Aaron Ramsey Accused In Brutal Killing, Posh Town's First Murder Since 2008

WILTON, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — A Fairfield County man was charged Friday with the beating death of his own father in the family’s home.

His mother discovered the grisly scene and alerted police in a chilling 9-1-1 call, CBS 2’s Lou Young reported.

Aaron Ramsey seemed to be on the verge of tears at his murder arraignment. It was a realization, perhaps, of the horror police said he inflicted Thursday afternoon — down the end of a tree-lined driveway in Wilton: a killing in the domed house he lived in with his parents on Signal Hill Road. His father was left dead, while his mother reported the crime.

Mother: “My husband’s in a pool of blood.”

9-1-1 operator: “Your husband’s in a pool of blood?”

Mother: “Yes, come quickly.”

Operator: “Alright. They’re going to be there in just a second, okay? Did you just get home?”

Mother: “I don’t see anyone.”

Operator: “Are you with your children right now?”

Mother: “No, I don’t see my son. He’s gone.”

When police got to the house and saw 73-year-old Edward Ramsey’s broken, bludgeoned body they already had his son in custody. The murder weapon was found at the scene, detectives said. A series of 9-1-1 calls an hour earlier lead police to a man who was trying to break into cars and then a house.

“I saw a man just running across the property. He tried the door to the van and I said, ‘that’s not right,’ and then he ran into the woods over that way,” neighbor Judy Abilock said.

“He was trying to get away,” Wilton Police Chief Michael Lombardo said.

Police said they found Aaron Ramsey asleep in this house, his shirt covered in blood. They brought him to the hospital where they said he confessed after his dad’s body was discovered.

What he told police happened in that house reads like something from a horror novel. He heard voices and even after his father lay bleeding and still, the voices said he could get up and heal himself. So he got a knife from the kitchen and stabbed him. The same voices, police added, told him to run because they were coming.

“It’s unnerving,” Abilock said.

Aaron Ramsey’s mother’s conversation with the 9-1-1 operator suggests a recent history of mental problems, police said. His criminal record contains a previous arrest for marijuana and a suspended license for driving under the influence.

To casual observers there was no hint of serious trouble.

“It’s the old story. They were quiet. They seemed nice,” neighbor Al Bartek said.

“This is a very sad day for Wilton,” First Selectman Bill Brennan said.

This is the first murder in Wilton since the June 2008 death of 13-year-old Nicholas Parisot, who was killed while riding his motorcycle through the woods where he struck a rope strung across the path.

Ramsey, who is being held on $1 million bond, is charged with  murder, attempted first-degree larceny and attempted first-degree burglary. He is due back in court on May 15.