NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Spiders are predatory and any type of insect infestation provides the environment – the food – for a spider population to increase.

One type of spider exterminator Bernie Holst is seeing more of  is the Black Widow, reported CBS 2’s Maurice DuBois.

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“Just be aware that the Black Widow spider is around,” Holst said. “It can be dangerous.”

They are not that common in the Tri-State Area, DuBois reported, but homeowners should still be on the lookout.

“They’re predators, looking for food,” Holst said. Spots typically rich in their food include storage areas and open areas under the porch.

Plants that grow up along the side of a home can also create a welcome way for bugs to get into your home.

“This is a perfect highway for insects,” Holst said. “They can come up and go into the house. But when that happens, it’s a perfect area for spiders as well, because that’s where they can locate their food.”

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New Jersey homeowner Kristen Amos says she’s definitely seen an increase in bugs and spiders. Amos told CBS 2 she had to kill a spider just to get out her front door.

“We’re all a little grossed out by the whole thing,” Amos said.

Black Widows are known for their bright red hourglass pattern. One exterminator said they will infest sheds, garages, jungle gyms and play toys.

Black Widows typically have a less-organized appearing web and can be spotted sometimes beneath their large white eggs.

“If you’re going to be dealing with spiders like the Black Widow, that is an issue that should probably be looked at by a professional,” said Holst. “A spider here or there, that’s not a major issue.”

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Have you noticed a boom in the bug population? Any Black Widows? Sound off in our comments section below.