Old man strength? Flying saucers landing on front lawns? Sas-squirrels? You never know where a conversation with Eric Gunderson from Love and Theft is going to go.

However, one thing is for sure. Love and Theft’s single “Angel Eyes” is in a good position to go Number One, and if it does, Eric says he will “go crazy.”

“It’s the one thing I’ve kind of always dreamed of, but never really expected would happen,” he told Sacramento station KNCI today. “So I’m really nervous, and I’ve been having panic attacks, even though I don’t have any anxiety problems…so it’s really weird.”

KNCI also asked Eric about a recent incident that occurred when he was doing community service in Nashville. It was his punishment for accidentally bringing a machete to the Nashville airport when he and his bandmate, Stephen Barker, were flying out to the Academy of Country Music Awards this past April. Two of the people on work detail with Eric tried to rob him, but Eric — and a well-placed elbow — thwarted the thieves.

The thieves then marveled at Eric’s “old man strength”–which is curious since, as Eric is quick to point out, he’s only 27.

As for that alleged “Sas-squirrel”? Apparently it’s a creature that Eric and Stephen are still looking for. “We’re still hunting him, and we can’t seem to track him down,” says Eric.

For a little clarity on what Eric’s talking about, see a photo of the ‘animal’ on the KNCI Facebook page.

“That is not our friend Clint dressed up in a chipmunk outfit,” says Eric–“definitely not.”

Listen to the full Love and Theft interview on KNCI.

Tom Mailey/KNCI Sacramento


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