NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Tri-State Area residents on the move this holiday weekend are paying for it, with record-high Labor Day weekend gas prices.

And for those that are deciding to break the law, they’re really paying for it.

Police on Long Island are setting up numerous sobriety checkpoints all weekend long, and have already made dozens of arrests. They even seized one vehicle that belonged to someone with repeat drunk-driving offenses.

And as for those gas prices, they’ve never been higher on a Labor Day weekend than they are right now.

Reuben Singer of Brooklyn was not pleased while sitting at the pricey Citgo station on the Hutchinson River Parkway in the Bronx.

“I feel like I’m at a ski resort,” Singer said. “They’ve got you trapped over here on the highway, so they can afford to charge you whatever they want, basically. It’s kind of like highway robbery, literally speaking.”

Gas around New York City and the entire surrounding region — with the exception of New Jersey — is costing four dollars or more a gallon for regular.

Hurricane Isaac is blamed for the most recent price spike.

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