Bloomberg: Reaction To Remarks A 'Sideshow'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Mayor Michael Bloomberg has weighed in on controversial videotaped comments from Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

In the recording from a May fundraiser recently made public, Romney described “47 percent of the people” as Obama supporters who depend on government for food and housing and “you name it.”

Romney was also videotaped saying his job is not to try to win over the support of this group.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reports

“I think that all this brouhaha over Romney’s comments take away from the fact that both these candidates should be telling us what they’re going to do going forward with concrete plans to deal with immigration and guns and health care and balancing the budget. And these sideshows don’t benefit anybody, but it gives you something to put on the radio or these guys to write about,” Mayor Bloomberg told reporters including WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb.

Those 47 percent account for Americans who do not pay any federal income tax, which include retired people on Medicare or Social Security and members of the military currently serving.

In recent months, the billionaire mayor has regularly mentioned the number of people who do not pay federal income tax when asked about the amount of taxes wealthy Americans pay. The independent mayor has repeatedly said everyone should contribute something.

“You know, if you pay a dollar or at least file a return, I think it’s a good lesson that you are part of this society and you have a say and you have a responsibility. And all of the great privileges that we have don’t come for nothing,” Bloomberg said.

The mayor also said voters should not care about what the candidates said in the past but what they are going to do in the future.

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