Bill Cowher graced Boomer & Craig with his presents this morning in the Allstate Studio and was in a bit of a chatty mood.

After saying hello, the conversation didn’t shift right to football like you might have though, you see Cowher’s son-in-law is Kevin Westgarth, forward for the Los Angeles Kings – who currently hold a 1-0 lead over the Phoenix Coyotes in the NHL Western Conference Finals, so Cowher was more than happy to talk a little hockey.

Eventually the guys did chat about some football, specifically the Jets, Rex Ryan’s role as head coach, the Mark Sanchez – Tim Tebow relationship, Cowher’s own future and if it involves roaming an NFL sideline anytime soon, how he spends his free-time (Craig made his best to forge an off-air relationship with the former Steelers coach) and talk about the importance of Melanoma awareness…

LISTEN: Bill Cowher Has A Thing Or Two To Say (05/15)

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