NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — The Yankees tied the Atlanta Braves 5-5 in 10 innings on Wednesday.

A fitting score and outcome, considering New York’s rotation conundrum. Six pitchers for five slots, all arguably deserving.

Hiroki Kuroda went seven innings for the Yankees, allowing two runs and a homer while striking out six. Yankees manager Joe Girardi has said that Kuroda has solidified his spot as the team’s No. 2 starter behind CC Sabathia.

“The other years, we were almost searching for the five starters,” Girardi said. “This year, I think we’ve got six quality guys.”

Girardi expects to set his rotation this weekend. Phil Hughes, Ivan Nova, Freddy Garcia and Michael Pineda are competing for three initial spots behind Sabathia and Kuroda.

“Somebody is going to be disappointed,” Girardi said. “That’s the worst part of this. And they have to get over their disappointment and help this team however we ask them to help us.”

Hughes and Nova are expected to make the rotation. That leaves Garcia and Pineda. The veteran versus the young gun.

“With a young guy, you think a little bit more about what he could be,” said Girardi. “With Freddy, we have a pretty good idea.”

Then there’s the question: What happens when Andy Pettitte completes his comeback?

Stay tuned.

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