NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – With the smash of a bottle of egg cream against the Cyclone, the 2012 season at Coney Island’s Luna Park official began Sunday.

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz said his duties include ribbon cutting and kissing babies, but not riding roller coasters.

“Me personally, no way, but my wife loves it so a member of my family takes care of that,” he told WCBS 880’s Monica Miller. “For me when I was a kid, I used to wave at my friends. When this starts, I’ll wave at them still. Better you than me. God bless.”

Miller spoke with several who turned out for the sweet tradition:

David Zuben of Brooklyn was one of the first people in line for a ride.

“The best part is when you’re going all the way up, you’re all the way up, and you’re about to go to the drop, and it stops for a second, and you’re like ‘Oh God’, and then it drops down and you’re going 100 miles an hour,” he said.

Eric Knap, who calls himself the original Mister Cyclone, says the ride gets better and better each year.

“It’s the antiquity of it. The ride was built in 1927. How many wooden roller coasters are original and still in existence today?” he said.

“Coney Island is the mother of all amusement parks in America. It was the original and still the best. Everyone else followed Coney Island, and Coney Island’s best days are really to come yet,” Markowitz added.

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  1. iggy says:

    TC wouldnt know an egg cream if it bit him on the ass

  2. hand crafted wooden products says:

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  3. Michael H. says:

    All these asinine recipes for egg creams…

    I’m not even 30 and I know how to make a real egg cream. First you need to find one of those guys that delivers seltzer in one of those glass spray bottles. Once you have one of those you can mix some whole milk and a few tablespoons of some Fox’s U-Bet chocolate syrup, none of that Hershey’s or Nestle stuff. Once you’ve got a good dark chocolate milk spray in some seltzer, give it a quick spin with a spoon and viola! You’ve got yourself an authentic Brooklyn egg cream, just like grandpa used to make it!.

    1. TC says:

      >All these asinine recipes for egg creams…

      I of course can’t say for sure but I’d bet most folks would say my simple recipe produces a better tasting Egg Cream/drink than your more elaborate one. Trust me, I know a great tasting Egg Cream when I see it. The store I mentioned had a wide reputation for making the best anywhere. And if you’re not even 30, you likely haven’t a clue what a great one is. “Grandpas” weren’t typically known for making good Egg Creams. Old world soda shops made them. A lot of modern shops use seltzer and chocolate from the tap and still they don’t taste right.

      1. Tsk-Tsk says:

        Sorry TC, but Michael H. is correct. Your recipe is NOT. Yoo-Hoo?! Really?!

        1. TC says:

          >>Sorry TC, but Michael H. is correct. Your recipe is NOT. Yoo-Hoo?! Really?!

          In terms of producing a drink which most closely resembles the classic S&H’s Egg Cream, my “recipe” is it.

          1. TC says:

            >>Sorry TC, but Michael H. is correct. Your recipe is NOT. Yoo-Hoo?! Really?!

            Lol. What can I say. You just had to be there at the time to know what I’m talking about. The Lower East Side of Manhattan during that time was the place to go for many great tasting classics. (candy, cookies, soda fountain drinks etc, etc. 🙂

      2. TC says:

        Note: my “recipe” produces a drink which tastes more like the classic Sid & Howie’s Egg Cream than any EC I’ve had at any other soda fountain since the time (60s and early 70s). However, the cream soda needs to be the Key Food brand in a CAN, not bottle. I tried their bottled cream and it tastes different than the can and therefore doesn’t quite work.

        1. iggy says:

          maybe in san francisco they use yoo-hoo and cream soda

      3. Michael H. says:

        There is nothing “elaborate” about seltzer+milk+chocolate syrup. It’s simple and is the only true egg cream recipe. Grandpas were most certainly known for making good egg creams when they were soda jerks! Ask any former soda jerk what a good egg cream is made of and you will get exactly the recipe I provided.

        That’s Brooklyn for ya, baby!

        1. Ed Norton says:

          Eggs-ackly. I cannot believe these other “recipes” posted here, recipes for disaster that is!

          1. TC says:

            >>Eggs-ackly. I cannot believe these other “recipes” posted here, recipes for disaster that is!

            The combination I mentioned (Key Food Cream soda/can and Yoo Hoo)produces a more authentic, better tasting Egg Cream-like drink than those you’ll find at most modern soda fountains. And they of course use the classic ingredients (yet something isn’t quite ‘right’ about them). Don’t knock it til you try it. I’m assuming (perhaps foolishly) that you even know what a great tasting Egg Cream is.

        2. TC says:

          “There is nothing “elaborate” about seltzer+milk+chocolate syrup. It’s simple and is the only true egg cream recipe.”

          Between the Yoo Hoo and Cream soda, all the classic egg cream ingredients are there: “seltzer+milk+chocolate syrup”

          selzer = carbonated water, most every can of soda has it as an ingredient.

          I still say my “formula” will produce a better tasting egg cream-like drink than those you make yourself from scratch using separately bought seltzer and chocolate syrup.

    2. Jimmy says:

      Exactly Correct. And I used to make them in the 60’s.

  4. TC says:

    As for a great tasting homemade Egg Cream, try mixing a can of Key Food cream soda with a can of Yoo Hoo. Pour some of the cream soda into a large glass containing the entire can of the Yoo Hoo until it suits your taste.

  5. TC says:

    I’m 54 years old and was born and raised on the Lower East Side. We moved to Queens in 1970. Do you remember “Sid & Howie’s” soda fountain on the corner of Clinton and Houston? They made the best Egg Creams I’ve ever had in my life. My grandfather owned a barber shop around the corner from it. They are no longer there.

    1. Michael H. says:

      THIS is why you don’t know what an egg cream is. You’re from the LES and then lived in Queens. The egg cream is a Brooklyn tradition.

      1. Why I oughtta... says:

        Listen, junior: some of the best egg-creams were made at the long-gone Dave’s Luncheonette (Canal & Bway).

      2. TC says:

        There are several stories or legends on the Egg Cream:

        1880s – One version or legend says that it began in 1880s on the Lower East Side of New York with the teenage Yiddish-theatre star Boris Thomashevsky (1868-1939), who brought the first Yiddish play to New York from London and was also a founding member and pioneer of the Yiddish theater in America. After tasting a similar drink called “chocolate et creme” in Paris, France, he asked to have one made in New York.

        1900s – According to most historians, the Egg Cream was allegedly created in the early 1900s by a Jewish candy shop owner, Louis Auster, who came to America and opened a candy store in Brooklyn, New York. It is reported that 3,000 Egg Creams a day were sold until the day the store closed.

  6. mike says:

    And in the old days there would be no bottled egg creams, it was a soda fountain concoction! For me a glass of Pepsi with a bit of Hershey’s Light chocolate syrup comes close to the taste, no milk, but I might be a bit delusional after all these years!
    I’m a 57 yo native of the Lower East Side but after reading this I feel like an ancient!

    1. I'm callin' the cops says:

      Pepsi?! Hershey’s LIGHT chocolate?! You are delusional, my friend. Hang your head in shame.

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