CBS 2’s Emily Smith wishes a Happy Fathers Day to all, especially to her own Dad, John Smith.

He’s the Dad who has raised five children – three of them girls – and he has yet to miss a news story I have done (his new favorite, our Living Large series).

He’s the same Dad who not only attended every dance recital his daughters were in growing up – but stayed until the end. That’s about 16 years of “Miss Cathy’s” dance recitals.

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I’ll never forget my Dad driving us to our various sports activities in his IROC Z-28, making sure we knew the words to all of his favorites: Tears for Fears, the Beatles and Eric Clapton, just to name a few.

Needless to say, everyone wanted to ride with us.

Growing up in Buffalo can be a challenge in the winter. I recall one year where the snow was so high we could barely get the back door open. My Dad would warm up the car…and then carry all four kids (and my mom too!) to the vehicle so we wouldn’t have to get our feet cold.

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When I finally got my own driver’s license, Dad would randomly hide money in places as a surprise gas “stash.” He also taught me how to drive stick shift – in two days. That takes patience!

My father has seen me through years of career climbing. That has meant lots of moving, and some missed moments with my family, but we always find time to stop and make new memories.

I once told my Dad that I missed the good old days.

He said to me ”Honey, these are still very much the good old days”. He is right.

Dad, you are always right. Now that I have tears in my eyes, I will stop here. Dad, there is only one you – and I love you! Happy Father’s Day.


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