This is a big week for Toby Keith, as he just released his 16th studio album, Hope On The Rocks. During an interview with Tanner in the Morning at Charlotte’s The New 103.7, he talked about the album–and gave fans some insight into what the inspiration was behind his current single, “I Like Girls That Drink Beer.”

“There was a girl at my country club,” he explains, “and she’s married to a childhood friend of mine.” When it comes to time order refreshments, he says, the women “all order umbrella drinks.” Except for this one woman. “She always goes, ‘Gimme two or three Modelos.'”

“I always make fun of her,” he continues, “and she goes, ‘Why do you make fun of me for drinking beer?’ And I said, ‘No I like girls that drink beer.’ And I thought, ‘I’m gonna write that.'”

Toby also talked about the video for the song, which features fans dancing, drinking, hollering, and having fun at one of his live shows.

“We shot that in the middle of the tour, and just told them, ‘We’re going to run this twice and film it, so if you want to get on camera, do your thing.'”

And what about the high number of young, attractive fans who are featured in the video?

“That’s what our crowd looks like every night,” Toby says. “‘Red Solo Cup’ brought those kids to the table.”

Listen to the full Toby Keith interview on Charlotte’s The New 103.7.

Hope On The Rocks is available now at all major music outlets.

-Jodi Phillips, The New 103.7/Charlotte and Kurt Wolff, CBS Local

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