The guys took a call from Scott in Rockland County this morning. He has an action-packed sports weekend planned for himself in which he will attend all three games in the Yankees-Angels series, as well as the two Knicks games at the Garden. Based on this, Craig infers that Scotty is obviously not a married man.

Craig talks about how married men would never get permission from their wives to disappear for a whole weekend like that, not to mention the money spent on all those tickets and concessions.

It wasn’t long before the song “Afternoon Delight” was brought up during the course of the conversation. So Eddie played it underneath the dialogue. Craig goes on to mention how hearing that song always puts him in a happy place, and that there’s one other song that does the same thing.

Boomer tries to guess what that song is…incorrectly. It turns out that it’s “The Pina Colada Song,” which Craig sings along to, while ad-libbing lyrics the whole way.

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