HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork)Traffic violations are a big part of the plan to fill the gap in Suffolk County’s potential $530 million budget deficit.

WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs On The Story

The county is planning to add 50 more red light cameras across its intersections. They’re asking the state to let them process traffic violations, a move that would allow the county to keep the revenue generated by fines.

At present, New York state handles that task.

Some Suffolk County drivers who spoke with WCBS 880’s Mike Xirinachs were not happy about the proposal.

“I think they could probably come up with a better plan,” one driver told Xirinachs.

“I think it’s garbage… I hate it,” said another.

“It’s unfair. I mean, there’s got to be a better way,” said a third.

The county estimates that with the additional red light cameras and by processing its own traffic violations they could make some $20 million annually.

What do you think of the possibility of more red light cameras in Suffolk County? Sound off in our comments section below. 

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  1. Robert Moses says:

    Suffolk County should just bill its budget shortfall to New York City. Remember that, BY LAW, the one and only purpose of a city is to subsidize its suburbs, so NYC had better start paying up.

  2. Jason says:

    Keep paying fraudulent tax free disability.

    Keep paying teachers ans superintendents unconscionable salaries and perks,

    Consider police and other high pensioners retire in their 40s with the same salary as when they worked due to trickery allowed in their contracts.

    Many (appox 50 %)leave Long Island due to the high taxes for this reason,taking the money out of the economy once again???

    Leave L.I. NOW while you can !!!!!!!!

    1. Jerry says:

      is this bizarro world???

  3. Pi$$ed Off Long Islander says:

    Any red light cameras installed should be at an intersection with a proven number of prior red light accidents. If a certain number of accidents cannot be proven, the county or anyone should not be allowed to install a red light camera. That is if they are truly meant for public safety. Which clearly from the point of this article, they are using them as a budget item.

    1. Elsie Kay says:

      of coarse they are… your govt is crooked as hell, Vote for me, I will loot Washington for us…

  4. tg says:

    municipalities found a cash cow. getting revenue without having to use any manpower to do so.. the camera company takes their cut and the rest is free money. SAFETY has NOTHING to do with these enforcement lights its all about MONEY… Just another way to bleed you dry to cover up govt extravagant spending i see police cars every day sitting in parks. parking lots in full view of people running red lights, texting speeding . why bother when a ticket will be mailed to your house by someone in Indiana taking a picture.

    1. Elsie Kay says:

      Well, the government is going to get all it can, till the revolution.. No one life, liberty or property is safe as long as the leg is in session… T.J.

  5. Wallace Freeman says:

    So if $camera revenue is essential to the government of this jurisdiction, it is essential that this jurisdiction do all it can to insure violations. Yeah, tell me again how its all about safety. Wake up folks. This $cam is entirely unenforceable. Quit paying the $camera’s revenue demands and I guarantee you they’ll go away. They’re like sharks. Keep feeding them and you’ll just get more and the ones you have will just get greedier.

  6. Bob says:

    Nobody has commented what a hazard the cameras are. This will create more accidents than it prevents and can interfere with emergency vehicles. I support the enforcement of red light violators, but the cameras cause people to slam on brakes as they see the light turn yellow. They also discourage people from entering an intersection to get out of the way of a fire truck, ambulance or police officer. Why risk the ticket? That can occur at any intersection because you may not be sure whether it contains the red light camera. Finally, the strobe light effect caused by the flashing lights can confuse drivers.

  7. Sharon Parks says:

    I recieved a RED LIGHT VIOLATION last year…. When I called the number to find out where on VETS HIGHWAY it was I informed they didn’t know ???? The number I called was from COLORADO …. WHAT THE HELL ???? Paying someone that doesn’t know WHERE the VOILATION took place ????? Explain this to me ????

  8. trk387 says:

    Suffolk County has a deficit problem huh? Well I guess that means I truly will OWN this place when I sue them for 100B. WATCH for that law suit because its coming. Why sue?

    3 years of them HARASSING me, aiding and abetting a known child abuser, child endanger, child neglecter, sexual deviant who has ORGIES while minors sit in the kitchen (7 minors) CPS, a known heroin addict and alcoholic, the WORST mother on the planet, who permits DRUNK DRIVERS to drive with her children (a clear violation of the Leandra law) the police with bringing FALSE charges against me, also the police for not doing their job back in 2009 when I brought my daughter to them with BRUISES up and down her arm and they REFUSED to arrest. Or how about their failure to arrest on violations of an order of protection? Or how about the fact I have cps agents going to my ex’s house and saying ” don’t worry I will make this go away “. or ” You smoke weed? I used to smoke weed, its ok if you smoke weed just don’t do it around the children “. I have EVIDENCE of all this. This is just one worker. 15+ cps reports. The STORY I have about this county and its municipal authorities. ANY reporters want to talk? email me trk387@gmail.com

    I have NO love for Suffolk County and one cop in particular and cps agent I WANT THEIR JOBS AND BADGE.

    I am a law abiding citizen, I RESPECT the law. I have NO criminal history SHE DOES! I am not a drug addict, she is not only a drug addict but she was sentenced to day top village for 4 years for heroin addiction and committing crimes while under its influence. She BREAKS the law at will, and I am the one always in trouble for protecting my daughters. Her family? care NOTHING about what is going on just their precious relative and daughter. They KNOW all about it and when I go them for help their response ” we can’t get involved ” even my own family! I complain they come after me. 🙁 & as God is my witness THEY ARE GOING TO PAY FOR IT! $$$

    I have gone to the following people for help and they ALL ignored.

    . Gregory Blass: CPS commissioner
    . Steve Levi – ex Suffolk County Exec
    . CPS
    . School personnel
    . The Police
    . SC D/A Sparta
    . NYPD – they helped! not only helped but stopped SC Police from harassing me.
    . Kings County Family Court: treated me like a criminal & brought the petition
    . Kings County D/A Charles Hynes (ignored)
    . Michael Bloomberg: (ignored)

  9. Junior says:

    I still do not know how they get away with this in NY. NYS Law requires 3 things to be present for a traffic ticket to be valid, those are in fact happened, in presence and in jurisdiction. How do they cover the “in presence” part? Also, under the law, I have the right to face and question my accuser. Who do I question, the camera? As far as I am concerned, unless a person is watching that camera at all times, all BS and all tickets should be voided.

  10. Peter says:

    Totally Against it. It’s a violation of our rights to Freedom. Next they will be putting camera’s in our homes and charge us $5.00 everytime we use the bathroom?

    1. elsie kay says:

      I am in favor of giviing the government all the rope it wants. We are heading toward a revolution, and the sooner the better….

  11. Elsie Kay says:

    In theory they are fine, and their use as a fund raiser is expected. BUT, I have been sitting at light and they seem to be going off for no reason with no one in the intersectiom…. The government should be very very careful with their use, almost to the point of accepting a not guilty plea as fact… You can start a real revolution against the government with unfair use of these things…

    1. wrajradio says:

      The cameras flash for no reason because someone at the intersection approached what is “the before mark” of a violation; which should be when someone approaches the stop line. in a violation, there is a before and after photo. doesn’t mean someone is getting a ticket when the camera flashes.

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