NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Residents of Long Island have been screaming, yelling and waving signs as they have continued to live without power and vent their frustration at the Long Island Power Authority.

But two sisters who spent nearly a week without power took a different approach. Standing before a camera in the dark wearing winter coats and scarves, Lianna and Jillian Perota vented with a parody of the Taylor Swift song, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

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The title has been reimagined as “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Our Power,” and the girls complain in the chorus, “You call LIPA and I call LIPA, and LIPA never calls me.”

“LIPA came around again and said / It’s only going to take a couple days – trust me / Remember how that lasted for a day? / They say, one week, two weeks, three weeks – what’s that tell you?” the song goes in part.

The Perota sisters posted the song on YouTube in hopes of getting the attention of LIPA, and it worked. They posted on YouTube that they did, in fact, get their power back over the weekend thanks to the efforts of out-of-state workers.

“We are very blessed and hope that power or any other help that you and your family need will come your way. Glad we could make a darker situation a little bit brighter for all of you,” they wrote. “Keep sharing this video in the hopes that LIPA will see it and realize what a mess that they created! Our hearts go out to all of you still being affected.”

Far harsher words have been directed at LIPA in recent days. Over the weekend, residents of multiple Long Island communities held protest marches for what customers called a slow response in getting the power back on. Residents also complained that information was slow to come or misleading.

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Protests were held at LIPA headquarters in Uniondale and in Massapequa, with fed up residents with signs demanding swifter action to restore power.

One protester, protester, John Mangan of Levittown, said LIPA should be brought up on criminal charges. He said his neighbor relies on oxygen and a feeding tube to survive, and she had to be hospitalized because the power has been out so long.

“I have two poles off – 13 days to fix a pole? What, are you kidding me? I’m in the middle of the island,” Mangan said. “Governor Cuomo has to get rid of LIPA. We have to find out if Minnie or Mickey is running that service and have them put the power on for these people. It is a disgrace.”

LIPA also finished dead last finished dead last in a newly-released JD Power & Associates customer satisfaction survey that was taken months before Sandy.

LIPA said Sunday that 99 percent of customers who can receive power will have it back by Tuesday. The utility also had a change of heart about the inspection they told residents would have to undergo before they could get power.

Still, politicians have vowed that once all the power is back up, they will fire up a series of hearings that could keep LIPA’s leaders on the hot seat.

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