From what we know of her in interviews and on social media, Miranda Lambert is someone who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. So when she says she’s really digging a certain song, album, or artist, it’s a good bet she isn’t messing around–she really is into what she’s hearing.

And who is high on Miranda’s playlist right now? None other than Taylor Swift and her brand-new album Red.

“You sure know how to write a heart felt heartbroke song,” Miranda tweeted earlier this week, noting that Red was her “plane music.”

When Taylor read that, she was touched.

But Taylor isn’t the only artist to get the Miranda treatment. She also has some love for her Pistol Annies bandmate Ashley Monroe, who has a new song, “Like a Rose.”

And earlier this year she showed lots of love (via a few high-profile tweets) for up-and-coming singer Rachel Holder and her song “In Your Arms,” a song she said she’d been “playin for everyone.”

With notes like this, will Twitter become a new way for fans to discover music? And not just any discovery, but recommendations directly from their favorite artists. Only time will tell. In the meantime, keep on tweetin’, Miranda.

– Kurt Wolff, CBS Local


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