Who doesn’t want shiny hair, clean skin and pretty eyes?

Let’s face it. Beauty doesn’t come cheap. Or does it?

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There are a few home tricks that can turn you from drab to fab – and spare you sticker shock. Beauty guru Jeanette Zinno visited The Couch to share some handy tricks you can do yourself!

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Some beauty secrets:

  • Bananas – for your hair. Mix them with honey to make a conditioning mask that will leave your hair silky smooth in ten minutes.
  • Use egg whites to make an at-home face mask. Leave it on for 5 minutes. The proteins give the skin moisture and hydration.
  • Preparation-H. Use the hemorrhoid cream on the bags underneath eyes – it de-puffs and is perfect in a pinch before a big event.
  • Eyelashes. Stimulate lash growth the natural way, by patting flax seed oil on your lashline with a Q-tip to make lashes grow.
  • Clean nails. Sprinkle baking soda on a lemon wedge and rub it on nails for a fresh look.
  • Olive oil. Put it on a cotton pad and use it as make-up remove in a pinch. Remove any oil residue with a clean pad dipped in water.
  • If you have unruly curly locks in the summer, try mixing a dime-sized amount of olive oil in with your regular styling cream. You’ll get smooth texture and unbeatable shine.

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For more tips and tricks, check out the video below!