It’s no secret that Amar’e Stoudemire has had a very up-and-down career with the New York Knicks. But after his latest indiscretion, directing an anti-gay slur at one of his Twitter critics, Craig says the Knicks have reached a crossroads with their big-money forward.

In Craig’s opinion, the Knicks can’t continue to let Stoudemire act like a clown and get away with it. In an instance such as the Twitter dust-up, his use of homophobic language is an indication that this might just be the way Amar’e speaks off the cuff. His absence from the Knicks’ team pow-wow in Los Angeles could be an indictment on how he is viewed by his teammates.

Later on, a caller balances the argument by reminding Craig that Amar’e may be the only reason why Carmelo Anthony is a Knick right now. This is something that Craig can get behind, as he calls coming to the Knicks the only thing that the team’s fans can thank Stoudemire for. But since he has been here, he has come up small in big spots and had some embarrassing off-the-court incidents that cannot continue to go on.

Perhaps Craig’s biggest critique of Stoudemire was accusing him of being too vain for his own good. He sees Stoudemire’s chiseled physique as the product of a guy who cares more about looking like a supermodel than being in NBA game shape.

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