NEW YORK (WFAN) — The Giants were great at preventing their opponents from breaking loose in the playoffs.

But it seems the NFL champs aren’t so fantastic at keeping their Super Bowl ring under wraps.

Giants punter Steve Weatherford posted an image via Twitter on Tuesday of what appeared to be an info sheet for the Big Blue bling. The ring could be seen from three angles, and from the front appeared to be the same design previously posted — and later retracted — by linebacker Clint Sintim.

“She sure is pretty. #igotaring,” Weatherford tweeted.

If the description is accurate, the Super Bowl ring is “14K white gold” with “surrounding diamonds, sapphire band and diamond footballs.”

“Total carat weight 1.36 in diamonds,” the image boasted, “and 1.11 in sapphires.”

The Giants are scheduled to officially receive their rings Wednesday night in a ceremony at Tiffany’s.

Sintim removed the original leak from his Twitter feed back in March: “Saw the ring online not official yet … official release will be presented by Giants organization … Sorry.”

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