Right after Boomer facetiously gave the Mets credit for taking two out of three from the lowly Astros, he wondered aloud if Roger Clemens will try to work his way back to pitch for Houston.

Surely he’d be a boost to Astros’ ticket sales. He might legitimately be the only reason anyone would go see that awful team play baseball. Before long, Craig’s mind got to wandering as he started thinking about what a Rocket return to the Yankees would be like… cue the Suzyn Waldman impression.

After a while, the conversation somehow shifts to ice cream; specifically where to get you dairy treats from depending on what kind of ice cream you like. Boomer loves Carvel milkshakes, Craig says he’s a fan of the log of ice cream they serve you at Friendly’s. But then again, he’s also partial to a traditional Italian ice, especially with all the icy goo at the bottom of the cup. Craig asks Boomer if he would rather have a log or goo in his mouth… we’re talking ice cream, of course.

LISTEN: Clemens Comeback & Gooey, Loggy Ice Cream

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