After Boomer and Craig discuss how they love the scrappy nature of the Met’s small-ball lineup, Craig brings up a very debatable argument. Who deserves more credit for the relative success of this year’s Mets: Omar Minaya or Sandy Alderson?

Now obviously Alderson is the guy with the GM job currently, but it’s no secret that many of the current players on the team were products of Minaya’s tenure.

Boomer mentions the defense for Alderson is that unlike Minaya, he doesn’t have the benefit of a lofty payroll to work with. Terry Collins is a product of the Alderson regime as well.

Eventually, caller Ronnie in New Rochelle helps shift the conversation to a recap of Al Dukes’ bartending experience at Boomer’s charity event on Friday night at Fire Island. The guys go in-depth on Al’s unfortunate tick incident, and also how he seemed to be a bigger hit among the guys at the event than the dozens of attractive females.

LISTEN: Bigger Impact — Minaya Or Alderson?; Al Dukes’ Fire Island Experience

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