With a narrative centering around infidelity and murder, Carrie Underwood’s new single, “Two Black Cadillacs,” isn’t exactly a lighthearted number. But it sure is compelling.

Sitting down for a video interview with Steve Grunwald of Detroit station WYCD yesterday, Carrie admitted the song was rather dark. But she also said her latest album (Blown Away) is on the whole very much unafraid of the dark.

“This album kind of skews unintentionally darker,” she explains. Though, she says, that darkness “wasn’t something on purpose.”

As for “Two Black Cadillacs,” the narrative behind that song in particular turned out to be just too compelling to pass up.

“When we were writing it, the story was just so juicy,” she says (Carrie cowrote the song with Josh Kear and Hillary Lindsey). “It’s such a visual song, you can see it all playing out in your head when you’re listening.”

“Hopefully the video will complement that,” she adds.

Carrie Underwood in Detroit
Carrie Underwood in Detroit (Photo By Steve Wiseman / 99.5 WYCD)

The video for “Two Black Cadillacs” is due for release in January. In the meantime, Carrie has released a trailer that feels very cinematic and, yes, plenty “juicy.”

Watch a video of featuring the full Carrie Underwood interview on WYCD, and see photos from the Blown Away Tour’s stop in Detroit on Sunday night.

– Kurt Wolff, CBS Local


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