By Joe Benigno
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Six weeks completed in the NFL season and this is what we know: that old cliche of “any given Sunday” has never been more accurate.

Parity, now more than ever.

1. Atlanta Falcons 6-0 (2)

Not so sure Atlanta is the best team in the league, but they are the only unbeaten one. Falcons may win two division titles this year, the NFC South and the AFC West.

Next: Bye

2. New York Giants 4-2 (8)

Defending champs are league’s most complete team, and may be the best after stunning route of the cocky Niners in ‘Frisco. Now with the addition of rookie David Wilson, they also have an explosive kick returner.

Next: vs. Redskins

3. Houston Texans 5-1 (1)

Houston hasn’t looked great the past two weeks — a shaky win versus Jets and a blowout loss to the Packers. That season-ending injury to Brian Cushing certainly doesn’t help.

Next: vs. Ravens

4. Chicago Bears 4-1 (4)

Chicago enjoyed its bye as the Bears watched the cookies crumble in Week 6. The Niners may have the better defense, but does anybody have more playmakers on that side of the ball than these guys?

Next: vs. Lions

5. San Francisco 49ers 4-2 (3)

San Fran got some humble pie in a humiliating loss to the Giants. Question: Does this offense have the firepower to come back from double-digit deficits — especially against good teams? Jim Harbaugh trying to re-invent the wheel with overuse of Colin Kaepernick.

Next: vs. Seahawks

6. Baltimore Ravens 5-1 (5)

Baltimore is a very shaky 5-1. They had a lackluster three-field-goal win in KC two weeks ago and would have lost to Cowboys last week if not for Dez Bryant and Jason Garrett. And now Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb are done for the season. Terrell Suggs, where are you?

Next: at Texans

7. Seattle Seahawks 4-2 (unranked)

Pats were the latest team to find out there is no tougher place to play than in Seattle, as Russell Wilson led a fourth-quarter comeback from a 23-10 deficit to stun the Belichicks. I guess Tom Brady won’t be having dinner anytime soon with Richard Sherman.

Next: at 49ers

8. Arizona Cardinals 4-2 (6)

Jay Feely makes a 61-yard field goal and then misses a 37-yard field goal in overtime loss to Bills. Gotta be concerned about Arizona if Kevin Kolb is out for any long period of time. John Skelton just doesn’t have the mobility to overcome lousy offensive line.

Next: at Vikings

9. Denver Broncos 3-3 (unranked)

Peyton Manning looks, well, like Peyton Manning. He led a stunning comeback from a 24-0 deficit at halftime to beat the inconsistent Chargers. Broncos’ three losses have come against Falcons, Texans and Pats, who have combined for a 14-4 record.

Next: Bye

10. Green Bay Packers 3-3 (unranked)

Pack looks to be back on track as Aaron Rodgers pitches six-touchdown pass gem in beating of previously unbeaten Texans in Houston. Still worried about the O-line and lack of a running game.

Next: at Rams

Is No. 2 too high for the 4-2 G-Men? Be heard in the comments below…


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