The great Jerry “Rello” Recco gave us his first update of the morning. It covered many bases, but naturally it began with a recap of the rubber game of the Subway Series between the Yankees and Mets.

We hear the play-by-play call of Robinson Cano’s big home run from Howie Rose. This is followed by a soundbite from Cano himself in which he talked about not going up to the plate looking for a home run. But when he stutters at the beginning of it, Craig notices how much Robbie sounds like he is making a banjo noise. Some fun is had with this.

Joe Girardi acknowledges Cano’s power. Nick Swisher has the money quote of the day in reference to Frank Francisco’s “chickens” comment made before the series started. Speaking of Francisco, he’s headed to the DL with a strained oblique.

As the discussion turns to the scrappiness of the Mets, Boomer points out that Al Dukes was pretty scrappy himself while bartending at Fire Island over the weekend. However, Al did run into a pretty major problem at one point. Specifically he found a tick nesting in his nether regions while “exploring” himself on Saturday. As unbelievable as this is on its own, Boomer and Craig were even more stunned that Al decided to tweet about it for the world to see.

Finally, the guys get into the story about Amar’e Stoudemire mindlessly (allegedly) sending a direct message to a guy who criticized his game on Twitter, and in the message called the guy a homophobic slur. Not the proudest moment for Mr. Stoudemire.

LISTEN: The Cano Banjo, Al’s Tick Problem And Amare’s Twitter Snafu

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