NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) –  Jewish men and women held a rally outside of Citi Field in response to a gathering held by Jewish religious leaders who believe that the Internet threatens their way of life.

Some 40,000 men occupied Citi Field, the home of the New York Mets, for a gathering on how to use modern technology in a religiously-appropriate way.

Credit WCBS 880 Reporter Alex Silverman

Eytan Kobre, a spokesman for the organizers, said that the purpose of the rally isn’t to ban the Internet, but to learn how to harness it. He said that there’s a “very significant downside” from such threats as online pornography, gambling and the risk that social media will undermine the “ability to pray uninterruptedly.”

Organizers referred to the internet and social media as a “subtle, but nefarious assault” on the Jewish people.

Protestors outside of the stadium expressed serious concerns about the Citi Field event. They told 1010 WINS reporter Sonia Rincon that the event is a waste of time and money, both resources that they believe should be used to protect children from abusive adults.

1010 WINS Reporter Sonia Rincon was at Citi Field…

WCBS 880 reporter Alex Silverman spoke with protestors who seemed to be divided over the issue.

“They’re going to fight the internet.  They’re going to spend millions of dollars to fight the internet.  But they will do absolutely nothing to fight child molestation,” said Ari Mandel.

WCBS 880 reporter Alex Silverman was at Citi Field…

The event cost over $1.5-million.

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