NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Too many women go looking for love in all the wrong places, in all the wrongs ways, with all the wrong guys.

Or so says professional matchmaker Amy Laurent. She’s the star of the reality hit “Miss Advised” on Bravo, and she’s also the author of the brand new book “8 Weeks To Everlasting.”

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She visited The Couch with a list of what she says women are doing wrong – and how to find Mr. Right.

“The first 8 weeks, when you meet a guy that you really like, are the most trying times for women to get through,” Laurent said. “Women screw things up either in week two or week four. We start panicking, we start getting insecure, we start doubting ourselves, we have sex too soon, we keep texting him and we go crazy, because we’re in love.”

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That’s why Laurent felt compelled to write her book.

“This book is how to keep your head clear and keep control over the situation that gets you to a healthy relationship,” she said.

Some of her tips for women?

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  • Don’t have sex for the first 8 weeks of a relationship
  • Say ‘no’ to same-day dates
  • Never call or text first
  • Never ask a man out

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