Blind auditions continue on The Voice as the judges face off to fill the few remaining spots on their teams. We see Adam get heated on inter-judge rivalries as he taunts Blake, argues with Christina, and even stands to tell everyone to “shut up” – and we like it.

Contestant: Sylvia Yacoub
Sings: Rihanna “Only Girl In The World”

Sylvia may hail from the midwest, but only after her Egyptian parents relocated so that she would have more opportunities than they were afforded. Cue to the “awws” when she tells Carson that her musical influence is her mother, who wasn’t able to follow her dreams of singing growing up in her homeland. While we’re left wondering why she didn’t have her Mom audition in her place, Sylvia rocks a neon outfit and Rihanna‘s “Only Girl In The World” enough to get Christina, Blake and CeeLo each to take a swivel in their chairs. The Michigan teen joins Team Christina, because those pop girls gotta stick together.
Joins Team: Christina

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Contestant: IJ Quinn
Sings: Jamiroquai “Virtual Insanity”
Adorable IJ has a few quirks going for him – from his unique name to his dirty job wrangling pigs at his family’s hog farm to his surprisingly high pitched voice. So high in fact that each of our four judges are convinced without a doubt that it’s a woman belting out Jamiroquai‘s “Virtual Insanity” behind them. IJ makes it to the end without a button push in sight. Although Adam could relate to the whole dude-with-a-high-voice dilemma, IJ’s straining vocals couldn’t quite make it through.
Joins Team: Rejected

Contestant: Charlie Ray
Sings: Michael Buble “Home”

Humble, handy, and hot as hell – Charlie Ray captured the heart of literally everyone in the audience with his take on Michael Buble‘s “Home”. The shots of him helping his equally handsome dad run his smog shop had everyone’s hearts melting – especially Adam and Blake‘s, who went head to head for the opportunity to take Charlie “Home” (Blake’s pun, not mine). In the end Charlie’s gut told him Blake would be his mentor match.
Joins Team: Blake

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Contestant: Amanda Brown
Sings: Amy Winehouse “Valerie”

When Amanda Brown let it spill that she’s sung backup for some big name talents, I was all “this girl’s got it in the bag”. With her sassy confidence and belly peeking out of that leopard print top she strutted around the stage to Amy Winehouse‘s “Valerie”. In the end it was only CeeLo who turned around for Amanda. I mean Adele sure thought she was good enough to sing with, but that’s okay Christina – keep fanning yourself girl, CeeLo‘s got this one.
Joins Team: CeeLo

Contestant: Yolanda Barber
Sings: Oleta Adams “Get Here”
Yolanda Barber is a 55-year-old bus driver and basically the cutest thing ever. Between her bedazzled black dress and adorably supportive son, her story had us all rooting for her. It sounds like she killed Oleta Adams’ “Get Here”, but I had to Google the song to even find out what it was, so I might not be the best judge. Turns out our judges weren’t either, as each found her “amazing” but couldn’t find a spot for a “seasoned vocalist” on their teams. Yolanda exited with absolute grace and grabbed a hug from Adam, so not a total loss.
Joins Team: Rejected

Contestant: Cassadee Pope
Sings: Natalie Imbruglia “Torn”

If you’re an intense fan of Fall Out Boy you might already know Cassadee Pope as the lead singer of Hey Monday – they were chosen openers for the band during their heyday. Since then the group has split and Cassadee is ready to kick off her solo career, choosing The Voice as her obvious platform to do so. After a good luck message from Pete Wentz Cassadee harnessed the power of 90’s pop for a soulful take on Natalie Imbruglia Adam, Christina and Blake hit their buttons simultaneously and immediately, with CeeLo soon behind – which left Cassadee to “follow her heart” which I’m sure everyone assumed meant Team Adam, but turns out the singers heart is a little bit country, and she’s headed to Team Blake.
Joins Team: Blake, surprisingly!

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-Erin Fox