They need a guy like Terry Collins who will nurture young players.

By Rich Coutinho
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There is no defending the way the New York Mets have played in the second half of the season but if you think it is because they have quit on Terry Collins you are sadly mistaken. I have been around Collins every day for the past 2 years and he is all about telling the truth which is why I would hitch my wagon to him to lead this team in 2013.

The second half has been miserable but if you discount his 46-40 first half of the season when his team was healthy you are not being fair. By the same token, you can’t ignore the second half either but you need to look at the whole report card. When Santana and Dickey were pitching together and forming a dynamic duo in the season’s first 2 months or so, this team was winning and very exciting.

The second half swoon had much more to do with lack of depth on the roster than any particular managerial move. Collins tried everything from experimenting with his lineup to being more aggressive in hit and run situations but the lack of thump killed this team.

Right after the All Star break when his bullpen betrayed him, Collins even tried recalibrating roles in the pen or infusing the staff with promising youngsters but nothing seemed to work. This team will look different next year and hopefully that means having a deeper team that Collins can manipulate for better results.

Despite what the public might think, this team does not need a manager who is going to throw over a buffet table after every loss. They need a guy like Terry Collins who will nurture young players, handle a young and improving pitching staff with gentle hands, and impart the wisdom he has accumulated from spending a lifetime in baseball. They also need a manager who will allow young veterans like David Wright continue to police the clubhouse.

Most importantly, this team needs continuity in the manager’s chair and not knee-jerk reactions to public opinion. That atmosphere brought this team Jeff Torborg and Art Howe in similar settings.

Yes I know–it is outrageous to defend a manager whose team has had 2 straight losing seasons. But I truly believe Terry Collins is the best man for the job in 2013 and I certainly hope the Mets feel the same way.

What do you think the problem is with the Mets, the manager or lack of depth on the team? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


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