NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The job market remains challenging for people looking for work. For adults with autism, finding a job is even harder, but one New York-based organization is helping match autistic adults with jobs that accommodate their special needs.

Marc Dreyfuss was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism, at the age of 35. For years, he struggled to keep a job until he found Job Path. Now he works at his dream job as a member of the Geek Squad at Best Buy.

” I feel good. I look forward to it every day,” he told CBS 2’s Alexis Christoforous on Thursday.

“We firmly believe that everyone should have an opportunity to contribute to the workforce, no matter how significant their challenges,” said Fredda Rosen, the executive director of Job Path.

At Best Buy, Marc was uncomfortable working with customers, so they used his master’s degree in computer science behind the scenes.

“He does everything that a Geek Squad agent does except for the customer-facing part of it,” said Best Buy general manager Amy Adoniz. “Marc is a great organizer. He’s very analytical. He makes sure that he follows up and things get done.”

The exact unemployment rate for adults with autism is unknown, but most experts agree the rate is as high as 85 percent, despite their typically above-average intelligence.

Marc has been with Best Buy for over a year. So what’s the best part about his job?

“I love the discounts. The discounts are great,” he said.

Job Path said it gets 75 to 100 new applicants each year. As for Marc, he’s still thriving at the store and is engaged to be married in October.

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