not much but they try, lolol.

  13. Jon says:

    “Demonstrators had gathered in the park on Tuesday to protest the weekend arrests of 73 people at Zuccotti Park and demand Police Commissioner Ray Kelly resign.” Just so I understand this clearly, they tried to set up tents in Zuccotti on Saturday, but that resulted in arrests because it is well known that you cannot set up tents in the park. In response to the police doing their jobs, i.e., making arrests when laws are broken, they protest the police and demand that the Commissioner resign. So basically, they not only want the police to not do their job if it interferes with their agend, but they are demanding that the Commissioner resign because he’s doing his job well. Is anyone taking this seriously anymore? Was anyone ever taking it seriously? Do these people think that what they are doing will achieve anything other than news headlines? Do they not understand that by making news headlines, the big corporations that they claim to despise are making more money? Silly kids…it’s time to grow up and put childish things away.

  14. Sid says:

    Well the warm weather is back and so are the OWS pests. They are so devoted to their cause that the took the winter off. Don’t want o be out there in the cold? What dedication. What motivation What drive. Is it any wonder why these misfits don’t have jobs Losers the whole lot of them.

  15. steve says:

    Crack every single one over the head and send them home to the lilly white burbs and mommy and daddy, where they come from. This has got to end.

    1. beat them says:

      I agree police shopuld go in there and beat some sense into these losers.New Yorkers do not want you here.What happened to all the money raised by this bogus cause.They probably went on a nice winter vacation.Keep giving money to these losers they are spending it wisely.

  16. Pat says:

    It’s about time! Like the protesters couldn’t see this one coming… The city has made it plain you can protest but there will be absolutely no camping out. No tents, no sleeping bags, etc. These are public places meant for the enjoyment of all and once OWS sets up camp there is no room for regular folks to enjoy the park.And look at the protesters that you see every night in the media coverage. Blue hair, shabby clothing…. Do these people look like people actively looking for jobs? They look like hippies from a bad 60s movie, not people concerned with trying to find a way to take care of their families….

    1. dan says:

      It is curious that a few days after news that OWS is running out of funds there is a sudden clash with police, while trying to occupy private property. Now they want to occupy public property so that the public will not be able to use it. The main theme of OWS seems to be “share the wealth” take it from the people who are earning money and give it to them. We seem to have forgotten that the United States was build on private enterprise not socialist government handouts.

    2. shaun kavanagh says:

      The OWS protesters are true Heroes. Thank you for showing all citizens of the world that the big Corporations and Global Banking Institutions are not the only ones that can have their voices heard .People who stand up and act brave can indeed have their voices heard around the entire world. When People stand together they can they can achieve great things. OWS protester have changed the entire national debate.

    3. Wendy Davis says:

      You appear to have been there by your description. Cameras focus on the fringe; it makes a better picture than plain jane in her tweed jacket and salon-prepared hairdo. Were these events not in the middle of a week, a school day, work day, more of us would attend. I wish someone would figure that out. Many of us are working and cannot take off. Travel is necessary. So, Saturday or 3 day weekend is the day for an assembly. The job I am working at pays me 50% less now and I have to pay my own taxes, 1300.00 check and 800.00 by the time I pay my over head. Do you understand I have been doing this job for 30 years and now that I am older I am faced with outsourcing and homelessness? You’re goddam right I stand by OWS; they are the group who would be factory workers or constructino crews, waitresses, secretaries. They do not ahve a job and clothes are expensive. You want pretty people at the rally? Watch a movie about one. Little do you know, your mean spirited assssement will follow up – and haunt you for being unsupportive of the people trying to save the US from foreign interests’ extracting the wealth right out from under your feet. Educate yourself Pat.

  17. Jennypenny says:

    These people really need to get a life, a job, and get off our streets. They are not helping but making people look like asholes!

  18. occupy these nutz says:


  19. Jeff Rosen ret NYPD Sgt says:

    The occupy nuts need to be exterminated ASAP!!! Where’s the Orkin Man when you need him, lolol???

    1. dakotahgeo says:

      Well, THAT ain{t gonna happen!!! How many people have YOU murdered in cold blood_ I didn{t think you could count that high. None person that you are!

      1. wtmq says:

        DUH me english good try spell check jack-ass

      2. wtmq357 says:

        None person that you are!


        1. dakotahgeo says:

          Non…none… it{s all the same!!!

          1. occupy a job says:

            spell much? Bowel movement participant

  20. dakotahgeo says:

    The NYPD’s worst need to be exterminated ASAP!!! Where’s the Orkin Man when you need him, lolol???

    1. Jennypenny says:

      You only need them when you need there help

    2. Brendan Quigley says:

      You are a horse’s ass. Protesting is allowed but according to set rules. You don’t get to fight the police when you don’t like it or they will fight back..tough luck

      1. dakotahgeo says:

        OOOOOOOO… Ah’m skeered, ah’m skeered, ROFLMBO!!! We’ll see who has the most positive effect on society in the end, lolol. And that’s MR. Horse’s Ass to you, Buckwheat!

        1. Bill says:

          Please tell us what positive effect you’ve had so far.

          1. dakotahgeo says:

            I{m not here to make any effect except to point out the stupidity of the right wingers! Besides, this is now old news and non’news… boring!

            1. May says:

              Your comments are actually pointing out the stupidity in the left wingers and OWS supporters. Good job! Learn English please!

              1. dakotahgeo says:

                Silly girl!!! I grew up in the Midwest, have two Masters degrees, speak three languages, and beat you in all catagories by miles! You lose! Obama-Biden 2012-2016!!!

                1. May says:

                  You clearly know nothing about my education and what you have “beat” me in. Just look at this post too. Your degrees must have been bought online because the way you write is a clear indication that you did not earn them. What does growing up in the Midwest have to do with anything? It just proves more of your ignorance, I guess. Furthermore, Vulcan and Pig Latin don’t count as “languages”. I wouldn’t say you have mastered English either.

                  1. dakotahgeo says:

                    ROFLMO!!! Nope, legit degrees earned while attending accredited universities and a Seminary!!! Vulcan and Pig atin aren’t really that difficult if you have a brain and know how to use itñ but so many don{t use those so why learn them, right? Now, Spanish, Portugues, and German… those may well be very important in South America, lolol. Your comments missed by two miles, Sweetcheeks… all four of them!

      2. Wendy Davis says:

        Police force has been trained by Israeli specially to combat civil unrest. Now why do you think that is? A failing infrastructure? The overthrow of the govt by special interess? A banking and financial system which has joined together to take out laws put into place after the Great Depression which has led us to this? Politicians who are getting richer by the minute thanks to insider trading? The fraud 9-11 was? A view across the Atlantic Oceans and seeing countries in the same predicament being taking over self-appointed bankers who call themselves eurocrats? The unpayable debt and the resistance to tax the big money after generous tax cuts which were meant to expire are extended?

        The corruption evident everywhere we turn, including the judicial system, is going to cause this country to spontaenously combut and Mayor Bloomberg is part of the gang orchestrating America’s demise. If you don’t like to watch Americans fight for their country, it’s your tough luck.

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