If the title Night Train seems a little random, country superstar Jason Aldean assures that each of his album titles comes with a very specific meaning.

“Obviously ‘Night Train”s one of the songs on the album,” he tells the Tanner in the Morning show on Charlotte’s The New 1037, regarding his fifth album, which just hit stores this week. “And for every album I try to find one of the songs that really fit my career.”

It’s not just a great song with the prosperity of becoming an album title, it’s also a memory of how far he’s come. “Night Train to me kind of makes me think about a couple years ago [when] I was on a bus with 12 other guys and I was pulling one trailer. Now I’m backstage and I look around and we have eight or nine buses and eight or nine semis. And when we pull out of the venue, that’s what it looks like–it looks like a freight train going down the interstate.”


Along with the success of a massive nationwide tour comes the ability to pretty much choose whoever you want to work with. “I love working with other artists,” he says. It’s fun for me, “and also fans.” (His “wish list”includes George Strait and Adele–“I think Adele is amazing.”)

Jason personally picked two fellow country stars (Luke Bryan and Eric Church) for “The Only Way I Know,” one of the standout tracks on Night Train.

The biggest question: How did you get Luke Bryan to be quiet long enough to record the song? “Oh well you know Luke very well, don’t you,” Jason laughs. “Luke and I are really good friends,” Jason explains, and “he and I have two completely different personalities. He comes in and never stops talking, and I’m the complete opposite.”

Jason says of the collaboration on “The Only Way I Know” that “the more I listened to [the song], the more I thought we could bring somebody else in [alongside Luke], and Eric was the first guy that came to mind. I felt like it would be a really cool thing for the album.”

The song includes a bit of rapping, with Luke and Eric even getting in on the action, too. Speaking of which–Jason has been getting a bit of flack about including rap in his songs (such as by Colt Ford and Ludacris), so he offered commentary  for country fans who were concerned about this. “Go buy a pure country record,” he says.” If we all sounded the same it would be boring. If you like what I do, go get the record. If you don’t? Buy somebody else’s record.”

“I respect their opinion, but it’s not going to change the way I play my music.”

Hear the full Jason Aldean interview on Charlotte’s The New 1037.

Night Train is available in stores and online via iTunesAmazon, and other outlets.